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JOBS: Those millionaires aren’t coming through

Letter by Michael R. Dean, Puyallup on July 20, 2011 at 2:35 pm with 68 Comments »
July 20, 2011 2:35 pm

Isn’t it a riot that the Republicans refuse a realistic increase of taxes for millionaires because they say it will prevent job creation?

How many millionaire congressmen have created jobs with their millions?

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  1. tree_guy says:

    High income taxes are just one barrier to job creation.

    There are many other barriers. Here are some: low demand for goods or services, high capital gains taxes, high minimum wage rates, high workers compensation rates, high unemployment insurance premiums, proposed Obamacare health premiums or penalties, proposed mandates on sick leave, holiday pay, and vacation pay.

    Rather than blaming the congress, how about asking the President why he has withheld BOLD action on employment issues?

  2. menopaws says:

    They said the Bush tax cuts would spur employment—-the lowest number of jobs EVER created in this country’s history (3 million) was in the decade of Bush’s Presidency………..Every other decade, even with other recessions and inflation etc.—it was between 20 and 30 million jobs…….the Republicans claim to be sharp on fiscal matters, but even my stockbroker says it’s a myth. He told me the market, historically ALWAYS goes down when a Republican is in the White House…………Said when he did the research it surprised him too–but, it is another fact………They have a good con job going, but don’t produce results. Bush, with two unfunded wars and his tax cut, drove this economy into a very deep ditch. Blaming Obama is refusing to accept reality. It is going to take at least 5 years to climb out of this hole…..longer if we don’t raise revenue sources……..Americans overbought on their homes, cars, credit cards….and need to accept those days are gone………Unregulated capitalism is what gave us the Depression (another Republican in office) and this recession……….Putting the brakes on spending is one area where the Republicans are correct–but they weren’t in a big hurry to do that when Bush was sending over his “magic” budgets, with no war costs…….so, trusting them is like doing the same dumb thing over and over and expecting to get a different result………..Sorry—they can rant and rave and blame this on Obama–but even the polls suggest that Americans aren’t buying it………This time the memory is sharp and we remember those banks on the verge of failure in October of 2008……..Obama was a candidate then—The Republicans can run, but this time, they can’t hide…………Those banks were days away from closing their doors……..

  3. How about we blam the mega corps who would rather create jobs in countries that don’t really like the US rather than here where the jobs would help the US?

  4. I f we just give the top a little bit more money, just a tiny bit more, then….it will start to trickle down like mana from heaven!
    Saint ronnie said so!

  5. tree_guy says:

    xring@ Once again you blam (sic) corporate America for low job creation. But America is the land of opportunity. How many jobs have you created, or is that somebody elses responsibility? Start a company, give a bunch of unemployed people the family wage jobs they need and show those corporate types how it’s done.

    “don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain” Henry Ford

  6. “Rather than blaming the congress, how about asking the President why he has withheld BOLD action on employment issues?”

    Blame Congress because they ran ona platform of “jobs, jobs, jobs” remeber?
    Don’t blame the President because he doesn’t pass legislation, Congress does.

    Ask this question instead, “where are the jobs mister speaker!?”

  7. LarryFine says:

    It takes longer than a few months to turn around what Nancy & Harry started when they took the purse strings 4 years ago. Top that off with 3 years of Bo and here we are.

  8. LarryFine says:

    That’s what I’m sayin’, blame congress ;)

  9. 30 years of the GOP’s failed trickle down, 8 long years of bush the failure and ‘here we are’.

  10. tree_guy says:

    How you call yourself informed when it’s clear you don’t even know how your own system of Govt works? xtp

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2011/07/20/where-are-the-jobs/#ixzz1Sh0HKsWH

    You’re more misinformed than me! The republicans are not the majority party in Washington, they’re merely the majority party in the house of representatives. They cannot pass any legislation themselves. Hope this clears up some of the questions you obviously have with the American system of government.

  11. More right wing dribble! The goal of any business is maximize profits. The only way to maximize profits is to shift any and all costs to the citizens. Just look at the social programs that are necessary because corporations have shed any responsibility to provide adequate wages and benefits to their employees. When the government assumes the cost of providing these necessities through taxes, these ‘job’ creators complain. Most of the current day ‘job creators’ are looking for serfs willing to live around the manor.

  12. tree_guy says:

    “Most of the current day ‘job creators’ are looking for serfs willing to live around the manor”. A321196

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2011/07/20/where-are-the-jobs/#ixzz1ShGhKt00

    Nobody is stopping you or any other liberal minded person from setting up a business that pays wonderful wages and serving as an example for all the greedy business owners. Sounds like you yourself aren’t a “job creater” just a “complaint creator.”

    Footnote: the word you’re looking for is ‘drivel’ not ‘dribble’

  13. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    The only people to get their taxes raised are the 50% of THE SLUGS THAT DON’T PAY ANY INCOME TAX!

    The rich already pay enough. Read your history books. It wasn’t long ago when everyone paid some income tax. We all need to have skin in the game. We have too many takers and not enough contributors.

  14. “tree_guy says:
    July 20, 2011 at 2:53 pm
    High income taxes are just one barrier to job creation.”

    So the lowest taxes in 50 years isn’t going to be enough??????

    Let’s give the wealthy more breaks until we have no more breaks to give.

  15. T_G,
    Typical right wing response back at you – How many jobs have you created with your tax breaks.

    Marx and Engels predicted that capitalist always stab their homeland in and workers in the back by moving factories and jobs to other countries with cheaper labor.

    Name one bill the part time hose has considered, let alone passed, that have to do with job creation IN THIS COUNTRY?

    FDR told Americans that;
    Taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized nation,
    Governments (at all levels) have been called upon to do more.
    The America way is to asses taxes based on the ability to pay. and
    If you don’t like the way you are being taxed in the USA – fell free to move to another country.

    Those slugs who don’t pay income tax earn less that $50,000 per year.
    In Washington State the living wage for a family of 4 is $54,000 per year.
    My history book tells me the last time those poor over taxed millionaires had a lower top marginal rate was 1988 – 1992. (88 – 89 = 28%, 90 – 92 = 31%).

    Top income tax rates:
    1913 – 7$, 1920 – 73%, 1930 – 25%, 1940 – 81%, 1950 – 91%,1960 – 91%, 1970 – 71.75%, 1980 – 70%, 1990 – 31%, 2000 – 39.6%, 2010 – 35%.

    Sidebar: WWI 1917-1919, WWII 1941-1945, Korean War 1950-1954, Viet Nam War 1964 – 1975, Iraq/Afganistan 2001 – ????.

    Note: War, except Iraq/Afganistan, = high tax rates.

  16. correction: top rate 1913 = 7%.

  17. tree_guy says:

    So the lowest taxes in 50 years isn’t going to be enough??????Kardnos

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2011/07/20/where-are-the-jobs/#ixzz1SiV7fReZ

    Well Kardnos the unemployment rate is 9.2% and has been for 30 months so I guess the current tax rates are not going to create a wave of new employment. Apparently the Democrats don’t mind losing the other house of Congress and the White House in the next election while they twiddle their thumbs. Better to demonize the Republicans and pit the classes against each other than actually propose anything constructive.

  18. madmike272 says:

    Well xring, since you love socialism soooo much, wht are you still here? I understand that Hugo Chaves is looking for a few good commies!

  19. concernedtacoma7 says:

    As the federal rate has declined, how much have states, counties, and cities taken from taxpayers? Nevermind the rich, everybody who pays for a good or service or owns a house?

    The percentage paid by the top income earners has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. The percentage paid by the bottom half of earners is now actually negative. Half of americans! That is ok to the left?

    By the way xring, your tax chart shows how in the 80’s and 90’s declining tax rates led to the greatest economic expansion in our nation’s history.

  20. It wasn’t long ago when everyone paid some income tax.

    Really? When was that? Please cite your source.

    Not holding my breath though……you just made that up.

  21. harleyrider1 says:

    Always interesting to read how many Americans do not understand what branch of government proposes the laws, writes the laws, and has the greatest control over our economy.

    The Presidents? Sorry voters and blog-fighteres that turn on people that do not support your guy. Presidents lead. For good or bad, they are supposed to unite America. Occassionally we get the President that is so decisive he forgets his mandate and that one common thread – unite. Keep us together.

    When you look at the spend, spend, spend until we are finally out of money, you need to ask the American people at what time (“when”) they were ready to tighten the spending. So what point in recent history did you tell/demand Congress to stop? And who did you vote in to replace the Congressman or woman who ignored your demand to stop spending?

    You see, Congress is the entity that really does affect America in everything it does. But might you have played a role in the current failure?

  22. stetsonwalker says:

    The problem is that the democrats extend the “tax cuts” for a year or so and keep threatening to increase them, you cannot plan a future to build up a company to hire people!

  23. The GOP is now nothing but a cult for rich white men. They put their cult’s dogma/ideology BEFORE the health of our country. What is really nasty is these sick deluded people really believe they represent the real America.

  24. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Sue, you have one talking point. Please go spread your fear and BS elsewhere.

    Look back at 2010. How many rich white men can possibly vote? The GOP represents those that contribute to society and this nation. Those that prefer work to a government handout. Those that believe in family. They do not hate the rich. In fact, you can say that they recognize that the desire to be rich is the greatest innovation tool this country has. They are not sexist like the left.

  25. Roncella says:

    Sue1234 and other libs who post here don’t have a clue about what makes Business grow and expand and hire more folks for work.

    They want all of us to give and give to the State and Federal and city Governments more and more, so they can take all those dollars and pass them back to all the Liberal Bunko schemes and social programing and continue to take from the Producers and tax payers and give to the non-producers.

  26. Roncella says:

    sue1234, Apparently you were in la la land when the Tea Party movement helped to elect 64 new Republican Congressmen and many new Republican Governors, and change the face of many State houses throughout the Country.

    These Tea Party folks represented folks of all races and income levels that are a true representation of the America Public, and are actually folks who pay their taxes and Love America.

  27. In an effort to prove treeguy knows how his Govt works, he demonstrated that he really doesn’t have a clue how it works at all.

    I used to feel sorry for the far right morons out there, I don’t anymore, they did this to themselves and they have to power to pull themselves up and out of the sewer.
    Only they can do it if they choose.

  28. “The GOP represents those that contribute to society and this nation.”

    Another pant load from the far right!

  29. “your tax chart shows how in the 80’s and 90’s declining tax rates led to the greatest economic expansion in our nation’s history.”

    No it doesn’t, your GOP lies are not fooling anyone other than the far right morons.

  30. “They want all of us to give and give to the State and Federal and city Governments”

    I know, the calls from the far right to tax the poor, you know that mythical 47% you all hate so much, is just sicking isn’t it roncella?
    The way the rightwing wants to make people pay and pay and pay………unless they can afford it of course, those people should not have to pay anything at all.
    They live in the big house and we don’t want to make massa mad now do we?
    No sir, we all bess just learn our place and stay in our place, if the owners wan’n us to have something, well then we git it, if’n not, then we’s don’t git it.
    Dats the ways it is.

  31. “Well Kardnos the unemployment rate is 9.2% and has been for 30 months so I guess the current tax rates are not going to create a wave of new employment.”

    So…there is no sense in extending tax breaks for the rich on the basis of job creation. That lie isn’t working.

    Let’s tax the rich, cut military spending and make funding available through government loans for small business entrepenuers, as long as they hire legal American workers.

  32. Concerned,
    For the forty-eleventh time – 47% of Americans pay no income tax because they do not earn enough. They still have to pay all other taxes (sells, property, etc) just like you and I.

    With tax rates at a near all time low, and enough tax loopholes to make Swiss cheese look like the Maginot Line – the top 2 percent must really have some humongous incomes.

    The Bush tax cuts were in place for 10 years and less only about 1.1 million private sector jobs were created during the Bush years.

    So far under Obama there have been 3.3 million private sector jobs created.


  33. What can you say when the conservative National Review stipulates that Obama’s administration has seen three times as much job growth as Bush’s did?

    Michael Steele – “The government doesn’t create jobs”

  34. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Did either of you click on the link?

    “During the Bush presidency, net total employment went up by 1.08 million jobs. So far, during the Obama presidency, total employment has been reduced by 3.3 million jobs.”

    “up” and “reduced” are the key words here.

    From the comment section, explains it in kard and xring terms “I’ll make it simple. The US economy loses 20 apples. Then President Obama creates 4 apples.

    So we have a net loss of 16 apples. But Obama rightfully takes credit for creating 4 apples, because it’s better to be down 16 apples than 20.”

    Those apples happened to cost $250k each.

  35. I’ll fess up. No, I didn’t click the link. I was responding to xring’s comment.

    Now that I’ve looked at the link, that’s more of what I’d expect from the National Review.

  36. Concerned – speaking of the link, you might want to read the comments to the story and see how many people called the National Review on their BS for manipulation of the numbers (complete with their homemade chart).

    This was my favorite comment (I’m wondering if Roncella is an NR reader) –

    “bush tried harder then obama to creat jobs. obama does is go around diferant states and pretend he is helping jobs. he is always in running for president mode. dont he know he is already president.”

  37. We know that under Obama jobs have been created, under bush the failure millions and millions of jobs were lost and our natinal debt went through the roof.

    The national review wouldn’t know a fact if it bit them on the you know what and they have never once printed anyting that was even close to the truth.

  38. The problem is that the democrats extend the “tax cuts” for a year or so and keep threatening to increase them, you cannot plan a future to build up a company to hire people!

    RECORD PROFITS during this period of (oooh, ooh) “uncertainty”. Perhaps the real reason is that they can make RECORD PROFITS by outsourcing jobs (something enthusiastically promoted by the previous Administration and the US Chamber of Commerce and a whole bunch of other “conservative” interests).

  39. BlaineCGarver says:

    Are you better off now, than four years ago? No.

  40. The top rate for the federal Individual Income Tax was 91 percent in 1963. In 1965 Congress lowered the top rate to 70 percent. Reagan charmed Congress into lowering the top rate to 50 percent in 1982, and again scored in 1988, when the top rate went to 28 percent. In 1991 Bush the elder pushed the top rate back up to 31 percent, and in 1993 under Clinton the rate went to 39.6 percent. W. sent the top rate back down to 35 percent in 2003, where it has since remained.

    The “effective” tax rate, however, tells a different story.

    Based on IRS data updated October 2010, for the “Top 5%”, the effective rate averaged 12.44. The effective tax rate for taxpayers in the lowest 50% who paid income taxes was 18.6% and for all people who filed a return was 12.24%

    These are the lowest rates in history for all tax payers.

  41. concerned,
    Read the next line”

    Under Bush, private employment SHRANK by 673,000 jobs, federal employment GREW by 50,000 jobs, and government employment GREW by 1,753,000 jobs.

    In other words under the Bush tax cuts the private sector LOST jobs while government got LARGER.

    So much for tax cuts create jobs.

    So are you saying that its better to lose 20 jobs than to lose 16?

    Bush tried hard to create so many government jobs because he had so many supporters to pay back.

  42. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Xring, your original point was so far from accurate you are now grasping at straws.

    Thanks for the link, though.

  43. My link still supports the point that tax cuts do not mean more jobs in this country.

  44. “Are you better off now, than four years ago?”

    I’m about where I was 4 years ago, in fact we all are.
    Because of the rightwing we are all earning a bit less than our parents did.
    If any of us are worse off today than 4 years ago, it’s the fault of the right, not the President.
    Nice try though.

  45. tree_guy says:

    Liberals have the same opportunity and responsibility for supplying the family wage jobs to the unemployed Americans that other groups have. I would think they would have a higher motivation than either the Republicans or the Tea party because they would like to show high employment levels for their President.

    Alas, most of the liberals seem to be content to condemn everyone else for the unemployment problem. Anyone who fails to hire someone else or votes to make it harder for someone else to make a hiring decision is part of the problem.

  46. Roncella says:

    Liberal dems. just parrot President Obamas lame excuses for the messed up economy he has created in the past 3 years. Obama had some help from Reid and Pelosi and dems in the Congress some of his cabinet members he appointed to help fix the economy. Oh Yea.

    Now Obama goes on T.V. and campaigns around the Country blaming Bush, Republicans, Tea Party Folks, Conservatives and anyone else he can for the millions out of work and the terrible economy he himself help to Creat.

    Its the Blame game for Obama thats all he has to run on for 4 more years . He can’t run his campaign on his accomplishments he has little to none he can point to and take credit for.

    One of the very few accomplishments I could credit to Obama, is the killing order on bin laden.

  47. Roncella,
    The GOP is running on:

    I’m not Obama

    We need to return to Voodue economics

    We don’t need jobs in this country

    The poor and elderly are destroying our country.

    We must give more to the rich and less to the poor to save overseas jobs,

  48. Are you better off now, than four years ago? No.

    Actually Blaine….yes, I am.

  49. B_C_G,
    The real question should be “With corporations reporting record profits, some of the lowest tax rates in history, and a loophole riddled tax code – why is our economy not booming like St Ronnie and his apostle W. told us it would be?”

  50. LarryFine says:

    … because we have a president presiding over record debt and deficit that is totally clueless or intent on “fundamentally changing America”.

  51. “tree_guy says:
    July 21, 2011 at 3:02 pm
    Alas, most of the liberals seem to be content to condemn everyone else for the unemployment problem.”

    False statement. Liberals are just not peddling the manure about tax cuts providing jobs.

  52. L_F,
    And where did that record debt and deficit come form?

    Certainly not form the runaway spending, tax cuts,
    and borrowing of the Bush years?

    After all Bush and friends were only practicing St Ronnie’s Laws:
    Tax cuts stimulate the economy,
    Government Regulations are bad, and
    Debt and deficits don’t matter.

  53. concernedtacoma7 says:

    I already posted where the debt burden came from. Both parties are to blame. One can also blame Keynes. Politicians do not have the fortitude to drastically cut govt in good times.

    While prior to 2008, the debt was a shared nightmare. Since then the dems own it, and are out of control. Republicans are trying to slow the madness and you (xring and the left) call them extremists and spread fear of grandma getting pushed over a cliff. You cannot have it both ways- blame the republicans for the debt then cry when they try to address the issue.

  54. Republicans are trying to slow the madness

    By cutting programs with (relatively) miniscule budgets like the Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, Planned Parenthood and by insisting that Social Security benefits be cut (which really is not the problem) while campaigning for deeper tax cuts for the upper brackets and increasing military’s already huge budget.

  55. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Bb- I do not agree with the Republicans stance on planned parenthood, so no argument from me there. It is actually a good investment for our society (vs the long term costs of unwanted children). The arts? They deserve public money? Explain that one for me. Maybe local or state funding, but support for the arts in not in constitution.

    And I have heard anyone calling do additional cuts or asking for an increases military budget. Where are you getting that from?

  56. Tom Coburn has been one of the few Republicans to call for cuts to defense spending, and even his goals are modest. He does not want to cut actual levels of military troops or other real costs, he is going after cleaning up contracting issues ( the types of cuts that are very unpopular with his fellow Republicans or Democrats because they provide support to their constituents), and he has not been successful.

    In the Ryan budget, in order to meet the artificial $100 billion in cuts, Republicans added $19 billion in mainly undefined “security” expenditures to the $81 billion in non-security. Most of those security cuts, they said, could be realized by privatizing airport inspections and much of Homeland security front line activities.

  57. Concerned,
    The FY-11 budget continued spending at the FY-10 levels.

    The FY-12 budget (if the part time house ever passes it) is expected to cut most government agencies by at least 10%.

    Government Funding for the Arts – Many of the Great Masters of Art, Music, and Architecture were funded by Governments and or The Church.

    Republicans May Fight Obama’s $671 Billion 2012 Defense Budget in Congress

    The Obama administration’s $671 billion defense budget for fiscal 2012, which is $37 billion less than the current year’s request, may set up a fight in Congress with senior lawmakers opposed to such a reduction.


    The Ryan budget increases “security” spending.
    As it obliterates spending to protect the health and welfare of seniors, children and working families, the House budget exempts security spending, including military spending, from the cap on discretionary spending. Instead, it provides funding growth each year for the next decade, adding a total of $214 billion in additional military funding. (National Priorities Project, 4/6/11)


  58. stetsonwalker says:

    Are you better off now, than four years ago?
    4 years ago I had 2 jobs, now I have none! Cannot find one either… just sign me a very qualified automotive tech!

  59. LarryFine says:

    Obama and his congress… duh.

  60. LarryFine says:

    beerBoy says:
    July 21, 2011 at 6:42 pm
    Are you better off now, than four years ago? No.

    Actually Blaine….yes, I am.
    Tell us again why you moved to Idaho…

  61. Roncella says:

    stetsonwalker, your question “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago should be the Republicans Theme in the up coming elections.

    Millions and millions of folks have either lost their jobs or are working less hours.

    The unemployment figure grows higher and higer currently at 9.2% and according to the latest data will go even higher in the coming weeks.

    Stetsonwalker, you have it exactly right, all you Obama/Reid/Pelosi supporters, ask your self this question, ” Are you and your Family and your Friends better off than you were 4 years ago “???????

    Answer, Heck No, Its the Economy Stupid !!!

  62. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Well over 40 and I still haven’t gotten a job from a poor person.

    Been parasited off of by them my who working life though. Odd, worked pretty much steady since my teen years. How come I can do it and the slackers can’t?

  63. “WarmNfuzziOne says:
    July 23, 2011 at 9:23 am
    Well over 40 and I still haven’t gotten a job from a poor person.”

    Now, tell us about the small businesspersons that have provided jobs that pay themselves a middle class salary so that they can have a good workforce. Have you worked for one of them?

    Tell us how accepting billions of dollars in taxpayer money has subsidies to your company that is already the wealthiest in the world is not being a parasite.

  64. “LarryFine says:
    July 23, 2011 at 7:23 am
    beerBoy says:
    July 21, 2011 at 6:42 pm
    Are you better off now, than four years ago? No.

    Actually Blaine….yes, I am.
    Tell us again why you moved to Idaho…”

    Is Idaho a sign that a person is not doing well??????? Someone needs to tell all those wealthy people with their skiing lodges

  65. Roncella….as a retired person on Social Security/pension, please tell us what unemployment has to do with you. Are you worried about the rest of us that are still part of the workforce? If so, maybe you can come up with a reason why the majority of unemployed from the ages of 50 to 62….


  66. menopaws says:

    Actually, Roncella, we are better off than 4 years ago……..Americans learned a tough lesson…..Don’t use your home as a giant ATM card, don’t run up your credit cards, pay your bills, try saving instead of just spending. Learning curve to be sure–but those banks weren’t failing on Obama’s watch, were they? Time we learned to behave like adults and not spend more than we can afford………All the whining about taxes is the same old argument—but, government needs to climb out of it’s hole and it can’t be done by spending cuts alone…….You need more revenue and spending cuts together……..Scream all you want, but Bush never paid for those wars and rolled the mess over for someone else to deal with……And, we should deal with it……I watched a Republican, Alan Simpson, criticizing the Tea Party people for signing the “no taxes” pledge with Grover Norquist………He said” How can you commit to something like that forever? Situations change and America’s needs change. To sign a pledge etched in stone forever denies America what it might truly need in the future. It is not patriotism–it is childish and foolish” The tea party is the WORST thing that has happened to America. Many Republicans truly regret embracing them because they don’t understand how to govern and don’t understand basic economics…….EVERYONE has to pitch in to fix this. Reality bites, but ignoring this any longer will send this economy down the sewer. Time to quit behaving like Peter Pan—“Never land” isn’t real—-our situation is.

  67. Roncella says:

    menopaws, your preaching to the wrong person. Your advice about all of us being in this mess together is true. Your statement everyone has to pinch in to fix this, is also very true.

    The point is its President Obama that needs to heed your advice, and soon, before he causes the Country to default and futher recks a very weak economy more then he and Pelosi and Reed have already done.

  68. I see menopaws still hasn’t discovered the return/enter key on the keyboard yet. A fine example of our education system. Or maybe senility has struck and the location was forgotten.

    Anticipating Kard’s response: No, it is not related to the subject of the letter.

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