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PIERCE COUNTY: Are Republicans afraid of party label?

Letter by Sharon L. Hodgins, Lake Tapps on July 25, 2011 at 2:23 pm with 14 Comments »
July 25, 2011 2:23 pm

Re: “Party labels could be removed” (TNT, 7-25).

In my opinion, Republicans are afraid of running as Republicans in Pierce County. After all, it was under our most recent Republican president who encouraged little government regulation of business, with the idea that business can do no wrong. Past County Council members have permitted some of the best farmland in our county to be asphalted over. Is that what we want to continue?

Political parties exist because they do stand for very different views on how to solve the overall problems of our society. Party labels give the voter a shorthand idea of what the candidate stands for.

Personally, I don’t want candidates hiding their view from me as a voter. Be transparent and own up to your beliefs.


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  1. tommy98466 says:

    The absence of a label is a good idea Sharon. This will force voters to look at the candidate and make a choice rather then just votinig for a Democrat “because they won’t hurt us.” Some folks just vote democrat regardless of their positions. At least this will make them think.

  2. NWflyfisher says:

    Sharon Hodgins: I’m inclined to believe that after the Obama, Pelosi & Reed experience these past several years its the Democrat Party that would desire to avoid party affiliation labels.

  3. LarryFine says:

    “Party labels could be removed” (TNT, 7-25).

    “The Republicans’ plan would continue a (democrat) trend toward removing party tags in local county governments. King County switched to a nonpartisan council and executive three years ago.”
    So were they afraid of running as democrats… Sharon? Heck, how long has the Tacoma City Council, Mayor, and City Manager enjoyed party anonimity???


  4. alindasue says:

    I’ve thought the partisan positions should have been limited long ago. Relying on the D or R next to a candidate’s name is the lazy way out. If we eliminate the party designations from the ballot, people just might have to do some research on the candidates to find out where they stand on issues prior to voting – which is what they should already be doing anyhow.

  5. alindasue says:

    Oops, I meant to type “eliminated” but spell-check corrected it to “limited”. The partisan labels on the positions should have been eliminated.

  6. Sharon – research the candidate before giving up your vote

  7. commoncents says:

    Eliminate party lables only if you eliminate party funding. Once you do that then you can clearly see exactly where the individual running for office stands…until then you’re still voting along party lines just making it a little more difficult to see.

  8. Republicans are scum. They have to lie and cheat to win. Thank God the average age of the republican today is 65.

  9. aislander says:

    Party labels matter, especially for national offices. A vote for an Adam Smith, for example, is a vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker. In such a circumstance, I could never vote for a Democrat candidate no matter how qualified, personable, and seemingly in agreement with me on the issues. His first vote (and arguably his most important one) would be for Speaker.

    Then there’s whole thing about lying down with dogs…lots of fleas THERE…

  10. aislander says:

    Should have read: “Then there’s that whole thing about lying down with dogs–lots of fleas THERE…”

  11. Roncella says:

    DARDNOS, Congrulations, Your post was short and to the point, a giant impovement for you, Amazing…….

    Sue1234, your feelings about Republicans seem extreme and unhealthy. Maybe add some sugar to your coffee this morning.

  12. Roncella says:

    KARDNOS, my occasional mis-spelling of your name is not intentional, its my lack of typing skills.

  13. alindasue says:

    aislander said, “Party labels matter, especially for national offices. ”

    We are talking about the city council her, not the House or Senate.

    However, being a person who refuses to vote by party myself, I would still take the effort to learn about how the candidates stand on issues. Even on a national level, that is more important than party affiliation – especially since there always seems to be someone who switches party affiliation mid-stream each year. Well, maybe not every year – but it happens enough that we can’t rely totally on that R or D to tell us which House or Senate leader our candidate is going to ultimately follow.

    It still comes down to doing your homework before marking your ballot. Be a properly informed voter.

  14. aislander says:

    These local offices are the incubators for future congressional candidates and national appointed positions. Do Locke, Kerlikowske, et al ring a bell? To me, its kind of like pouring oil on standing water to kill mosquito larvae. We have to stop ‘em here…

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