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TACOMA: District needs a student-centered contract

Letter by William Allen Hanawalt, Tacoma on Aug. 8, 2011 at 4:25 pm with 10 Comments »
August 9, 2011 9:34 am

Four months ago, a new coalition launched to bring community voices together for student success. Vibrant Schools Tacoma Coalition’s short-term goal is to focus on those areas of the Tacoma Public Schools/Tacoma Education Association’s Collective Bargaining Agreement that can lead to increasing student achievement and closing the achievement/opportunity gap.

The formula for success is known: a work environment that supports and encourages teachers’ professional growth, evaluations that recognize and support effective teaching, and a compensation system that attracts and retains great teachers. All will help our students achieve.

The path to success is more challenging. Trust and transparency are needed, because negotiations are a complicated matter, and today are made even more difficult in this budget climate. On behalf of our students, though, I urge the negotiating parties to adopt Vibrant Schools Tacoma’s platform, which is supported by the great majority of Tacoma residents and focuses on student success.

Our community must work together to provide the best education possible for all students.

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  1. I believe the consensus of opinion among the general population for hindering the educational process is the lack of participation of the parent(s) in preparing their children to enter school. School does not start when entering kindergarten. It starts with parents teaching their children their numbers and alphabet before kindergarten. Respect is taught at home. Parents need to sit down with the children and read to them. Parents need to make sure their children do their homework. Parents need to make sure the children are not distracted by social medium websites, electronic games and television. How in the world do you expect a teacher with thirty plus children in a class to be the parent to all these children? Your job is to make sure your children are ready, willing and receptive to learning. The vast majority of teachers are qualified and willing to do their part in the educational process.

    All I have heard from Vibrant Schools is low income people view education to be the responsibility of the schools and not the home. As a person who grew up in a working class blue collar family I’ve find these viewpoints to be defeatist. I’m glad my grandparents and parents did not ascribe to them. I passed on their values to my children, who are now well educated, respected and earn a decent living.

    Children learn by example and that starts at home.

  2. rosie12 says:

    The TEA will never allow a Student Centered Contract.

  3. truthbusterguy says:

    let teachers opt out of forced union dues to offset the paycuts the union brokered on their behalf.

    My wifs a teacher and sick of flushing your tax dollars down the drain giving her salary to the union dummies.

  4. rosie12 says:

    I agree with you truthbusterguy- I am sick of the TEA and the way they will excuse incompetence and make a principal’s life miserable is he/she is strong enough to try to evaluate a teacher out. I also do not appreciate TEA telling me how to vote and using my dues for lobbying efforts. The commercials they sponsored against Dino Rossi were lies and embarrassing. TEA does not have students interests in mind when they negotiate contracts.

  5. TSkidmore says:

    “Vibrant Schools” has a race agenda and is attempting to turn Tacoma Schools into that mess they have in Seattle. The problem is not race it is class. Poor white kids do just as badly as any poor kid. The capitalist system keeps minorities as the surplus army of the unemployed so they can be used when needed by the ruling class.

    As for the three nuts attacking the teachers union – you people have no idea what goes on in a classroom, how bad the administration of the Tacoma School District (Oh lo those poor principles!) is – why aren’t you concerned about the outrageous management salaries and the made up jobs filling up Central?

    Know what you are talking about!

  6. harleyrider1 says:

    Skidmore – why don’t you post those salaries and indentify which jobs in Central that you believe have no merit?

  7. blakeshouse says:

    Tacoma schools are a lost cause… From the top admin to the bottom janitor… Board corruption, the socialist agenda in the form of indoctrination camps, the unions who think they own the money in EVERYONES pocket. The idiots who continue to vote for these fools, the lack of charter schools. It really is no wonder we are in the shape we are now because of this crap over the last 25 yrs. Just imagine how much “better” it will be 25 yrs from now continuing the status quo

  8. T-B-G-
    You wife is not well informed about her union or she would know that their is a way to opt out of political contributions.

  9. I am so tired of the “symptom treating” mentality. The issue in education as well as our whole United States Society is catering to the least capable, least motivated, lowest in the gene pool individuals. Life is a competition, all aspects are competitive, spouses, business, health, etc. As long as we continue to adopt the “no child left behind” to the detriment of those that could excelling approach, and allowing children to dictate to adults how and when they will be addressed no matter what their actions of disrespect or nonconformance are, we will continue to be in this quagmire. Everything is management by least common denominator!

  10. TSkidmore says:

    Well, “Harley” start with any job connected to testing….just plain stupid…as for over paid administrators….pick a job – any job! Bureaucrats – none of them have anything to do with education.

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