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FARM LABOR: Time to legalize workers

Letter by Angela Yvonne Connelly, Tacoma on Aug. 5, 2011 at 10:26 am with 10 Comments »
August 5, 2011 12:51 pm

Kudos to The News Tribune’s wise opinion (editorial, 8-5) on the legalization of seasonal migration of farm labor. If we adopt this proposal, we all have so much to gain and, if not, so much to lose.

It reminds me of an analogy of heaven and hell. Both are an abundant feast laid before us. We are given utensils longer than our arms. In hell everyone chooses to feed themselves, and can’t, thereby starving. In heaven, everyone feeds each other and all are filled.

Let America’s bounteous crops be harvested by laborers ready and willing who will in turn be able to feed their families, all within the legal system.

Your recommendation is a win-win situation in this ugly, deadlocked debate. Let us, within the confines of the law, share the harvest.

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  1. stetsonwalker says:

    This makes a lot of sense, while we are at it we could solve another problem. If we simply legalized murder and sold permits to the ones that needed to kill someone, I think we could realize an immediate and real effect on the amount undocumented murderers!

  2. mathius says:

    Or here is a good idea. There are 7.2 million prison inmates in the untited states, of which 4.5 million are in for minor offenses. If the minor offenders worked the farms and were paid 7.00 dollars an hour 3.50 could be used to pay back there debt to society and the other 3.50 could be used by the inmate to save for when he got out or used to buy things while he is still in prison. The illegal immigrant problem would go away and housing prisoners would not be as expensive, and it would be done by american citizens. They would get a honest days work and be to tired at the end of the day to cause in prison problems. It also would take care of the whole “migrant workers do the jobs most people dont want thing” A win win win win.

  3. Right! All this will do is open the doors for every illegal to become leagal easier because they’ll just claim to be a farm worker even though they are not.

  4. ClamDigger says:

    Liberals are always too blinded by their progressive ideology to foresee any consequences of the programs they propose.

  5. larsman says:

    “Official” unemployment @ 9.2 % so Obama now wants to build a border fence…
    to keep the Illegals IN (can’t lose THOSE voters), however, Theresa Heinz-Kerry just built new HQ ketchup factory…in Mexico.
    Define irony.

    Previous 4 comments-AMEN!

  6. You guys kill me! Seasonal workers were allowed into this country decades ago to pick our fruit and veggies . This is not a new idea. Of course, the same people who complain about illegal farm workers enjoy cheap produce. And, the same people scream bloody murder, infringement of rights, blah, blah, privacy rights to any proposal to have a tamper proof national photo identification card. I’m sure big business would get their Republican buddies in congress to vote down any reasonable attempt to stop illegal hiring as too costly and hurt big business. In the mean time, why don’t you unemployed workers collecting 99 weeks of unemployment head out to the strawberry fields and apple orchards. You can follow the crops just like the undocumented workers.

  7. harleyrider1 says:

    We already have this in place. It’s called a work VISA.

    Back to the real problem: those that break the law. They are called illeglas because they are here illegally. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Rocket science?

    If the term offends you, because an “illegal” is here illegally, you must be offended because we call others criminals because they commit crime.

    Idiots. Spend blindly. You wouldn’t want to put people collecting welfare in the fields or on the farms would you? Nah, might be asking too much. We have lots of money. No need to ask for something in return.

  8. lawrencejprice says:

    Since some of us in this nation are hell bent on making sure our produce is only grown and produced in another country it might be helpful to make a note about how much a head of lettuce cost today. If you’re hell bent on getting rid of our farm workers, it means you have accepted the loss of our farms and orchards. Without these workers it’s all gone. They only produce you will see that is locally grown will be traded like gold. The lettuce you will get from another country will be cheap at $10.00 a head, even though it already wilting. All thanks to abject failure of congress to do the job they were elected to do.

  9. A321196 says:

    Stopping illegals will not get the crops picked-will it! Illegals pick our fruits and veggies because they are the only persons willing to do it. Oh, I forgot workers get paid based on productivity- so much for a flat of berries, etc. My wife did this in the Puyallup fields as a kid in the 1960’s. Again, if legally here citizens or documented workers did the work, then there would be no undocumented workers.

    Of course, why does anybody think it is a good idea to force people on welfare to work in the fields? Would they be productive? Issuing a limited number of legal entry permit to work the crops would solve the issue of workers in the field.

    Oh, please write your congressperson and demand the government crack down on employers hiring illegal workers. You already know the answer. The Democrats do not want to upset their constituency. The Republicans do not want to upset the business community because they would lose their source of cheap labor.

  10. aislander says:

    You’re free to share whatever part of YOUR harvest you wish to, Yvonne. That is called “charity.” FORCING others to share THEIR harvests–if they choose not to–is called “theft…”

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