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SALARIES: State shows disgraceful priorities

Letter by William F. Johnston, Tacoma on Aug. 12, 2011 at 11:42 am with 9 Comments »
August 12, 2011 1:29 pm

Re:  ”UW football coach Steve Sarkisian is Washington’s top-paid state worker” (TNT, 8-11).

I have never seen such misplaced priorities.

Shame on the governor, the Legislature, the higher education establishment and, certainly, shame on the voters of the state of Washington who have allowed such a distortion of values.

We need go no further to see the downward direction this country is headed. We can’t support basic education, but we can pay for the circus.

No doubt future tourists will come to see Husky Stadium, as they do today to ponder the Roman Colosseum.

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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    Democrats have their priorties in order. They cut education so they can fund social programs for illegals. Illegals vote for them and their union, the SEIU< gives them tons of money. Your kids can't vote or give them money so they get kicked to the curb.

  2. TSkidmore says:

    Do you right wing nuts spend any time in the real world anymore? Gawd what a load of crap! What do unions, illegals, SEIU or Democrats have to do with this….???? This a culture being brought down by all institutions…and business and conservatives are right in the middle of it! You think those are unions those stadiums are named after?

    Earth to “truthbusterguy”….come in ….come in….you have lost contact……

  3. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Gawd, how many times will this BS have to be debunked here! Of course, for the benefit of the largely uninformed, it would help if the effing TNT would include the following in their semi-regular anti-collegiate sports hit pieces:

    Recent news coverage of the UW’s hiring of a new football coach, coupled with of the state’s ongoing budget problems, has led to questions about how funding for athletics does (or doesn’t) affect the broader university budget. People are free to differ about the role and cost of major college athletics. It’s important that the debate be grounded in the facts.

    • The University of Washington Athletic Department is one of only a handful of Division I college athletic programs that is fully self-supporting. With the exception of a small amount of state-mandated Title IX scholarship funding, the UW athletic department generates all the revenue that supports its $60 million per year operation.

    • Athletic department funding is derived from ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, and private donations.

    • The football program is the primary revenue generating sport at the University of Washington, supplying almost 85% of the department’s total revenue. Other than football and men’s basketball, all other sports at the University of Washington operate at a loss. Therefore, without a profitable (and successful) football program, the University of Washington would not be able to support the 21 other sports that involve more than 700 student-athletes.


    As for me, I find it appalling how many … professors made the list (many of whom are, thankfully, not tenured), not to mention administrators and bureaucrats.

    Geez, buy a brain cell instead of that next tube of glue.

  4. bobcat1a says:

    Please note the name “truthbuster.” Not “liebuster.” Busting the truth is easy; just make up another lie, like hordes of illegals voting. See, no facts needed.

  5. TSkidmore says:

    Hey “Vox” if you believe the UW sports pay for themselves you are a man who has drank the Kool-aide. I have seen those numbers and they are “cooked” so only certain costs and certain revenues are used.

    Even if you were correct (and you are not!) – a university is for EDUCATION – not for a bunch of overgrown entertainers who generally won’t graduate or can’t read after 4 years of being pampered and “moved along”….

    The coaches salaries are disgusting pure and simple…..no doubt you can name all the Husky players but probably don’t know your congressman!

  6. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    TSkidmore says:

    “Hey “Vox” if you believe the UW sports pay for themselves you are a man who has drank the Kool-aide. I have seen those numbers and they are “cooked” so only certain costs and certain revenues are used.”

    Oh… I get it, (then president) Mark Emmert was LYING when he wrote the following:

    A number of concerns about athletic department funding, the expected salary for a new head football coach, and the Husky Stadium renovation project have reached me, and I want to provide some information and my perspective on these matters. I assume many of you recognize that the athletic department is a fully self-sustaining entity, with no state tax dollars, no University dollars, and no student fee dollars going to support its operations or capital expenses. The department is responsible for generating all of the $60 million a year it spends. It generates its revenue from ticket sales, media revenue, and philanthropy. To put the department in perspective, its annual budget represents about two percent of the University’s overall annual budget of $3.2 billion. Approximately 700 student-athletes participate in the 23 sports for men and women, roughly two percent of our undergraduate student population. Needless to say, the sports in which we compete receive far more attention from the public and the media than this two percent measure warrants.


    I can easily link volumes of data to support the fact that UW athletics are self-supporting. Can you provide one citation and link to the contrary?

    Didn’t think so. Only your uninformed opinion on the subject.

    “Even if you were correct (and you are not!) – a university is for EDUCATION – not for a bunch of overgrown entertainers who generally won’t graduate or can’t read after 4 years of being pampered and “moved along”….”

    I suppose an 87% graduation rate for student athletes (a far higher percentage of whom will not make one dime, following their collegiate years, off the sport in which they participated) is just not enough of a success rate for an “expert” on the subject – such as yourself.


    Oh, and that 87% is better than 20% higher than the national average for non-student athletes.


    We won’t bother to go into the financial assistance that most of these kids get though… you know, the type of assistance that gets an otherwise disadvantaged kid into a world class institution like the UW.

    “The coaches salaries are disgusting pure and simple… ”

    Says the dud who just dropped $200 on Lady GA-GA tix.

    “… (you) probably don’t know your congressman!… ”

    At least your right here. Thankfully, I do not “know” my “congeressman”. And, considering my district, I can safely say that I have not voted “for” a single one of this state’s US congressional members.



  7. TSkidmore says:

    Lady who?….

    87% get moved along and take basket weaving…I have known some of these guys and had a cousin who was handed everything for 4 years…money and grades….disgusting! Yeah, yeah…there are exceptions….

    The football budget is done the same way the Defense Dept. does theirs. Related costs are put on other departments and not counted as being a cost to run the circus (opps I mean football). (The Pentagon actually costs the U.S. taxpayer 60% of the national budget – not the “official” 20% )

    But from your answer I see why you are so devoted to sports…no involvement in civic life obviously…you should read up on people who are involved in vicarious living….very sad!

  8. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Uhhh… skidder, I am not sure even you know what you mean by ”involvement in civic life”, but you sure can cut the casting aspersions crap any time – really just enhances the lameness colors. You obviously know nothing about me – and we can add to that information gap UW athletics and politics, in general.

    I realize you are a newby around here, but if you had been paying even a modicum of what may pass for attention these days, you might have noticed I have very strong political opinions, volunteer in the community, am an employer, and (unlike certain other manifestations here) have a life outside of this internet board bravado crap.

    To you reply:

    It’s clear you are lumping all student athletes into your misguided – and some may say even racist – perception of football and basketball players. If you had even bothered to read one of the links I provided, you may have noticed there are over 700 student athletes at the U. Of those, because of scholarship limitations, fewer that 100 would be scholarship football players or basketball players. So… even if we allow that 100% of FB and BB players are your stereotypical model (which is such BS it’s beyond hysterical) are you saying the other 600 or so are not taking advantage of the educational opportunities afforded them by their participation in athletics?

    I think you’re way outta’ your league here junior.

  9. tacomascene says:

    Wow! This is neat stuff.

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