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DEMOCRATS: The left conquers through deception

Letter by Constance V. Walden, University Place on Sep. 28, 2011 at 1:17 pm with 17 Comments »
September 28, 2011 1:17 pm

Over the years, Democrats have learned to mimic conservatism. They pretend to be conservative by using the right words to appeal to the majority, and those wavering in the middle, until they are elected. Then they show their true colors. They are chameleons.

This behavior was demonstrated successfully by the last three Democrat presidents (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama). They all used the right words; appeared to be concerned about free-market economic growth; appeared to support the military, apple pie and the American flag; then, bang, when they got into office, they all began stomping on all they had pretended to support.

There are a lot of people out there not paying attention, and since this is the case, the left is successful in its quest to conquer through deception.

Wake up, America!

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  1. Ms. Walden is at it again with her desultory comments about Democrats and making claims for which she provides no basis. Take a look in your republican mirror Ms.Walden. You will see exactly what you claim about democrats only moreso.

  2. Connie, connie, connie…….
    :::::::::::shaking his head:::::::::::

    It is exactly because the Democrats talk like liberals but act like Republicans that I am no longer a member of that Party.

  3. Connie….I’m sure glad that the Republicans didn’t run on “jobs” in 2010 and then not deliver……..

  4. stetsonwalker says:

    Constance, you are correct, and I am a person that would have voted for Carter had I been of age (I was 17). After 4 years of him I voted Reagan and have not took a look back!

  5. You mean the Clinton that drastically reduced the deficit, reformed welfare end ed the capital gains tax when people sell their homes? That Bill Clinton? He hardly campaigned as a conservative. See the following for an overview of his campaign promises:

    Obama campaigned as more liberal than he turned out. Just look at PoliFact’s review of President Obama’s campaign promises.

    I believe you’re wrong about Carter too, but his campaign was 35 years ago, and I’m not going review that.

  6. SwordofPerseus says:

    Wow! Stop watching fox news Constance the lies you are spreading could be damaging. You’re simply spreading fox talking points with no real point, it is disappointing the TNT printed your ill conceived, incorrect comments.

    Carter a great mind, but not for politics, was mired by high inflation and that traitor H. Kissinger.

    Clinton was a moderate republican and was the reason the jobs are mostly gone now GATT, NAFTA, which your Reptilican reps love.

    Obama is probably the worst of the three, he is not even close to a Democrat, he talks moderation and capitulates to the R’s on every issue.

    The reason we are in such bad shape in this country is the overspending on military and lack of Government oversight on financial markets. Both parties are responsible, both are to blame and anyone who believes otherwise is not seeing the whole picture clearly.

  7. Stetson – they who ignore the past are condemned to relive it.

    Sword – the other thing about Carter is he ran as an outsider who would come in and reform the governmental bureaucracy. Does that sound like somebody we all know?

  8. Republicans for a long time has been experts in the tactic that Connie claims the Democrats of using. I think in Psychology they call this projection.

  9. Nice Constance,

    You touched a nerve in the local lib troll population. Very entertaining.

  10. Clinton was pragmatic enough to follow the lead of Congress following an electoral shellacking. Obama isn’t.

    I swear some on this site were not alive in the 90s and are less than politically savvy now . . . Take off the blinders!

  11. jerryman47 says:

    Nice letter Constance, and you are correct in your evaluations. Especially when you say that people out there are not paying attention.

    You know you hit a sore spot with liberals, especially when they say stop watching Fox news, and when they try to defend their Democratic base.

    Constance, hope you read the TNT opinion page (A-14) in today’s paper, Republicans thrilled with Candidates by Mr. Chilton. This is called “straight news reporting”, which most journalists have lost.

  12. aislander says:

    Those attacking Constance and the points she makes are lefty true believers most of whom have a personal stake in keeping government large and in charge. I have been on this forum long enough to know who is whom…

    In any case, Constance, this is a generational thing, which is why there have been so few Democrat presidents. There has to be experience with applied liberalism so that each new generation can see and feel it firsthand, and then recoil for an election cycle or two until another wave of naifs reaches majority.

    …and Publico: “Desultory?” Really?

  13. Wow! my comment gets deleted. I guess ‘sabre” is very sensitive.

  14. And for what reason would you expect that I had anything to do about it beerBoy? Any evidence or just a uneducated guess on your part?

  15. SayntThomas says:

    Another twit who thinks our problems are all the fault of those who oppose her.

  16. I really find it sad when someone says something they disagree with they go right to an insult – such as troll. Uncalled for and unnecessary.

  17. beerBoy says:

    sabre – since my deleted post was directly in response to your use of the word “troll” and it demonstrated that you have celebrated troll-like behavior while calling those who responded to it trolls, it wasn’t an “uneducated guess”, rather a logical conclusion.

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