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DEBT: Expect another partisan food fight

Letter by A. Lou Dunkin, Steilacoom on Aug. 10, 2011 at 1:47 pm with 15 Comments »
August 10, 2011 2:40 pm

I don’t understand why someone hasn’t suggested that Congress and the president rescind the last debt limit act and immediately adopt the Bowles-Simpson Commission Report, submitted last spring.

Bowles-Simpson was a large, high-quality, bipartisan commission that did their homework. It came up with comprehensive common sense solutions to getting the country financially stabilized and running more efficiently. It addressed the concerns delineated by the credit rating bureaus.

As it is now, we are going to have to go through another partisan food fight this fall and on into next year. We will never restore confidence to the populace. The whole country is frozen in place, unable or afraid to make a move. It is time to suck it up, slaughter the sacred cows and get back to some degree of normalcy.

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  1. aislander says:

    That won’t happen until the Obama admin is in the rear-view mirror; but, even then, it will take even more time to undo all its mischief. We are still stuck with artifacts from previous Dem (and most Republican ones) admins, that adhere to the Republic like determined leeches…

  2. . . . in the rear view mirror of all the Rpots leaving D.C. to return home replaced by people who put the good of the Nation before anything else.

  3. concernedtacoma7 says:

    At this point can you really believe BHO, Pelosi , or Reid have the good of the nation in mind when they do anything? They protect and pay off select groups, push class warfare, and ignore the needs of the middle class

  4. dallasow says:

    Concerned, you’re quoting right wing talking points with nothing to support what you said.

  5. That won’t happen until the Obama admin is in the rear-view mirror; but, even then, it will take even more time to undo all its mischief.

    You do remember when the crash of 2008 happened don’t you? And who was in charge then?

    Obama is Hoover when he should be FDR. But just like Hoover who inherited the economic crisis and was impotent to do anything to change it, the crash was set up by the Administration(s) before him and the removal of proven regulations that were put into place to prevent the banksters from crashing the world economy just like they did with the Great Depression.

  6. blakeshouse says:

    Nov 2012 and everything you are looking for will occur. Obummer will be relegated back to his street corner in Chicago for more organizing, the fiscally conservative repubs will strengthen there majority against Pelosi and crew, and the Senate will flip controlling parties.
    Then and only then will we start to put this nation back on the course under which it was formed

  7. Concerned,
    And of course the Rpots don’t protect and payoff any special interest groups.

    ‘The course under which our Nation was formed was WE THE PEOPLE not ‘we the corporations.’

  8. xring – but haven’t you heard – Corporations are people too!

  9. Disillusioned says:

    That would be to simple and logical. President Obama and party have shown their disapproval with the Bowles-Simpson Commission by their inaction upon its recommendations. So we’ll go through another Washington D.C. kabuki with much bloodletting further undermining the people’s confidence in our government and economy.

  10. bBoy – only because 5 activist judges exceeded their authority.

    Bowles-Simpson and its clone put forth by the Gang-of-6 found wide spread opposition from both parties.

    Some recommendations of Bowles-Simpson Commission:
    Eliminate Earmarks
    Tax Reform/increase,
    Defense Cuts
    Elimination of mortgage interest credit for second residences/vacation homes, for ‘home equity loans’, and for mortgages over $500,000.
    Health Care and SS reforms.



  11. “bBoy – only because 5 activist judges exceeded their authority.’

    jusus friggin christo xring, no they did not… the person thingy is codified in law. I posted it about a week ago. US 1, Title 1… it is the current law and has been for a while.

  12. theglovesRoff says:

    bB, who is in charge during the 2011 meltdown and the credit rating downgrade (first time in history by the way).

    Here is a hint: The One

  13. tgR – the Banks and Goldman Sachs…..

    Supreme Court controlled by conservatives controlled by Goldman Sachs/Banks
    Executive is Dem controlled by Goldman Sachs/Banks
    Senate has Dem majority controlled by Goldman Sachs/Banks
    House has clear Repub majority controlled by Goldman Sachs/Banks

  14. Bowles-Simpson and the Gang of Six reports were not allowed to be discussed officially in Congress because of the Tea party votes against it. Dems, even with their publically-stated opposition to removal of mortgage interest deductions at least tried to get some legislation built off of them so a compromise could be reached.

    If you watched the Republican debate, every one of the candidates raised their hands when asked if they would refuse to sign a compromise bill that had a ten-to-one spending vs. revenue ratio, and all said they would veto the legislation.

    I am not hopeful that another committee will have any more authority with Congress with the powerful millions of $ of the Koch Brothers having taken over the Republican Party and a sheepish Democratic party also under the control of their own corporate dollars.

    Oh, I forget, corporations are people, too. (Romney, by way of SCOTUS)

    “When in the course of corporate events… We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all corporations are created equal…”

  15. LarryFine says:

    “You do remember when the crash of 2008 happened don’t you? And who was in charge then?”

    Nancy (“word”) and Harry…

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