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PUYALLUP: Don’t let bridge go way of the tunnel

Letter by K.A. Erickson, DuPont on July 14, 2011 at 10:39 am with 4 Comments »
July 14, 2011 1:21 pm

After nearly 100 years, the Ruston Way tunnel closed for demolition. Yet it still could have served a purpose as part of a network of bicycle and pedestrian trails across Pierce County.

That opportunity has passed, but another awaits: the Meridian Street Bridge (Highway 167) in Puyallup. The state Department of Transportation has fast-tracked replacement of this 1925 bridge, once the longest and biggest single-riveted span in the state, in the next five years.

As the last Turner-class bridge in America, it is deserving of a fate better than that of the tunnel, buried as a footnote in history.

The opportunity is there to connect a missing section of the cross-county bicycle trail across the Puyallup River. The Meridian Street Bridge could do just that at a new location, perhaps moved downriver near the old weigh station. This would be a win for all involved: historians, motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

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  1. puyallupmutt says:

    Bicyclists should be encouraged to ride the soft shoulders of the freeways for their kicks. Stay off our roads and quit expecting taxpayers to fund your hobby.
    Seattle is now paying the price for its mistake of a cycle nut mayor.

    Every July we are invaded by these nasty road hogs on their little STP rally. Enough is enough. We are not Oregon.

    Go ride I-5. Be brave.

    Finally, motorists, pedestrians and even historians should not be insulted by being grouped with cyclists. They deserve respect.

  2. pazzo242 says:

    Puyallupmutt–Your user name explains it all,

    I’m not in favor of the bridge being saved for any reason, its old and decrepit, but your insulting diatribe is typical of the ignorant and lazy. I have 3 cars and a motorcycle that I pay tabs on—like most all cyclists and I support decent roads that allow me to ride my bicycle on. And because I help pay for them I deserve having the safety for me and my riding friends provided for. It takes very little to make the shoulder a little wider to give cyclist a place to ride while you suck down that $4 a gallon of gas.

    You should encourage that as well so you don’t have to be even slightly delayed by us “nasty road hogs”. FYI–The STP organization pay big bucks to have the roads marked and the use for that ONE weekend a year.

    That way we can stay out of the way of narrow minded boneheads—if the cap fits, wear it. I think that might be a perfect fit for you.

  3. Geez! Lookit the anger! I swear there will never, ever be an agreement on ANYTHING around here.

    Tell you how I see it….if they are going to start building “paths” then they need to build separate ones of each and every separate group who might use them.

    I have a bicycle. Its sits in my basement unused, for one simple reason. The streets belong to car traffic, and THOSE goons will make darn sure they express their ideas about ANY one encroaching on their domain.

    The sidewalks belong to pedestrians, and THEY will make sure THEY dont have any pesky bicyclists in THEIR way….

    And when “multi-use” paths are built, those dang bicyclists better get out there and use them before those dog walkers and stroller pushers get out there and take up the whole path as if it was THEIRS and theirs alone……the only reason car traffic isn’t on those paths is because they haven’t figured out how to jump the curbs yet….but give them time.

    I seriously doubt there will EVER be a time when mutual acceptance will occur.

  4. Pazzo242 says, “It takes very little to make the shoulder a little wider to give cyclist a place to ride while you suck down that $4 a gallon of gas.”

    One problem with that statement Pazzo….You could make those shoulders a MILE wide, and far too many, the majority I think, bicycle riders will STILL ride right on the white line, or IN the roadway, forcing vehicle traffic to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid them because the dang bicycle riders are so danged afraid some little bit of debris might hurt their tires!

    Nope, I’ve ridden, I have good friends who ride SAFELY, but by and large, MOST bicyclists I have encountered do NOT give a tinkers kazoo about anything but themselves.

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