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PUYALLUP: Change needed on school board

Letter by Karen L. Wallin-Worley, Tacoma on Aug. 24, 2011 at 9:19 am with 15 Comments »
August 24, 2011 2:03 pm

In reference to the tongue-lashing of Puyallup voters in your editorial (TNT, 8-19) about the primary election results, I’d like to make a few things clear.

Therese Ngo Pasquier was a finalist for the Puyallup School Board position two years ago that was ultimately given to current director Chris Ihrig by the remaining board members. While Pasquier deserves credit for her willingness to serve the community, those of us who have followed the Puyallup School District closely have reason to be concerned about her close ties to the current board members, Superintendent Tony Apostle, and their exclusive leadership practices.

It is also important to point out the Apostle asked her to run. The current board members are silently campaigning for her as well. Puyallup’s schools need change.

Her opponent, Dane Looker, recognizes the deteriorating relationship between the Puyallup School District leadership and its constituents. Like most of us, he’s seen current board members ignore the voices of the public they were elected to represent and serve. He’s concerned about the declining confidence citizens have in district leadership and their core educational values.

Most of all, Looker’s election would influence the most important decision the next board will make: the selection of the new superintendent of the Puyallup School District.

While Looker won’t actively campaign for the Puyallup School Board, he needs to be elected.

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  1. If he won’t campaign will he serve?

  2. bobneilson says:

    If Dane Looker is not willing to work to be elected he is not willing to work if elected. Under no circumstances should the citizens of Puyallup elect an uninterested bystander who is turning the election into a popularity and name recognition contest. Therese Pasquier is the unmitigated best candidate for the Puyallup School Board.

  3. Has he ever had a job? What are his qualifications, besides having political connections, playing football, and acting badly as a coach at a PHS football game?

  4. theglovesRoff says:

    One could say that about the current president of the United States also…….

  5. puyallupmutt says:

    As Pasquier is a loyal ally of Puyallup’s notorious Mayor Kathy Turner, I will cast my ballot for whoever her opponent is.

  6. Fibonacci says:

    Hey.I didn’t know that. During what years was Obama the football coach of PHS? (Is there ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL) that you right wingnuts can’t turninto an anti-Obama tirade?

  7. Looker only wanted the school board gig as a stepping stone to the state legislature, just like Bruce Dammeier did before him. Then Looker thought he could bypass the school board and go directly to state leg., except he wasn’t quick enough to get his name off the ballot for school board. It’s obvious that Looker doesn’t really give a damn about what goes on in the Puyallup School District, so why waste your vote putting him there?

    Give it to Pasquier. At least she’s actively campaigning for your vote. Looker apparently thinks you owe it to him just because his name is LOOKER, so why should he even bother to work for it?

  8. theglovesRoff says:

    Sorry fib, but 8 years of Bush bashing have “come home to roost”. Suck it up and take your Obama bashing like a man……

  9. whatwouldMomsay says:

    I have spoken at length with Ms. Pasquier about her opinions on the district’s current leadership. I have found her comments to be fair, insightful and honest about the shortcomings of current administration. Ms. Pasquier has long been willing to speak out when she believes mistakes are being made. She is neither pupper nor parrot. The fact that she has a solid working relationship with the current board and administration shouldn’t be a mark against her. That’s what grown-up, rational people do. They work effectively with those in power, even when they disagree. She has earned enough respect that current board members have asked her to run, even though she has spoken out against their decisions. That tells me that she will be a highly effective board member.

  10. I was under the impression than Looker had kids in the district and that his wife has been a coach for a local high school. I guess I’m just making the point that he might be more in touch with the school district than anyone gives him credit for. And I don’t think anyone is arguing Pasquier’s credentials as a person who could do the job on the board: It would seem the concern is changing the dynamics and profile on this board to get new ideas. Maybe having someone from a different background/profession could help what seems to be a one minded board. And he must know he’ll still be able to dedicate his time if elected. I mean, wouldn’t he just say thanks, but no thanks if he KNEW he couldn’t commit to the position? Sounds like he just went to a bigger platform for his passions as a seat member. Whatever the case, It is just another problem for a cracking district.

  11. Dave98373 says:

    Looking at some of our uneducated and illiterate high school graduates of late, I vote to fire the entire board. If things don’t improve after that, fire the next board. With all of the over qualifed and un/under employed, getting good people should be no problem. Our children, our future so much deserve better than the political ambition of some incompetent local school board.

  12. tishbull says:

    The votes for Mr. Looker in my opinion were mostly votes against the status quo.

    I am tired of those who feel they are qualified to be on the Board because they belong to the PTA, have/had a kid attending or attended a PSD school, tout being on do-nothing commissions. I am tired of a rubber-stamp school board which abdicates its responsibilities to a Superintendent for the privilege of one-on-one breakfast/lunch meetings where he can push his agenda prior to Board meetings. I am looking for Board candidates who will take back the responsibilities of a true Board and publicly say so. The first thing I want to hear is that the Board should reinstate the policy that the new Superinendent must life in the PSD.

    Back to Mr. Looker, if he does not run an active heart-felt campaign, this will be remembered and he will not make it to the legislature because his inaction and behavior will be remembered and become a campaign issue.
    Being a has-been mediocre football player doesn’t do it.

  13. The school board becomes much better, the district becomes much stronger when Tony (1/4 million a year) Apostle retires at the end of the year.

  14. I feel dave98763 made a very intelligent remark to this situation.Unfortunately the remarks that are intelligent will be completely ignored.The beat goes on and on,if you catch my meaning!

  15. Instantclassic says:

    Dane looker is a political joke.

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