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ECONOMY: Americans deserve better than this

Letter by John L. Brooks, Spanaway on Aug. 9, 2011 at 10:25 am with 34 Comments »
August 9, 2011 11:12 am

I believe that what the American people have seen and experienced in the last couple weeks should show us all just what a bunch of dysfunctional people that we have voted into office. We have no captain at the helm of our ship nor any crew members on deck to guide it.

When it comes time to vote, people need to take a good look and vote them all out on the street. They have taken us all to the brink of financial ruin because they fight like little children in kindergarten. We would not have received a downgrade if they had acted as adults and made cuts where they need to be cut.

Social Security is not one of them though. Social Security would be solvent if it was paid to those who paid into it and not to those who have no investment in it. Perhaps it is time we stop paying out cash to foreign governments, stop wars in two countries where the people hate us anyway, quit paying the bulk of the U.N. budget, stop all foreign aid and cut the military budget.

We have to just stop bailing everyone out of trouble because they will not be here when we need to be bailed out, and if D.C. doesn’t do something very soon we will need to be.

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  1. jjohnson67 says:

    John, your ideas will never work because they make sense. Instead of cutting all that you suggested both parties are playing around with little issues here and there. If they cut the big ones that EVERYBODY knows should be cut, we’d be out of this mess in a very short time.

    But that’s the issue, isn’t it. If we’re out of the mess, how can the “other” party claim that they have the best ideas to save us. We’re on a merry-go-round. Hey, Dems, you be in charge now, and then in a couple years it’ll go back to the Repubs. Then back and forth with the American people losing to their little game.

    Anybody hear of TERM LIMITS?

  2. “Social Security is not one of them though. Social Security would be solvent if it was paid to those who paid into it and not to those who have no investment in it.”

    The only folks who are receiving Social Security without paying into it are the children and spouses of those who did pay in to it. So apparently you are against survivor benefits.

    At any rate, the social welfare check known as Social Security is fixable. Just raise the age to retire and index it, change the way the inflation adjustment is calculated, and raise the employment tax.

    Cutting the back on the war machine makes some sense. It costs big dollars and it’s too tempting to use it in places that have nothing to do with our security.

    The other stuff is small potatoes.

    Unfortunately, you missed the biggest budget buster, medical for old geezers.


  3. jjohnson67 says:

    Oh, pawl, so you’d rather cut grandma’s medical insurance so you can continue to give foreign aid to countries that hate us and laugh at us for giving them money.

    I don’t think foreign aid is ‘small potatoes’.

  4. David1964 says:

    “They have taken us all to the brink of financial ruin because they fight like little children in kindergarten.”

    John, please don’t insult kindergartners!

  5. BlaineCGarver says:

    Excellent letter. I agree with every point.

  6. alindasue says:

    jjohnson67 said, “Anybody hear of TERM LIMITS? ”

    We already have an effective means of enforcing “term limits”. It’s called the ballot box.

  7. KARDNOS says:

    “Just raise the age to retire”

    Now all we have to do is find jobs for those people

  8. KARDNOS says:

    “Term limits” is a sure fire way to hand elected offices over to big money interests

  9. concernedtacoma7 says:

    “raise the employment tax”. That will really make small business want to hire. Great plan.

    Kard- How about people save some money over a lifetime of earning, above and beyond what the govt forces you to save. You saved enough to retire at 55, good for you. You had some tough breaks or spent poorly in your working years, too bad. How about some individual responsibility?

    And as pointed out, healthcare is the elephant in the room.

  10. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    More precisely, Medicare.

    The writer is right about SocSec… although it is, at present, a Ponzi scheme since fewer and fewer folks are paying in as us Boomers retire and live longer.

    Medicare on the other hand…

  11. beerBoy says:

    The solution to Social Security is to raise the maximum income level past $106,800. I suggest they get rid of the maximum completely.

    The solution to Medicare is never going to happen because it would require single payer. However, that would be the solution.

  12. If Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, private health insurance is a sucker bet with 1:7 odds in favor of the house.

  13. KARDNOS says:

    We see on a daily basis how well private health care insurance is working.

  14. KARDNOS says:

    Concerned – I have no problem with people being resourceful and retiring young.

    As to making the retirement age higher for Social Security…..there aren’t enough jobs to go around.

  15. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    This is the letter of the week and it’s only Tues.

    I say the first to be voted out is obummer and his idiot friends that are destroying the economy. obama hope and change ain’t working. Next!!!

  16. Misunderestimated says:

    If we would only force congress to eliminate their medical care and retirement programs, and bring them back under Social Security, Obamacare and Medicare, I think they would find a way to save these programs.

  17. This country desperately needs viable 3rd, 4th & 5th parties. Both the Dems & the Reps are corrupt, & other than a very few Dems could care less about the well being of USA citizens.

  18. “I say the first to be voted out is obummer and his idiot friends that are destroying the economy.”

    Wish we could go back to the good ol’ pre-Obama days of 2007: Plummeting real-estate values, collapsing financial institutions, tanking stock market, job losses of 500,000+ per month, and the entire worlds economy guttered, because of us. Yep, those were the days, my friend. Those were the days

  19. ItalianSpring says:

    I do miss W. Carter even…

  20. jjohnson67 says:

    Imagine a president balancing the budget. As much as I think he was despicable personally, Clinton had this country on the right financial track. Then W. hit and everything went bad – quickly.

    No matter how much the republiCONS try to get around it, facts are facts.

  21. harleyrider1 says:

    Excellent letter.

    SSI – Supllemental Security Income – is what immigrants and others can tap into even though they never paid a dime. They get this for their “welfare” or well-being, if you will. Often, we get confused that they are taking money from our Social Security Income, but this is a different name, different plan.

    Since both funds were placed into the General Budget in 1969, though, John is really correct if you do your research. Money is money.

    Regardless of party affiliation – vote these people out, especially those that have been there for years. And vote in someone that is not a career politician (someone that has never held a real job for a significant time in our world).

    Elect – not re-elect. Let’s get this Country moving. Oh, and since the war in Europe is over, let’s close our bases and bring those troops home. There’s a money saver. Let’s bring home our boys from Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya. Those folks do not want them there; the governments are corrupt; its costing us a billion a day to support that. And why?

  22. jjohnson67 says:

    You are 100% correct, Harley.

  23. Dave98373 says:

    You left out one important component of your argument: ObamaCare. American voters demanded free medical coverage which helped get Obama elected in the first place. How in the hell did people think this was going to come to fruition without consequences? Now that America has been downgraded, where is the outrage towards that voter block that helped bankrupt America in helping Obama get elected and implement a costly medical package?

  24. BlaineCGarver says:

    The Left has bought so many vote with their give away programs and welfare, that the ballot box is no longer term limits.

  25. Not as many as the Right buys with their corporate slush funds.

  26. old_benjamin says:

    No, “we” don’t deserve better than this. It is exactly what you may expect from big government, and big overnment is what the people voted for in ’08. Assininity, waste, fraud, and bankruptcy–the fruits of big government. Had enough yet?

  27. aislander says:

    To the extent that government has been in control of the economy (which is really the sum total of private transactions), the economy has functioned less and less well, taking on the ossified movements of a zombie: not alive, but not dead either; certainly not vibrant…

  28. aislander says:

    Some deluded “economists” (really, advocates for government) aver that a segment of economic activity can be characterized as “governmental.” THAT is a ridiculous construct, since every dollar that government spends has been extracted from the real economy–or borrowed, But do you Keynesians really want to discuss that?

  29. geeterpontiac says:

    This is an interesting article.


    I recognize as I post this link that the source of the article is Dick Morris (Far right) who many of you loath.

    But, I am more interested in the concerns identified than in the author. Yes, I admit, it could be alarmist rhetoric, and the chances are probably around 50/50 that such is the case.

    But, the source of his warning, James Fitzgibbon, makes some interesting assertions and predictions similar to those I have been hearing elsewhere from non-political sources. And, even more importantly, because his predictions are fairly short term (end of the year) we should, before long, have a fair idea how correct he is and if so, what will follow.

    So, I would ask everyone to simply take off the partisan hat for a bit and ignore his references to Democrats, Obama, Republicans, etc and focus on the problem and the prediction. Irrespective of the political implications, let’s keep our eyes open and see what happens.

    I am praying he is wrong.

  30. Some deluded “economists” (really, advocates for government)

    So, in aislander’s world, any economist who holds an opinion that he disagrees with is deluded, not actually an “economist” but really an advocate for government (which in aislander’s world is an evil entity).

    So neat. Such black and white clarity. “Those who aren’t for us, are against us” Just like Stalin’s world view.

  31. Elect – not re-elect.

    The Left has bought so many vote with their give away programs and welfare, that the ballot box is no longer term limits.

    Not as many as the Right buys with their corporate slush funds.

    You are all correct, even with interchangeable “party” labels.

    So the plan is still to borrow from China, buy their products and then turn around and subsidize the transportation security for EU’s oil supply while appeasing OPEC while diminishing the usable value of our monopoly money? Remember..it’s all ( fill-in-the-blank)’s fault…

  32. Bb is using “shotgun generalizations” ( vague-ing) again…
    Disagree? ( pun intended with no reference just for Bb )

  33. aislander says:

    geeterpontiac: I’m afraid I agree with Fitzgibbon. I have been aware of the lack of sustainability of the governmental solutions imposed over the last seventy years, or so, but have not had the specificity of his predictions. Over the last five years, I knew it would happen sooner rather than later. It’s why I have grown stronger in my conservative beliefs.

    If anything good comes out of this, perhaps we will return to the ethics and beliefs that produced such plenty that we began to believe we COULD avoid the pitfalls that caught up every great civilization of the past, but with the knowledge that we cannot unless we understand the limitations of human nature. If we don’t internalize that, I think we are headed for an authoritarian nightmare…

  34. aislander says:

    Hey, beerBoy: some things work; some don’t. Advocates of things that do not work are not to be given titles of respect (if “economist” IS such a title)…

    Tell me how taking a dollar out of the economy, transporting it somewhere, and then putting it back into the economy, is different from taking a cup of water out of the ocean, running down the beach, pouring the water out of the cup and expecting THAT part of the ocean to be deeper. Oh: I know. The cup isn’t big enough. Let’s try bigger and bigger containers until the ocean IS deeper. We’ll keep on stimulating that ocean until it conforms to Keynesian theory…

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