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9/11: Don’t forget Oklahoma City victims

Letter by Isaac O. Tate, Tacoma on Sep. 11, 2011 at 11:16 am with 32 Comments »
September 12, 2011 2:28 pm

The World Trade Center bombings were horrific. Today there are memorials unveiled, moments of silence and great reflection on the events that occurred 10 years ago.

But I am troubled. A home-grown terrorist filled with hatred ended the lives of women (mothers), children and babies in Oklahoma City. These children and babies will never experience life, unlike the World Trade Center victims.

There is no national day of mourning for these innocent victims. Is it because they were predominantly minorities? Is it because they did not handle the world’s currencies? Or is it the fact that America still tries to hide the fact that there are individuals in this great country who harbor so much hatred, as do foreign terrorists, that they will kill the most innocent and vulnerable?

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  1. Dave98373 says:

    “predominantly minorities” Nothing like faning the flames of racism on a national day of mourning, Isaac. What a guy.

  2. Can’t blame “Muslims” for OK City…..

  3. Dave98373 says:

    The writer was talking about the victims race….not the terrorists-KN

  4. SandHills says:

    Well, what about Pearl Harbor, Lockerbie Scotland crash? 9/11 rememberances do not detract from any other national tragedy – but commonsense tells me none of those happened on 9/11, and as such those others should be remembered on their respective dates however the letter writer wishes, rather than have some sort of negative vibe about the attention 9/11 victims are getting on the 10th anniversary of this particular event.

  5. Pecksbadboy says:

    No, it is because the bad guy cannot be us.

    Politicians and the News Media need someone of a different faith, color, sexual orientation or style of government to whip the masses into frenzy for their personal and financial ends.

    It is all sad but true.

  6. What a shame to try to making something of the fact that 9/11 victims are remembered today. Is there not enough that divides us?

    Perhaps you’re right, that we should give national attention to these other tragic events, but the reality is, as horrible as they were, they did not rock the boat of security in the same way that 9/11 did. Just think about it for a moment…

    …four planes full of innocent people PLUS the WTC victims, the first responders and the Pentagon victims. Nothing has ever so shaken this country save perhaps the bombing of Pearl Harbor. And we aren’t talking here about a few insane, evil men as in the OK bombing; we are talking about an entire international network of murderers bent on the destruction of the USA. It matters not to me whether they were Muslims, Buddhists, Christians or Moon Worshipers, actually.

    Your speculation that there is something sinister in today’s memorial ceremonies is puerile and frankly, pathetic.

  7. pecksa…utter nonsense. Give your cynicism a rest, just for today.

  8. Im just getting over the WAR OF 1812!!!!! ffs

  9. leehallfae says:

    Why stop with Oklahoma City?

    No. Silly idea. What I suggest: Looking forward, not back and refusing to Pre-Live a tragedy.

  10. “Dave98373 says:
    September 11, 2011 at 11:51 am
    The writer was talking about the victims race….not the terrorists-KN ”

    I’m not sure what the hell you are talking about here, Dave. Muslim isn’t a race.

  11. Dave98373 says:

    Settle down and relax KN…Why you are focusing on Muslims in OKC is beyond me….The writer doesn’t even mention Muslims…The writer is trying to insuate that OKC does not get the attention due to the fact that the victim’s were miniorities. In the future, you may want to read the article in its entiriety before you get all excited and start to spew your agenda and take to the keyboard. 9/11 gets more attention than OKC because:
    1) it changed the way we lived forever
    2) was an attack from a sworn enemy of the United States
    3) far more victims and far more attacks (WTC, Pentagon, Shanksville)
    4) victim’s demise were viewed on live television
    5) resulted in two major wars being launched that are still being fought today

    I too view OKC as a horrible incident. But OKC does not come close to 9/11. And anyone who even brings up the fact the no one wants to honor OKC because the victim’s a minority (be it race, religion, affliation, whatever—-aka “race card”) on the ten year anniversary has something wrong with his character and seems to enjoy palying the role of a victim in society. Grow up and be thankful for what you have in life.

  12. Uh….Dave…..we don’t make a big hoopla out of OK City because it was domestic terrorism….and we don’t like to admit it. Sort of the way we ignored the KKK….

    Had someone paid more attention to OK City, 9/11 might have been prevented. OK City was an example of how we are liable to terrorism.

  13. “resulted in two major wars being launched that are still being fought today”

    One of which kinda, sorta had something to do with 9/11……

    Who could we have attacked for OK City? Idaho????

  14. “was an attack from a sworn enemy of the United States”

    McVeigh was a friend?????????

  15. Misunderestimated says:

    Isaac I am troubled by your nonsensical rambling.
    Could it be that you simply find it hard to breathe when you close your mouth?
    I don’t recall OKC’s bombing happening on 9/11, nor would I wish to diminish the feelings the entire nation felt on 9/11 by trying to somehow refocus on OKC.
    If you wish an OKC rememberance, perhaps you should work to start one…

  16. Dave98373 says:

    BTW–Leave it to the writer (a former union politician) to stir up such emotions.

  17. Dave98373 says:

    It’s also interesting to note KardNo has a long history in these blogs AGAINST unions…is he now supporting the position of a former union president?

  18. 9-11 was hyped by shallow thinkers (flag wavers), because, at the time, there was no other rallying event to which the rightwing nuts could ascribe. Many others who do not know what patriotism is followed because it felt good. I was distraught at first. Then it became a charade for the media and the flagwavers as they denigrated Muslims no matter the actual Muslim position concerning the dastardly deed done by some radical nuts who represent nobody in the greater scheme.
    I’m sick of it and the aftermath. I feel true sympathy for those innocent victims of a poor security system in the airline industry at that time. It was the same for Pan Am 103 years earlier and nobody learned anything.

  19. Dave98373 says:

    Publico..or is it PubPOLITICALO– Please explain to the taxpayers why the writer (former ATU president) is gaining financially from this nonsense why you are babbling about muslims and Pan Am 103? Are you too profiting from these events? (How soulless can one be?)

  20. Dave98373, do you know anything about history?

  21. OK city gets no notice beyond the initial shock because it was perpetrated by a white American. 9-11 goes on and on. Guess why?
    Could it be because it is a favored genre? Just asking, you know.
    Surely, flagwaving hype has nothing to do with it!!!!!!! I mean, how does one wave a flag for ten years against a white American? On and on and on.

  22. I made a special effort to avoid the disaster porn that was aired for the tenth anniversary. I really am disgusted by the profiteers on tragedy.

    The memorial fountains are beautiful. The rest of this indulgence is just obscene.

  23. Dave98373 says:
    September 11, 2011 at 7:41 pm
    It’s also interesting to note KardNo has a long history in these blogs AGAINST unions…is he now supporting the position of a former union president?

    HUH???????? Please copy and paste ANYTHING where I am anti-union. LOL
    Did someone enjoy beverages during the Hawks game?????

  24. “Dave98373 says:
    September 11, 2011 at 7:00 pm
    “McVeigh was a friend?????????”

    Your ignorance is starting to show. A declared “war’ on America (and Israel) by a very well established foreign terrorist organization is far different than a “homegrown” attack by a “lone wolf.”

    I was hoping you’d say something like that. McVeigh was about as Lone Wolf as the others he was hanging around with….but we don’t want to admit that we have terrorist cells in the US that are US made and fed. See the Michigan Militia….

    As I said…the handling of McVeigh is a classic mistake that contributed to 9/11. Remember the 54 ignored memos????

  25. “concernedtacoma7 says:
    September 11, 2011 at 7:29 pm
    Kard has an enormous problem with race. He needs professional help”

    Concerned….”Muslim” is not a race. You need professional educational help.

  26. What does the letter writer’s profession have to do with anything, Dave?

  27. Dave98373 says:

    What does the letter writer’s profession have to do with anything, Dave?


  28. itwasntmethistime says:

    Realistically, if every tragedy in the history of the world was commemorated by an annual day of mourning we would be mourning all the time. Remembering, out of respect, is one thing, but it just isn’t healthy for people to mourn for years on end.

  29. LarryFine says:

    Dave, “Why you are focusing on Muslims in OKC” … that’s what he does just before he wallpapers an entire thread.

  30. BlaineCGarver says:

    Dear Knee-Jerkers….there was not a world-wide effort to blow up buildings in OKC. There is a world-wide Muslim effort to hurt America. Got It?

  31. There is a world-wide Muslim effort to hurt America. Got It?


    Acceptable terms in the above would have included “Islamist” “al Qaeda” or “Wahabi” but your use of the term “Muslim” is too inclusive and thus is completely wrong. Got it?

  32. 9/11 is featured so heavily because it was/is the rational for America’s military adventures in the MidEast:

    Section V of Rebuilding America’s Defenses, entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force”, includes the sentence: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor” (51).[13]

    Though not arguing that Bush administration PNAC members were complicit in those attacks, other social critics such as commentator Manuel Valenzuela and journalist Mark Danner,[39][40][41] investigative journalist John Pilger, in New Statesman,[42] and former editor of The San Francisco Chronicle Bernard Weiner, in CounterPunch,[43] all argue that PNAC members used the events of 9/11 as the “Pearl Harbor” that they needed––that is, as an “opportunity” to “capitalize on” (in Pilger’s words), in order to enact long-desired plans.


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