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DEBT: Moderates need to be heard

Letter by Graham J. Evans, Federal Way on July 15, 2011 at 1:20 pm with 14 Comments »
July 15, 2011 2:13 pm

The fate of this country’s credibility on paying its debts currently rests with a vociferous minority. It’s time that the pragmatists on both sides of the debate are heard.

Realistically, there is no practical and no politically acceptable way to reduce the deficit but to address it from both ends: Cut expenditure and raise revenue/taxes.

There are three key messages:

• Raising the debt ceiling has to be done in a timely manner; the risks are far too serious to contemplate otherwise.

• The nation has overspent in recent years, particularly on two unfunded wars. We owe it to the next generation to curb expenditures by this generation.

• We also owe it to the next generation to pay off the deficit. It’s been only 12 years since we had a budgetary surplus. which was achieved by a sensible balance of taxation and expenditure. Taxes need to rise to help pay off this accumulated deficit.


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  1. Graham:

    Get ready for a CONnallujah Chorus of “NO NEW TAXES”

    Amen. Now pass the collection plate.

  2. Boy only one typical comment on a political/economic policy issue? Are the usual suspects asleep? Did you miss the opportunity to opine? Oh, I did see “NO NEW TAXES>”

    Anybody on either the left or right want to answer the question of how the citizens are going to pay down the $14 trillion debt? Oh, it will be the magical surplus generated by NO NEW TAXES!

    Oh, it will be massive inflation so we can pay off the debt with inflated Weimar Republic dollars.

  3. There isn’t enough blood in all of us Americans to pay down the albatross.

    Even taking 100% of the “evil” rich’s money will not make a dent (sorry xring, I know that is your saving grace).

    So we should do what Quicken asks me to do when I reconcile my bank account. “Do you want to make an adjustment in the register?”

  4. Roncella says:

    Graham, why do you comment on unfunded wars, which were in response to the 9-11 attack on the Country, and not a word about the trillons of dollars Obama has spent on stimulus bills that didn’t stimulate anything except chris matthews leggs on MSNBC, whenever he hears Obama give a speech ??

  5. aislander says:

    A “moderate” is just a closeted liberal…

  6. menopaws says:

    A moderate is a person who is based in reality………I thank this writer. I used to vote Republican when men like Howard Baker, Gerald Ford, Mark Hatfield were around. then the “religious ” took over and instead of being a Reagan Democrat, I became a Democrat, period. Pretty much a centrist…..and I did vote Republican occasionally—like for Sam Reed……….But, the Republicans have ceased to behave like grown-ups for a very long time. During the Bush years, during the beginning of the Iraq war, if you dared to question them, you were unpatriotic……so, we moderates sit alone—calling for people to grow up and behave like citizens of the United States of America. Quit whining and step up and do your duty…..help this country by opening your wallet to help build our future……….Paying taxes is our duty—whining is what makes the rest of the world laugh at us……..and, they should. Tough times in Ireland, Japan, Greece……..bunch of morons in Washington whining about “job killing” by closing tax loopholes for hedge fund BILLIONARES, and oil companies. Get real here—-it is embarrassing to listen to these idiots. I’m ashamed they represent our government—everyone should be.

  7. aislander says:

    Menopaws: The tax increases that are being proposed (such as raising the Bush tax rates) have absolutely NOTHING to do with billionaires (hedge fund or otherwise), since they are not affected by income tax. Those increases affect small businesses and people who would like to become rich. Our current tax system doesn’t impact wealth that has already accumulated, but it makes it very difficult to accumulate wealth. Lefties love to derogate those of us on the right who dream of becoming rich, but it is the tax system that lefties imposed that makes that dream more remote…

  8. Voodoo economics.

  9. menopaws says:

    Grow up and face some hard facts. There is not one reputable economist who believes we can climb out of this hole without some tax increases. That is a fact. Reality bites sometimes, but I am tired of listening to people talk about default like it is missing a car payment. This is really very serious and should NOT be about politics. SEVEN TIMES it was raised for George Bush–and he is the idiot that dug this hole we are in. This country should honor it’s obligations and there should NEVER be a political debate about doing that. The fact that we are arguing about honoring our debt is just sickening. That is my bottom line, This country stands for something around the world. This past month–our Congress has made me ashamed. We all should be ashamed of this argument. Budgets and spending are the argument–not defaulting on debts we have already run up. That is flat out WRONG.

  10. aislander says:

    So…Polago…what ABOUT those anti-economic-growth lefties?

  11. “what ABOUT those anti-economic-growth lefties?”

    Are you really so stupid you think there are ‘anti-economic growth’ people??
    Or are you once again just making stuff up?

    If a case can be made for a group working to hold the economy back…that case is easily made against the right. Look at their actions of late, they need and want the economy to stay bad for political reasons.

  12. Wasn’t it aislander who, on several recent threads, has repeatedly complained about the unfairness of using labels to denigrate those who disagree with you…..

  13. aislander says:

    I was referring to Peter Bohmer’s letter, as well as the oft-repeated sentiments of lefty environmentalists. It seems to me there is a natural schism between those factions of the left and those whose livelihoods depend on private-sector union jobs. The latter SHOULD be the natural enemy of the latter…

  14. aislander says:

    Sorry. Just got interrupted and repeated “latter” when I meant to type “former.” I guess that’s why doors are designed to close…

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