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BUDGET: State must find new revenue

Letter by Sarah Richardson, Tacoma on Sep. 28, 2011 at 1:38 pm with 21 Comments »
September 28, 2011 2:12 pm

I attended the town hall meeting in Tacoma Tuesday given by Social and Health Services Secretary Susan Dreyfus regarding proposed cuts to the DSHS budget. The proposed cuts are even more alarming than what we’ve been through the past couple of years.

It is shameful that our state can’t take care of the most vulnerable and that our only option is to further diminish our most fragile citizens. Their caregivers and the private social services organizations who help are also facing financial disaster.

Cutting the DSHS monies paid for the difficult work they do means they’ll lose jobs, homes, money and then they’ll also be needing the support systems that won’t exist. We should be seriously worried about adding thousands more people to our poverty rolls.

We have to increase revenue. It’s not popular, but that’s what people and households do when money is tight. They work extra jobs and jobs they don’t like to make ends meet.

Cutting these government services is unconscionable. It’s time for all of us share more of the burden. We need to strengthen our community and state, not demolish it.

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  1. 2 cents on a bottle of water or can of soda would go a long way.

  2. 50 cents on a gallon of gas would be great too. Rebates for low income folks on the gas.

  3. puyallupmutt says:


    I am fed up paying more and more for teachers (who seem to show up for work less and less each week and year) and for health care for illegal immigrants.

    The social welfare loving Democrats in Olympia can find other ways to pay for their dogma instead of continually raising taxes on those who have real jobs and are not on the government payroll.

  4. Rollo_Tomassi says:

    I go to work every day for 8-12 hours, I earn a decent salary, and your idea of fair is that someone who can not find a way to support their own life style should have access to my earnings?

    Your idea is to reward their failure with the fruits of my success?

    Did I do something wrong? Is there some reason that you think I should pay more than the $40K in income taxes I paid last year? Is it your intention to dishearten those who work longer and harder?

    DSHS is a wealth re-distribution system whose clients are the lowest producers in society, Please help me understand what right they have to my tax dollars, because I just don’t get it.

  5. stetsonwalker says:

    Sniff Sniff, the state might lay someone off? Get me a tissue I think I may cry a river over this!

  6. puyallupmutt,
    I don’t know what school you work at and observe the teachers going home more and more, but at the school I work at every single teacher is working more hours and getting less pay all of the time. All of you teacher bashers out there need to get some real facts before spouting off your anti-intellectual comments. It took Tacoma teachers losing days of work (and still working those hours) before we finally stood up for ourselves. I’m ashamed that our schools have turned out such cold-hearted dittoheads that show up here. And yes we still took a pay cut in the last contract.

  7. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    How about we tax attorney’s fees at the full rate of sales tax in the locale of the attorney’s office(s)? And then we can also add the full sales tax rate to judgements as well.

    How would that suit you, Sarah?

    But I guess that target would be a bit too close to home.

  8. Why do we have to come up with more money? Why can’t DSHS focus what it has on people that need it instead of every deadbeat that is just lazy. You’ve all seen the jackass in the grocery store buying steaks with a Washington Quest card.

    The government has too much of our money. They take it for granted.

  9. If one of these “anti-government” types knew the definition of “fixed overhead”, we could have a real discussion on this subject.

    Instead, they rant.

  10. itwasntmethistime says:

    No. I can’t pay any more taxes, especially to support people with better cable, cell phone service, and health insurance than me. They are going to have to suck it up and get used to living on less, like many of the rest of us have had to.

  11. JimmyEOlson says:

    I take home less than 60% of what I earn. Out of that I have to pay sales, gas, property, and other taxes, and then take care of my family so you don’t have to. All told about 45% of my life energy goes to the “most vulnerable” in society and to pay my share of the public services I enjoy. Every time we ask those whose lives are enriched by their fellow citizens to give a pittance back we get to be called heartless and “shameful”. The well is dry. People have to start taking care of themselves. Don’t give me the malarkey that families can’t pay for a lunch for their kid. I live next to an elementary school that boasts 90% of its students receive free lunch. The road to school is littered with chip bags and expensive pop and chocolate milk bottles. Every kid is walking to school looking at their smartphones. Give up the guilt trip; that dog won’t hunt.

  12. Kardnos, “those state workers pay taxes”. Are frigging kidding? Any state or federal job contributes nothing to the economy. They are part of the reason our taxes are so out of control. If they were to cut out all state jobs, our taxes could be reduced. Many of those jobs could be handled by the private sector with minimal government oversight. Anytime the government, whether it be at the state or federal level creates another position, it deletes a job in the private sector. I’m thinking your reasoning is flawed. The government has no business being in the business of creating jobs.

  13. “Many of those jobs could be handled by the private sector with minimal government oversight.”

    One word – HALLIBURTON

  14. “JimmyEOlson says:
    September 29, 2011 at 9:42 am
    I take home less than 60% of what I earn.”

    Now….detail the deductions from your paycheck….

    How much is insurance costing you?

  15. BlaineCGarver says:

    Fixed overhead, meet fixed (for all practicle purposes) income. So bite me, you can’t have anymore.

  16. “KARDNOS says:
    September 29, 2011 at 10:51 am
    “calcan2 says:
    September 29, 2011 at 9:58 am
    Kardnos, “those state workers pay taxes”. Are frigging kidding? Any state or federal job contributes nothing to the economy.”

    Another ignorant answer”

    For every one government worker in the state (federal, county and local), it takes a few of us taxpayers to provide the tax revenue to pay for that job.

    How this is lost on you is a mystery.

  17. villager98 says:

    If you have read through the posted comments, Sarah, you will see why we are living in a state that is failing, in a nation that is by almost any measure no longer a moral force in the world. Far too many Americans do not care what kind of a society we live in so long as it doesn’t inconvenience them or cost them anything. Only too late will they realize they will pay the same price we all will pay.

  18. LarryFine says:

    Yeah!!! Because they are both run by democrats that buy votes with our tax dollars!

  19. Unfortunately the state does a poor job of managing our money. DSHS getting big judgements against them for abused victims in the system, DOC judgements for not properly monitoring people on probation or parole, DSHS sending out money to people that don’t have it coming, huge fraud issues with debit cards for welfare recipients. The list goes on. The legislature cut a program that saved $10 for every $1 spent on it in the name of reducing expenses. State government is broken and needs to be fixed. We can’t afford the mistakes and problems.

  20. I tell you what for everyone that has a problem with the system saying that people are taken away money from people who do work is bull shit I was recently a victim to a injury that required 2 surgeries.Therefore I been out of work for a few months I have worked all my life and never asked for help from the government but the first time I applied for help for gau the only income which isn’t shit 197 a month to cut me from that is fucked up. I mean how are people like me right now supposed to survive in this state when we need it the most.The cuts through dshs is so fucked up that I promise people are gonna start causing alot of problems because of it.It’s the governments job to help it’s people not hurt them so I say fuck the state the governor and everybody who made it hard for people that need it the most FUCK YOU AND THE SYSTEM.

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