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CASEY ANTHONY: Like it or not, the system worked

Letter by Larry Vevig, Lakewood on July 18, 2011 at 9:54 am with 8 Comments »
July 18, 2011 12:25 pm

I am so tired of hearing about the Casey Anthony trial and that it was such a travesty of justice. Twelve people were tasked to determine this woman’s guilt or innocence. These 12 people are the only ones who really had all the information available in this case.

These 12 people came to a verdict based on the evidence presented. Not what was in the media, not the rantings of some television lawyer interested in ratings. Does anyone really think that the media gave us all the actual facts in the case in a clear and unbiased manner?

We have a system in this country. Both sides present their evidence to the best of their abilities and make their arguments for guilt or innocence. Then a hopefully unbiased jury makes a decision based on those arguments and evidence. You might not like the decision but you were not in that courtroom and you did not have access to all the information they did.

Let us assume for a moment that Anthony was convicted and then five or 10 years down the road, evidence was presented that proved she was innocent. Would there be as much of an uproar in the media and the public about how she was convicted unjustly and how the system failed so miserably?

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  1. There was no determinate cause of death, therefore how can you prove motive or murder? I agree with you Mr. Vevig. I may not like the verdict, and I may feel that she is guilty but I also feel better knowing that the justice system worked. If you want to be angry at somebody, be angry at the flimsy case presented by the prosecutor.

  2. Roncella says:

    larry, The majority of the folks that are upset with the verdict are upset with one Main fact involving this trial.

    How does a parent not report a missing Baby to the Police in a matter of hours and not wait over a Month to report her Baby missing, How and Why ???

  3. stetsonwalker says:

    Here is my 2 cents worth, the jury had the facts only as presented. For a logical reason they were not allowed to read newspapers or watch talking heads on TV relative to the case. They had as Joe Friday used to say just the facts. I am certain they weighed the facts and there was reasonable doubt that the prosecution proved guilt. I am glad in this country that reasonable doubt can render a not guilty verdict! I would not want to be prosecuted under laws that only had to prove I am more than likely guilty!

  4. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Larry, admit it…you found her sorta hot in those clubbing photos, didn’t you?

  5. alindasue says:

    I’m just glad that the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” is still alive and well in our courts. I was beginning to worry…

  6. menopaws says:

    The system worked. Trial by Nancy Grace and the the rest of the media is not what our judicial system is about. The jury found reasonable doubt in the case presented by the prosecution. We should not just respect that–we should celebrate it.! What happened to that child was just terrible. It’s very hard to walk away from that horror. but, we built a system that says innocent until proven guilty. They couldn’t prove it. Celebrate our jury system for not letting emotion and media hype color their judgment……..Now, we need to walk away and let karma wait for it’s moment……

  7. Roncella says:

    menopaws, How about that poor baby, how did she die, when did she die, why did she die, why didn’t her mother report her missing for almost a month, all questions without any honest answers. The system worked but what a travesty of justice.

  8. menopaws says:

    Roncella–I absolutely agree with you……..But, I meant what I said about the system working. I also believe karma will find the right moment to exact some revenge. I don’t believe you ever get to walk away from doing bad things………I believe that sooner or later–karma will see that the scales of goodness stay in balance. My faith is in the fact that over the long haul, life is not kind to you when you are evil or violent………Hang in there. That sweet little girl will be avenged.

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