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OBAMA: Republicans hypocritical on jobs

Letter by William E. LaVigne, Tumwater on Aug. 22, 2011 at 9:55 am with 22 Comments »
August 22, 2011 2:18 pm

I have read many letters to the editor criticizing President Obama and his administration. House Speaker John Boehner accuses President Obama of uncontrolled spending. The truth is that Obama cannot spend one red cent without approval of both houses of Congress. Government 101.

Boehner goes on to blame the president for not creating jobs. Any jobs that Obama were to create would be funded by tax revenue, which needs approval of both houses of Congress. Government 101.

Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell claim the Bush tax cuts promote job growth. In 2001, when they were approved, the unemployment rate was less than 6 percent. In 2009, the rate was 10 percent. So why are they asking Obama to fix the job problem when they say they have the answer? Sounds like hypocrisy.

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  1. LarryFine says:

    “Obama cannot spend one red cent without approval of both houses of Congress”

    He had a majority in both houses for 2 years… kooky.
    ” In 2009, the rate was 10 percent” … actually it was just over 7%… and that was after 2 budgets by the democrat majority… of both houses…

  2. blakeshouse says:

    I want a bunch of what ever this writer is SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. old_benjamin says:

    Who passed Obamacare? Democrat majorities in both houses. Who signed Obamacare? Obama. The truth is Obama can’t spend one red cent unless the President signs the appropriation bills passed by Congress. He did.

  4. old_benjamin says:

    The way the president creates jobs is by getting his big foot off the neck of private business–which is the real job creator.

  5. theglovesRoff says:

    Another lefist talking points letter. If Bush were still president, they would be accusing him of not creating any jobs. Oh, wait, they still do.

  6. LarryFine says:

    So obvious Old Ben… but soooo far out of reach for some….

  7. Lincoln was right. You can fool some of the people all the time.

    Fox spews entertainment has done a great job brainwashing the zombie base.

  8. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    x, you are about as predictably original as the letter-writer… hey!

  9. Speaking of talking points….how does the President “create jobs” in the private sector?

    He doesn’t. Neither Bush (who Republicans claim did) or Obama (who they hold responsible today) have one thing to do with the workforce in America.

    Putting money on the table of private enterprise did keep jobs from being cut (Auto manufacturers/Stimulus), but that’s about where it ends

    I’d love the Conservatives to cite EXACTLY what legislation that “Obama is responsible for” that has had anything to do with private sector job creation.

    Of course, they won’t.

  10. old_benjamin says:

    The “Stimulus” bill and Obamacare. They both take money from the private sector, which is the job creator. Obama is complicit in siphoning off money and RETARDING job creation.

  11. old_benjamin says:

    Case in point:

    “When Governor Bob McDonnell [of Virginia} took office in January 2010, he was faced with a $2.2 billion shortfall bequeathed to him by outgoing Democratic governor (and now Senate candidate) Tim Kaine. In less than two years, McDonnell has delivered two budget surpluses without raising taxes or causing harm to the “most vulnerable.” Instead, he has judiciously cut spending.

    Last week, the governor’s office announced a surplus of $544.8 million. That is $234.1 million more than McDonnell told the legislature on June 30 he has saved state taxpayers. Call it compound savings.

    According to the Pollina Corporate Real Estate Study: “Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States for 2011,” “Virginia is the unquestionable brightest star on the American flag when it comes to pro-business. … Virginia is truly in a class by itself.” Compared to the federal economic picture, Virginia’s statistics are astounding: In less than two years, McDonnell’s administration reports that it has added 48,200 net new jobs. As recently as 2009, Virginia ranked 35th nationally in jobs created. Significantly, “only 8 percent of net new jobs are government positions.”

    Virginia’s “6.0 percent unemployment rate is tied for eighth lowest in the nation,”


  12. If Government created jobs don’t count, why were the net government jobs lost last month counted in the total jobs tally?

  13. bb – data, just data… that’s all it is and it is a legitimate account of the job market…

    now, with all data it is used, misused and outright abused on occasion by yhe left and the right….

    total jobs = civilian jobs + government jobs

    simplistic I know… what are you referring to? who provided that portion o fhte data? what was the spin of data? or was it just a simple factual accounting of the jobs market data?

  14. total jobs = civilian jobs + government jobs

    Exactly! And yet there are some who keep insisting that government jobs don’t count.

  15. LarryFine says:

    I think the point, bB, is that government jobs are not a product of a healthy, vibrant economy.

  16. So…..the economy would be more healthy if the garbagemen weren’t hired by the city or if the city didn’t have water treatment plants and sewers? Maybe so….but I would bet that cholera would be more prevalent.

  17. cheese and bread… the extremes…

    To support a government worker, a few civilian workers must support that government worker.

    Granted that garbageman is needed to perform a job, but it comes at a cost in terms of removing dollars via a tax, from our consumer based society (we don’t make as much stuff as we use to to sell to the world, but that is another thread, anyway).

    I believe it is legitimate to price the service and attempt to reduce the cost of that service as much as possible.

  18. LarryFine says:

    You still miss the point bB … but nice try at a “tangent” .

    Maybe the queen can clarify it for you…

    “It’s been said that government doesn’t create jobs, business does. For the most part, this is true. But government creates the environment in which businesses can excel and expand.” (or fail and contract… like right now)
    Christine Gregoire

  19. xx – just as Benjamin Franklin understood that there are some services that need to be public domain (specifically for Franklin, fire fighting), there continue to be services that are best served not by the Private sector.

    In California, taken in by all those promises of lower electricity costs and better service through competition, I voted to turn the utility over to the private sector. Fortunately I moved from the state before private industry colluded to rob the state and its citizens blind. (a loss that wasn’t recouped due to some political decisions limiting liability).

    I am a pragmatist – give me what works – pure socialism doesn’t work, neither does pure capitalism (as if there could ever be a pure economic system).

  20. LF – the only thing I ever liked about Gregoire is that she wasn’t quite as repugnant to me as Rossi. When she won the Dem nomination I was thoroughly disgusted.

  21. LarryFine says:

    I’m seeing a pattern bB.

    So, who (someone in office) HAVE you supported? We know you didn’t really like Obama… and now Gregoire…

    p.s. I was never a McCain fan.

  22. someone currently in office? argh!…

    I am starting to think that Senator Mike Crapo (R – Idaho) is pretty reasonable in spite of being a Republican from Idaho.

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