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FIREWORKS: Animals annually terrorized

Letter by Lyle Laws, Puyallup on July 15, 2011 at 1:58 pm with 56 Comments »
July 15, 2011 1:59 pm

Re: the letter writer who claimed that people who complain about fireworks are just whiners (TNT, 7-13).

I have come to dread what was once one of my favorite holidays because every year the bombardment lasts longer and the explosions are louder.

An editorial (7-6) pointed out that M80s are used by the military to simulate artillery fire. Although the blasts don’t bother me that much, they terrorize family pets, birds and other wildlife; that does bother me.

Pets and wildlife animals don’t know that those loud booms are not going to kill them. They are no less terrified than the letter writer would be if he and his family had to live in the middle of an artillery battle for a week or two every year.

So count me in as a whiner if that means that I feel sorry for the defenseless animals that have to live in fear every year at this time.

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  1. Look out, Lyle…..I agree with ya on this one.

    Are you becoming a “librul”?

  2. ItalianSpring says:

    Ok Lyle. I’ll count you in.

  3. Roncella says:

    lyle, I suggest you write to Governor Gregoire and the other dems. in Olympia. They get thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to run for re-election and elecion both from the Indian tribles who sell most all the fireworks sold in Washington State.

    Follow the Money Lyle, you will almost always get to the root of the problem.

  4. Roncella……we missed your comments on the Social Security thread. Oh well.

    Say…..who do you think spends 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars on Indian fireworks? Gregroire???????

    Since Gregoire handily whipped ReRun Rossi in 2008, maybe the message is that the majority of people don’t care about animals and they want to make sure that the Indians have the right to sell nukes, thus they voted for Gov Chris.

  5. Oh dang it. Roncella’s assertion was false again…

    “Rossi said the money the tribes gave to the Democratic Party has been “laundered” into Gregoire’s campaign, in exchange for a large expansion of gambling.” – (Seattle PI coverage of debate)

    Nice campaign rhetoric, ReRun, but you might want to have some proof of those kinds of allegations before shooting your mouth off. It looks like it backfired.

  6. Roncella says:

    KARDNOS, I agree about one point about Rossi. He was a good and decent person who sincerely wanted to help all the citizens of Washington State, after the mess Gregoire and the dems. in Olympia have made.

    The point I agree with you on is that Rossi could have used some of those Indian fireworks to get his campaign moving and get him more agressive about beating Gregoire the second time he had the chance to.

  7. Roncella….

    A good and decent person that puts on seminars about purchasing foreclosure properties for profit.

    Sort of like a vulture.

    ReRun Rossi couldn’t beat Patty Murray with Karl Rove’s money machine.

  8. puyallupmutt says:

    Only one of the current seven Puyallup Council members has been for curtailing the law allowing fireworks in Puyallup. That member was Don Malloy. Now he is leaving. Some of the others are firmly in the pockets of the Puyallup Tribe who make gazillions of dollars from the sales. Particularly Kathy Turner.

    The absurdity is, any ordinance they pass takes 12 months to come into effect. What they means is those who complain on July 5 would not affect the annual bombardment for 2 seasons (years). So they dont do a thing about it.

    Tribal power and money in the pockets and campaign war chests for Turner et al. The most corrupt politician in Pierce County for 2 long decades. Thanks Kathy.

  9. salodave66 says:

    How about a big fireworks tax so those of us that have pets can see a vet for free to get the pills for our pets to relax for the two weeks of firework noise????

  10. bullman120 says:

    hey i don’t mind the neighbors getting drunk and acting like idiots, i just wish they would get drunk earlier and pass out earlier. midnight is late enough on a work night thank you.

  11. Misunderestimated says:

    You can’t possibly blame Gregoire over these illegal fireworks.
    Most of the idiots posting support for the illegal fireworks here include BlaineGarver and many other of the extreme right loons who I would imagine are solidly in Rossi’s camp.
    Sometimes all you need to do is look at who is presenting the “F**K everyone else, I will break the law if I feel like it mentality,” then try to keep from rolling on the floor when these same idiots start whining about the anarchists…

  12. Objective says:

    LOL!!!!!!! This letter to the editor is hilarious.

  13. pazzo242 says:

    If your animals freak out then it is YOUR responsibility to take them somewhere they won’t freak out or get some “doggie downers” for them to assist them in this once a year celebration. Quit trying to pea on eveyone’s parade.

  14. madmike272 says:

    I am sooo glad I no longer live in the leftist toilet known as the Pathetic Left coast! Crybabies and whiners, all of you!

  15. pazzo242 says:

    Madmike–you so right but please don’t paint us all withthat same brush. Look at a map from the last presidental election. As an example the Puget Sound went Democrat but the entire rest of the state went Republican. The problem is because the Puget Sound is so populated it drowns out the voice of the rest of the state. We all know if it isn’t from Seattle here, it just doesn’t matter. I believe California is the same: more conservatives outside the big cities–as for Oregon, well that’s a different story.

  16. Let me guess how many of the folks blaming the Indians for selling fireworks rather than the customers using the fireworks irresponsibly with complete disregard for their neighbors are also rah-rah Free Market, no-regulation, Party of Individual Responsibility types…..

  17. nwcolorist says:

    The fireworks happen every year without fail. Mr. Laws has plenty of time to make adequate arrangements for his pets.

    If you know about a potential problem, but do nothing about it, does that make you a part of the problem?

  18. dbreneman says:

    The Declaration of Independence, ratified on July 4, 1776, says that “To secure [our] rights, governments are instituted amongst men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” If animals feel that their rights are being violated by the use of fireworks, maybe they should form their own government and establish a nation of no fireworks to which all skittish animals can come and live in peace and brotherhood and no fireworks.

    I’m just sayin’…

  19. It’s sad enough that folks like dbrenemam don’t care if family pets and wildlife are terrorized but go even farther by rubbing salt in the wound by attempting to making a joke out of the situation. That’s sick

  20. Beerboy,

    According to your logic, even though Iran supplies weapons to those who are killing our troops Iran shouldn’t be responsible because they are not actually planting the roadside bombs or conducting the suicide missions. Really?

  21. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Lyle has a few problems in different areas.

    It’s not right to slam him regarding this issue. He’s just voicing his concern over animals response to fireworks.

  22. Move to Afghanistan or Iraq….

  23. Objective says:

    Lyle values his pets more than the troops.

    Warm- Laws should have thought about the possibility of getting slammed, when he wrote to the editor. He is fair game, just as anyone of us writing comments here.

  24. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    But dude, with some people, it’s not kind to be mean to them, if you get my drift…com’on man, be cool, when you got the upper hand, let it go.

  25. Objective says:

    Warm- I agree it not kind to be mean to some people. I do believe if some people are going to go public and write to the editor, they need be ready for criticism. Personally I like the idea of somebody speaking up, even if they may hurt my feelings. At least that person had enough backbone to speak up and say it. Thanks for the reply.

  26. objective, Six members of my family served in the milatary during tme of war. Did you?

  27. Objective says:

    still serving with 21+ years

  28. qballrail says:

    First of all, fireworks are strictly illegal in Tacoma. Secondly, I cannot believe the insensitivity I’m reading on this column! Pet owners are not whining, it’s a documented issue that really does cause pain and anxiety in animals. Nobody is shirking their responsibility, it’s just that we’re asking for consideration, namely to stop firing these infernal things off at all hours of the night and throughout the week! It’s not only disturbing to our pets, but we have to deal with the stressed out pooch AND listen to the noise ourselves. Any responsible pet owner is going to take reasonable precautions but there is no reason anyone should be forced out of their home even for one night so people can get their jollys from loud cracks, bangs, & pops. Quite frankly, there are enough organizations putting on displays for the public to enjoy, in public places. If anyone is stupid enough to take their pet to one of these events, well, they’re not suited to have a pet! There really is no reason to be public nuisances and annoyances in your neighborhood, since there are public events. Animals have more sensitive hearing than people do, so there is something to be considered. How would you like it if someone fired a .38 cal pistol right next to your head? That is basically the affect it has on dogs.

    It’s really disgraceful the lack of consideration people have for one another these days. Having due consideration for your neighbors is not too much to ask. Okay, if you must have your fun with fireworks, then that IS what July 4 is for (not what it’s about though, it seems people lose sight of exactly what we’re celebrating and just use it as an excuse to be annoying), but not July 5th, 6th, 7th… nor should we be expected to endure them after midnight. The “celebration” did not stop in our neighborhood til after 4am! That’s downright inconsiderate!

  29. pazzo242 says:

    Q-ball–no one is saying we don’t care about your pets, we are saying we all know; good and well that the 4th of July will arrive with a huge bang. We all know that some pets get bothered by the American tradition of celebrating that holiday with fireworks–so with that all said wouldn’t it be prudent to make the necessary adjustments for your pets.

    I have a dog that also gets nervous but I give her a tranquilizer so she sleeps through the entire thing. It’s the best thing for her and me, so I too can enjoy the holiday.

    All the complaining and laws in the world will NOT stop this tradition and anyone who doesn’t take the proper steps to protect their animals are negligent.

    So why not complain about the fireworks on the waterfront? I am sure the pets get terrorized over that display as well. Laws, why aren’t you at the city council meetings, like you always do, giving them your piece of mind about that display? This is why I see this no fireworks law hypocritical. The city says as citizens you can’t fire them off but as the city we can fire off a massive display. Double standard.

  30. lyle – Well……as long as you brought it up……..the US and Israel are far more active in supplying weaponry throughout the world than Iran ever could be….

  31. also Lyle…..how does that fit with the whole NRA “guns don’t kill, people do” rhetoric?

  32. Pazzo,

    You give your dog a tranquliizer that makes her sleep for two weeks? That’s how the off-and-on bombardment lasts here in South Hill, Puyallup.

    By the way, I have never attended a city council meeting

  33. beerboy,

    Please tell me when the US or Israel have ever supplied munitions to anyone who used them in suicide bombings.

  34. truthbusterguy says:

    The tribes give pierce county democrat $20,000 a month. As long as this bribery continues nothing will ever change. The tribes own the souls of the dems.

    Don’t believe me, check the rocords online.

  35. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    One thing…I’ll try to define this in a nice manner so folks stop bashing Lyle who is a bit different.

    There is a problem here…

    In contrast, our dogs never went nuts over fireworks. Initially, when puppies they got happy excited or just excited, but we’re not spastic so they’re not spastic. Overreaction in people is going to affect their animals. Here’s a perfect example of the effects of training in pet ownership- Remember, hunting dogs hear a lot of loud sounds while out of doors and they don’t have any problems.

    What I’m trying to delicately address is the fact people who have animals that go nuts over fireworks, have owners who, well, aren’t all that good at being a strong influence on their animals. The problem isn’t fireworks or animals, but as with all things involving pets, the problem is with some pet owners.

    So…with most people who are so frantic and upset about fireworks, well, they have bigger and more significant problems and it’s perhaps kinder not to slam them. Inside us, we knew even as children, it’s wrong to be harsh on those who are a bit different.


  36. warmandfuzzyone,

    One way that I am different from you is that if I tried to insult someone, I would use my real name rather hiding behind an assumed name in a cowardly manner.

    Another way I am probably different than you is that I logged in 7+ years of college, earned three degrees and taught school for thirty years.

    So, yes, Fuzzy, I am probably quite different than you.

  37. By the way, Fuzzy, when you said that your dogs were not “spastic”, does that mean that you think that people who happen to be spastic are somehow demented?


  38. qballrail says:

    If you want to stuff your pet with tranquilizers and chemicals, be my guest. But know that what you’re doing is inhumane. It’s been found that those chemicals tear up their systems. A dog’s system is not like humans. We use more humane methods (natural remedies) and training. Supressing the animals system with tranquilizers is really dangerous and really not recommended by vets. Some will tell you to do that and it’s “ok” but think of the ramifications. It’s a “quick-fix” which is harmful to them. A little too much and Fido’s not waking up! No, it’s selfish and inhumane to put our pets to sleep just for our enjoyment. You’re playing with fire tranqing your pet. I’m not saying don’t celebrate, but it shouldn’t be so intense or for so long.

  39. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Lyle it’s OK Bud. We’re not all out to get you.

  40. Earth_watch says:

    Lyle Law, I agree with your letter to the editor, but (since the comment thread got so off-topic) yes, the US has supplied munitions which were later used for suicide bombings… the most obvious example being the CIA training and arming of rebels in Afghanistan against the Russians which was then turned upon us.

    TruthBusterGuy, please do supply a weblink/proof that tribes give $20,000.00 to the Pierce County Dems… I was part of that organization a few years ago and they were constantly broke.

    WarmNFuzziOne, I adopted my dog after he’d been a stray/abused. The fireworks in my neighborhood begin a week prior to the 4th and go for a week afterwards. My dog is allergic to most medication and (even if he weren’t) I wouldn’t want to medicate him for two weeks. I guess, according to you, I’m a terrible pet owner since I can’t control my dog’s reaction to explosions and that I don’t remove him from his home to a different country for two weeks every year.

    Not only that, Lyle wasn’t just referring to domestic pets… urban wildlife is just as unfairly terrorized. We’re a stupid, self-centered species.

  41. qballrail says:

    Well said, Earth_watch.

  42. duke_of_hurl says:

    my dog likes fireworks because i like fireworks…your dog hates fireworks because you hate fireworks and get all stressed out..

  43. duke_of_hurl says:

    what about ft lewis practicing…that must annoy some people too…i hear it but i dont complain

  44. Objective says:

    Warm- I think Lyle enjoys the attention here. If he didn’t, he probably would not be adding any additional comments.

    I have to admit he is entertaining and makes me laugh.

  45. I’m amazed at how some people can justify abusing other people’s animals then turn it around and blame the owners.

  46. Omega6234 says:

    What about Cheney Stadiums fireworks on the weekend?? Quit whinning. Put your animals inside. Fireworks happen every year, on the 4th… not November, not May.. not a suprise… but people act like its a new thing everytime.

  47. I agree totally with Mr. Laws letter. For those who have suggested removing the pets from the noise, I’ll say this, not only did I give my dog sedatives for three days, but on the night of July 4th, I found it necessary to put her in the car and drive for three hours. Guess what? I couldn’t find anywhere that didn’t have idiots firing off tons of noise makers. I drove from south Pierce County to the Super Mall in Auburn on Highway 167/ 512. I also had to go around the neighborhood on the 11th of July and tell kids to stop the noise or I’d call the cops. Their “parents” were inside the house allowing the brats to disturb the entire area. How can anyone justify two weeks of fireworks? It does happen and will continue to happen until people start speaking out against it.

  48. 3 college degrees and not a lick of common sense.

  49. Parkland says:

    Maybe we should blow stuff off all year, so the furry little guys get used to it.

    I was shooting once out at Paul Bunyan, and the guy timing the match had to call a time out because deer had wandered out into the line of fire. doesn’t bug them a bit. There are houses right up against the fence at the 600 yard line, the dogs there don’t really care, either.

    Anyway, if you tend to act like nothing out of the ordinary is going on, at least dogs are smart enough to sense it. Wild animals? Don’t really care, and none of them died.

  50. Duke,

    You are right, in that some dogs like fireworks. Our last golden retreiver loved them, but the-eleven-year-old golden we have now is terrified by them, and I think most dogs and cats are. That’s why so many of them run away from home every year at this time.

    As with many problems it is the excessiveness that creates trouble. Some fireworks on the 3rd, 4th, and fifth? OK, but starting a week or ten days before the 4th and continuing for about that same length of time afterwards?

    My wife and I have to plead guilty of being dog lovers.

    I will end my part of this annual dust-up by quoting what Will Rogers once said; “If dogs don’t go to heaven, when I die, I want to go where they went.”

  51. Roncella says:

    lyle, You are truly considerate and kind in wanting to defend your dog during the fireworks on the 4th of July.

    My first dog Rusty would go in the closet and under the bed till the fireworks stopped.

    My second dog Rocky a very confident and loved to fight Boxer never paid any attention to the fireworks.

    I would suggest a camping trip in foot hills in eastern washington or around the Mtn. St. Helen camp areas, very quiet and peaceful there, for sure.

  52. Fireworks are not legal in National Parks – and the regulations are more enforced than in Forest Service parks – we tend to go camping on the week of the 4th as we aren’t thrilled by the amateur rocket scientists’ experiments.

  53. WarmNfuzziOne says:

    Odd…my dogs sit there happily watching the lights and colors.

    But we don’t upset them by getting all in a tizzy about fireworks. My God, these anti fireworks people might have raised children…no, that’s right, they’re the quaint sorts who view their dogs as their ‘babies’.

  54. Objective says:

    frosty- If there are so many people making noise, and you could not find a quiet place, you think that would tell you something. Deal with it.

  55. Objective, you are right, there were a lot of people making noise. I would guess however that there were many more who were not. I never said that everybody and every house was making noise. There were enough however to create a sense of being in Berlin in April of ’45. There will always be that 10% of the population who are ignorant knuckleheads and who think that they have a right to intrude on other people’s privacy. I will deal with it but in a way that hopefully will begin a change in the ridiculous laws that allow this chaos to happen every year. I’ve started by writing to the County Council and to my state representatives.

  56. Objective says:

    Frosty- Were you in Berlin in April 1945? Am truly happy you survived the bombings, the Russian advance and blockade.

    Glad to hear you have decided to write the county council and state represenative too. That makes two of us who want to change the ridiculous laws. I would like to see them eliminate the fireworks ban in Tacoma for starters.

    I believe you are calling more than 10% of the county ignorant knuckelheads. So who is the real knucklehead. I will be lighting my stuff of for years to come, and enjoy it til the day I die. People like yourself are impossible to please, even if nobody was making noise.

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