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BUDGET: State can’t manage the money it has

Letter by Norma Jean Nyman, Tacoma on Sep. 29, 2011 at 11:25 am with 15 Comments »
September 29, 2011 4:19 pm

Re: “Audit finds about $2.6 million in overpayment for child care” (TNT, 9-27).

First, the word “overpayment” should be replaced with “fraud.” You cannot make a $2 million mistake to one provider without fraud being involved. Hard questions need to be asked and answered.

Who in government is authorizing the payments? Every single bill that I pay has detailed documentation of the charges. I can look at that detail and know if there is a charge that is not valid.

Who’s perpetuating the fraud? Is it the child care provider, the welfare recipients or both? If it’s the welfare recipients, are they still on welfare and if so why? What is the state doing to get our money back?

Repayments are being sought for $426,000, but what about the remaining $2,174,000? Government is just saying, “Oops, our bad. Taxpayers will just have to eat it”?

Well, this taxpayer is getting pretty fed up with government allowing this to happen and no one taking responsibility. Every single hard-working, taxpaying individual should be up in arms over this type of government irresponsibility.

We hear of “whispers” of tax hikes (TNT, 9-28), yet time and again our state government has shown that it cannot manage with fiduciary responsibility the monies that we entrust to it.

Do you really believe that I’m going to vote for new taxes? Think again.

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  1. “You cannot make a $2 million mistake to one provider without fraud being involved.”

    Then what is your answer about $9 Billion lost in Iraq?

    I think you didn’t read the story very close. The total amount was over a considerable period of time

  2. “But a lion’s share of the alleged overpayments – $2 million – was for a single provider who refused to provide records, claiming they were stolen. Auditors then extrapolated the possible overpayments over a seven-year period for that one case, ballooning the estimated overpayments overall.

    Read more: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2011/09/27/1841468/audit-finds-about-26-million-in.html#ixzz1ZNha9rXw

    Try that, Norma Jean.

  3. Kard, like all the rest, Norma’s mind is all made up and paying attention to details means nothing.

  4. Well guys some of the “details” include…

    * Giving providers money with no statutory authority to require records

    * A federal audit found inadequate controls over finances

    * The review was only three months of activity of less than 1% of the providers with $426,000 in verified overpayments. That is a decent chunk of change for a miniscule sample of providers over a very short period of time don’t ya think?

    * Six providers never kept records – my only question is how long?

    * A single provider refused to provide records, records that the State has no statutory authority to demand.

    * I acknowledge that the overpayment was an extrapolation but in seven years was this agency never audited, questioned, something. Why was then lack of records caught earlier?

    Detailed enough for ya?

  5. xx98411, did you miss the part where it was mentioned that there was no funding for oversight. Legislation is seldom perfect. If oversight is not provided for, it will not happen and the crooks will take advantage of the system. The same thing happens in business.

  6. I don’t post much on here, but have watched the Letters to the Editor for years. I have noticed that KARDNOS, publico, and a few others, make it difficult for adults to have conversations. If intelligent conversation is nothing more then trying to torch people that think in ways other then yourself is the norm, we are in worse shape then I thought.

    Liberals, tell us why you are right… not why we (conservatives) are wrong. Otherwise, lets try to improve upon the conversation… not just torch the opponent. You all sound like Barack Obama. It’s everybody’s fault but yours.

  7. ItalianSpring says:

    I vote NO on ALL tax increases.

  8. villager98 says:

    Wan’t it good of TNT to give you the excuse you were looking for, Norma Jean?

  9. publico – you live in a really sad version the world.

    The state has internal auditors, that is their job – audit thingys, they had the funding and actually performed an audit… it was bad, potentially really bad based on a small sample and very, very, very short time frame.

    ‘Legislation is seldom perfect.” – that is generous my friend, very generous. I would submit that not only is it not perfect, it doesn’t even mee the threshold of “good”… the worst part, they pass it anyway.

    “The same thing happens in business” – for a moment, otherwise that business will not be IN business for very long. The government, oh well, they have people like you who volunteer other peoples money to make up for incompetence.

  10. LarryFine says:

    For the intellectually dishonest wallpaperer… the letter is about state taxes.

  11. sabre……let me see if I understand….you are making a trolling comment complaining about alleged trolling comments?

    Both of my comments were directed to portions of the letter…..

    You sounded like LF or gloveR

  12. I see, LF….when an analogy is drawn that demonstrates a HUGE mistake on the part of a Republican administration…..it has nothing to do with the similar mistake on the part of a state agency…..

  13. Whinemakers Union Local 69

  14. This is not about lefties or righties it’s about the state DSHS. The people running this dept. have been sued for incompetance numerous times and they consistantly loose. They have over payments they cannot get back. The overhead is way out of control. If you think we spend too much on social programs you should be screeming about the waste. If you think we need to have more programs more help, the money is already there. We just misuse it. Any way you look at it the managment of this deparment is an insult to all the citizens of Washington

  15. Sabre16 says, “You all sound like Barack Obama. It’s everybody’s fault but yours.”

    Well, I hear The Wizard of Ozbama is going to do SOMETHING more fitting to his abilities….Rumor has it that he is opening a used car lot with Semaj Booker!!!!!

    Sorry! Sorry! I just HAD to say it!! :D

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