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PROTESTS: Political platform is the next step

Letter by Alfred K. LaMotte, Steilacoom on Oct. 6, 2011 at 10:21 am with 48 Comments »
October 6, 2011 10:21 am

The corporate media say that Occupy Seattle/Wall Street lacks specific goals. But the next step is a precise political platform.

• We want public election financing: no corporate money in U.S. elections.

• We want to replace the international banking system with publicly franchised local banks and credit unions.

• We want to replace corporations with worker-owned cooperatives, which are private businesses owned by the
people who actually make things.

• We want progressive taxation to finance jobs and rebuild national infrastructure.

• We want to bring the troops home and end U.S. imperial occupation of the Third World.

Who is our opponent? Any American who loves banks and corporations more than human beings.

This platform is more specific than anything offered by any Republican or Democratic candidate for president.

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  1. Isn’t it weird how the liberals are all of the sudden against financing elections since the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are allowed to provide funding? Where was all of this concern when it was only the commie unions that were funding demokrats in their elections? Now that the playing field has been leveled, the cry babies are howling about “Get money out of polituics”. You people are not fooling anyone, your once dominant role of controlling elections has disappeared. Get over it! All of the rest of Flamotte’s comments are straight out of the commie playbook. Hey Alfred, all of those “we wants” have already been tried in Cuba and the long-gone Soviet Union.

  2. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Last Sunday’s sermon, flamotte?

    You can really put ‘em to sleep, cantcha’.

  3. old_benjamin says:

    Who is my opponent?

    Any fool who thinks he can create a better world than what we have by political activism.

    The way you create a better world is by being a better person–bottom up, not top down.

  4. LarryFine says:

    Is Huffpo “corporate media” F.Lamo ?

    “As HuffPost reported recently, the movement is less about specific policy demands and more about an expression of opposition to ever yawning economic inequality driven by Wall Street and its allies in Washington.”

    Huffpo, Oct. 6th, 2011

  5. And then we will get absolutely no where with our protesting because protesting is r e t a r d e d!

    Especially those guys who dressed up like Indians in Boston and protested a multi-national corporation by vandalizing their product! What did those idiots think they would accomplish by dumping a bunch of tea into the harbor?

  6. beerBoy says:

    Mr. LaMotte,

    Though I appreciate your manifesto and though I am thoroughly supportive of the Occupy protests, I cannot include me in “we” as I am not directly involved in the protests.

    From what I see, the OWS protestors are upset at the Corporate hold over our Government and the Government complicity towards Wall Street – not that dissimilar from what the original Tea Party events were about before they were subverted by various corporate interests – anyone claiming to be speaking for “we” is being a bit presumptuous at this point as Occupy……… hasn’t really congealed yet into a movement for anything, rather, it seems to be an expression of disgust with the status quo.

  7. Shattah206 says:

    Oh please, you forgot “workers of the world, unite!”

    Silly commies, the ones most hurt by this are the retail clerks who will lose their jobs because of slumping sales.

  8. I look forward to the time when those worker-owned cooperatives come up with an iPad, a Being 787, or a Ford Fusion. When they do, I also expect pigs to fly.

  9. beerBoy says:

    velmak –
    Jobs started Apple with a high school friend in a Silicon Valley garage in 1976. Perhaps not originating as a “worker-owned cooperative” but hardly a Publicly traded Corporation when the major innovation happened.

  10. Sounds like you’d like to live elsewhere Mr. LaMotte

  11. Yes, bB, and Boeing and Ford also started out as small operators. But for some reason, they decided to go the corporate route. I think it had something to do with raising CAPITAL to expand their prospects. You can’t do that without incurring obligations to investors, which are formalized in a legal structure known as a corporation. One wonders how these co-ops will (a) raise enough money to start up, and (b) protect their investors. By reinventing the wheel, I expect.

  12. aislander says:

    beerBoy is getting good at sleight of hand. The colonists were not protesting a “multinational corporation,” they were protesting a government-enforced monopoly and unfairly levied taxation. Even then, they knew that public-private partnerships were a bad deal…

  13. Pacman33 says:

    Hammer and Sickle Much?

    Good grief. While reading this I swear I heard that old scratchy band music and “God bless the Soviet ….” Images of parades with missiles. I hope you didn’t forget uncle Karl’s scriptures in the library copier at the D.J. Evans Toilet Paper Storage. That had to be the reddest sermon I have ever witnessed. Is it me or is that about as Communist as a Roadmap-To-Mediocrity gets? This pronunciamento is so red it would make Stalin squirm in his seat. As bB touched on, This is “Red” LaMotte’s Evergreen State Hospital Manifesto not Occupy’s. There are bold actions and then there is establishing a whole new level of arrogance. Who do you think you are, Fred?

    I thought the “Wacedemic Elite” were capable of short flashes of reason on occasion? What is this … ‘reaction’? I’m not sure what you call this. Above is the same build plans to all the boats that sunk to their grave last century. Do they not remember, block it out of their minds, deny it, relearn it at the Evergreen State Institution? I don’t see any new or different ingredients. Do they think we will get lucky and end up with chicken salad for dinner? (Equally divided portions of coarse, even though bB just drank beer sitting on the couch)
    Putin knows the ignorance of this proposal :
    “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.”
    ~Vladimir Putin

    A link to a discussion about liberal colleges titled :
    Liberal Universities Explained


  14. Those that think the OWS is about communism or something like have got it wrong. From what I’ve seen I think it is about:
    – The corporate stranglehold on our government.
    – Our government being sold to the highest bidder.
    – Corporations no longer looking to innovation and making better products instead looking to the government to create special tax breaks or legal loopholes to give their corporation a leg up over the competition.
    – Corporate CEOs who get rewarded for destroying their company
    – Large financial institutions that can only seem to make money through deceptive and nearly fraudulent practices

  15. beerBoy says:

    The British East India Company wasn’t a multinational corporation….oh my bad….they were a UK based corporation doing business multinationally.

  16. beerBoy says:

    but then aislander…..how does your nitpicking change the central thrust of my response? That our nation was initiated by protests.

  17. aislander says:

    If, beerBoy, you don’t know the difference between the “protests” that took place when this nation was forming and the nonsense being spouted by the lice-ridden vermin indulging in mindless tantrums, I’m not going to again point it out.

    On a completely unrelated topic, I’ve discovered a new cardio-cum-upper body workout. Saw it on Fox News and it consists of a nightstick bouncing rhythmically off of filthy knit caps. You work right-to-left and then left-to-right. Repeat until satisfied or unable to raise the baton…

  18. LarryFine says:


  19. madmike272 says:

    Flamer Lamotte is still a leftist laugh a minute, isn’t he?

  20. beerBoy says:

    the nonsense being spouted by the lice-ridden vermin indulging in mindless tantrums


    From a guy who has been active in the TEA movement from the beginning, before it was funded by Koch, et al, before it had a cogent message (though, if you listen to the various groups, it appears that they really have a fair amount of disagreement amongst themselves).

    If you don’t see the protests at being aimed at the manipulation of the Market by the International banks and the FED in collusion with the brokers then you are blinded by those ideological blinkers you wear.

    If you think they are limited to “lice-ridden vermin”, you are just playing Marie Antoinette and ignoring the (metaphorical) guillotines being readied.

  21. xx98411 says:

    though, if you listen to the various groups, it appears that they really have a fair amount of disagreement amongst themselves.

    disagreements, that is not neccessarily a bad thing

  22. xx98411 says:

    bb – ok, lets play this route… you got my attention (I asked sword a similar question)… you guys a reall good at telling how much something sucks… now tell, inform, educate me what you are offering and why it is better.


  23. “Ideological blinkers?” LOL Love those typos.

    I’m with xx98…what’s the alternative, really?

  24. xx98411 says:

    sozo, so that I am clear, I am asking what their alternative is and how it will benefit us all. Basically what are they offering so that I as a person on the sidelines can make a choice based on “scientific” data as it was put (?)

    Basically, I am listening… you have the floor… go for it…

    ps – I already know how much the current system sucks eggs, we can fast forward to the part where you present this system….. my apologies for the interruption, sorry, go for it…

  25. Good grief Alfred! All this crap has been tried and tried again and the results are always the same . . .

  26. The alternative is ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ running the Federal Government for the good of American and 99% of American People rather than ‘The Corporations’ running it for their profit and the greed of the top 1% of the population.

  27. Let us assume, just for arguments sake, that these “unemployed college students ” get what they want. That is, shut down Wall Street, close all banks, purge the country of all rich people, let the unions run any company that is stupid enough to remain in business and in this country. Then what? If they haven’t yet noticed, corporations are already abandoning this country like rats off of a sinking ship, the economy is already in the toilet, illegals are demanding more rights, good jobs are next to impossible to find. So, what is it they want again?

  28. Alfred: good letter, thanks

  29. LarryFine says:

    … free lunch and i-pods …

  30. LarryFine says:

    … Frosty.

  31. LarryFine says:

    F.Lamo… why are those thugs picketing outside Winco… did they not get the memo ?

  32. aislander says:

    I have been listening to the lice-ridden vermin attempting to explain their position, and they really don’t want (though mostly unable) to do so.

    However. If some of the smarter–and most honest–participants are cornered, they say that our economic system is unsustainable because economic growth is unsustainable. This pessimistic view is at odds with private-sector union members who want plentiful well-paying jobs in America.

    So…how can these union members support the lice-ridden vermin when the vermin are working against the interests of the union members?

  33. xx98411 says:

    ok xring you bit… continue…

  34. OK:

    1) Ban the FED – failing that audit the FED

    2) Create National and State Banks – rather than Federal banks

    3) Increase the budget for the SEC to enforce existing regulation upon Wall St.

    4) Get corporate money (any corporate entity – including Unions) out of politics

  35. 2 should read:

    2) Create National and State Banks – rather than multinational banks

  36. xx98411 says:

    1) What do you hope to accomplish by banning the FED? Auditing makes sense, no problem there. Yet another government program though.

    2) How do these smaller banks compete on the world stage

    3) For the SEC, may I ask that we insure they are not watching porn, that will free up some time to actually do their jobs

    4) How do you propose to keep money out of the political system?

  37. xx they plan to keep “corporate money” out of politics, not union money. They were all perfectly content for all these years to have the unions controlling the elections, but now that the playing field has been leveled, they crying like spoiled children. MSNBC has been trying all week to get people to sign up to “Get the money out” thus far, they’ve recruited a pitiful 140.000 supporters. That’s about the extent of their viewing audience.

  38. theglovesRoff says:

    If you don’t see the protests at being aimed at the manipulation of the Market by the International banks and the FED in collusion with the brokers then you are blinded by those ideological blinkers you wear.

    You forgot to add the mainstream (liberal) media with their never-ending message of doom and gloom. Every headline is “Are we in a double dip recession?” “Will we ever recover?” “Europe is in meltdown, will the market go down?” They need to stop the self fulfilling prophesy.

  39. beerBoy says:

    Turns out, the IMF is warning against austerity programs in Europe and the US….

    As Alan Beattie, an editor at The Financial Times, reported on Sept 20: “Escalating risks to the global economic recovery mean the U.S. and other major economies should not sharply tighten short-term fiscal policy, the International Monetary Fund has warned.”


  40. LarryFine says:

    kooky quoting the IMF after having stated the FED should be disbanded…

  41. xx98411 says:


    1) What do you hope to accomplish by banning the FED? Auditing makes sense, no problem there. Yet another government program though.

    1a) Do you see any other government type body performing the duties that once performed to the Federal Reserve on a national level?… at an North America level? …in an international level?

  42. Jimm…….what connection does the Federal Reserve have with the International Monetary Fund?

    I quoted the IMF’s opinion as aislander seems to value their opinion. I have learned that any “liberal” source is quickly discounted by those who are in liege to the WTO.

  43. …context…

  44. Pacman33 says:

    Two liberal Professors at the Evergreen State College walk through the pungent campass having a discussion about their sons’ jobs…

    Socialist Blowhard #1: “Where does your son work?”
    Socialist Blowhard #2: “He’s the director of an community activism networking organization. In charge of recruiting, staging and payroll of passionate volunteer protesters and determines which political cause they strongly believe in each day. My son also is the liason for the communication with the nationwide network of advocates that shares their funding to schedule, staff and plan local grassroots uprising events.”
    Socialist Blowhard #1: “And your son?”
    Socialist Blowhard #2: “He doesn’t work either”

  45. aislander says:

    sozo: A much as it pains me to support beerBoy (which is near infinitely), I must in the case of “blinkers,” a synonym for blinders. It took me a while to figure out what the “typo” must have been…

  46. beerBoy says:

    thanks ai – an extra benefit in that it caused you pain to support me!

    Blinders, also known as blinkers or winkers, are a piece of horse tack that prevent the horse seeing to the rear and, in some cases, to the side.

  47. Frosty
    ‘keep corporate money, but not union money out of politics’ another
    disingenuous statement.

    We want to keep all monies from anyone but individual private citizens out of politics with caps on how much a single citizen can contribute during a campaign cycle.

    Thus we aim to exclude any funds from Corporations, Unions, PACs, Lobbies etc.

    Failing this we want to limit funds by supporting public financed elections.

  48. Pacman33 says:

    “How much a single citizen can contribute during a campaign cycle.”

    Unions figured out how to slither around this one long ago.
    To contribute more than the amount of the cap’s maximum, unions often take the initiative to donate in the behalf of individual active and retired members.

    I doesn’t matter if you reinstate the caps or conger up any other new stipulations. The union’s “goonery” will always find a way to elude them in order to secure their procurers reelection.

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