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PUYALLUP: Can’t wait for November

Letter by A. David Churchman, Puyallup on Aug. 18, 2011 at 12:25 pm with 5 Comments »
August 18, 2011 12:25 pm

Now that the Puyallup voters have completed round one in the primary, there is time to consider the “real thing” coming in November.

We have:

• A mayor who seems to believe that the Bill of Rights has limited standing inside city limits.

• A deputy mayor who trashes Puyallup’s No. 1 employer during a council meeting.

•A councilman who has shown up to more secret meetings at city hall than public council meetings.

• Another councilman who orders the police chief to run background checks on citizens parking in city parking lots.

• A councilwoman who calls the police on a longtime respected citizen who asks her a valid campaign question.

• A finance director who says he has no idea how the finance system really works.

•A councilman who votes to spend $3 million of taxpayer money to blacktop a parking lot for an organization of which he is a shareholder.

•A city hall that sells building permits allowing apartment construction on a toxic landfill.

• A council that after three years is quite happy with only 60 employees occupying a $40 million city hall.

• A city mired in $100 million of debt..

If you like the status quo, keep Nicole Martineau. I for one am not and will be voting for Steve Vermillion in November to clean this mess up at city hall.

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  1. Vote Vermillion!!!

  2. puyallupmutt says:

    The era of “trusting the city staff” is over. They have run amok.
    Few if any on the current council are capable on knowing when they are being BS’d by city staff who are focussed on manipulating the dollars to keep their jobs funded.

    Steve Vermillion has promised to put citizens needs first and not the city staff’s.

    Thats good enough for me.

  3. everyone says:

    This election, I will not vote for anyone currently on the council or who is a business owner. I will vote based on intelligence and wisdom. That eliminates one particular candidate. I will not vote based on age, gender, race, religion, bleached hair color, martyrdom, exploited parenthood or the ability to BS citizens with sharp dress and a smile. I will vote based on the candidates who have articulated real issues facing the city and what to do about them.That eliminates the same candidate. I will not vote for candidates who espouse a generic and shallow platform and doesn’t take a stance. I will vote for the candidates who don’t like what has been going on in this city for the last 20 years and are old enough to remember. That again eliminates the same candidate. I will not vote for candidates who have been a part of the problem or who are associated with past cronies. I will vote for candidates who value the provision of basic services to citizens such as infrastructure, police and fire protection, reasonable utility rates and traffic control. Damn, same candidate! I will not vote for candidates who think the most important issues are hanging flower baskets and going to luncheons. I will vote wisely and intellegently.


  4. whatwouldMomsay says:

    Mr. Churchman, what will you do when you are no longer able to beat this same, tired drum? At every city council meeting, letter to the editor, blog post or comment, your remarks are the same. So much so, I bet you are able to simply cut and paste the words in every availble text window you can find, no retyping necessary. You sir, are Puyallup’s Rush Limbaugh- people may have been interested initially, but now we just want you to shush. Why not try fishing or golf? Maybe learn a musical instrument? Yoga, perhaps?

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