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FOURTH: Fireworks adversely affect birds

Letter by Thomas B. Smith, Lakewood on July 7, 2011 at 11:42 am with 16 Comments »
July 7, 2011 2:15 pm

Something very disturbing and disheartening happened to the bird population in our Lakewood neighborhood as a result of the fireworks.

On the evening of the July 4, someone in the neighborhood fired an extensive number of aerial shells which came into contact with the trees. There were 16 species of birds nesting in the vicinity of my yard. On the morning of July 5, they were all gone.

The game camera pointed at the bird feeder typically captures 70 to 90 photos a day; there were no photos of birds as of July 7. All of the birds that were nesting have vanished.

I can well imagine fireworks startling birds from their roosts, and I can think of no other explanation for what happened here. We have lived here for 17 years, and there have always been fireworks with no obvious impact on the bird population. But the fireworks in the past were not as extensive as they were this year.

Well-intended people usually do not understand the unintended consequences of their seemingly innocent actions. In this case I suspect that the rockets used were illegal.

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  1. live4fish says:

    For Christs sake, enough with the fireworks complaints. They have been fired off for years upon years, and now every crybaby with a voice wants to be heard about why they shouldn’t be around.

  2. Live4fish? How about next year we all point our fireworks at your house and fire?

  3. I agree with live4fish. Enough already and suck it up.

    These letters about the fireworks seem like the same tone as the ones that claim republicans are the devil and the anti christ…. Just quoting xtp….


  4. Misunderestimated says:

    The idiots shooting off the illegal fireworks have no concern for the law, their neighbors, or anyone but themselves.
    What makes you think they could possibly care about birds?

  5. tree_guy says:

    Your camera might be broken or the chip may be filled up.

  6. Kevindot1 says:

    I am with live4fish. This constant complaining about something that has gone on for decades and decades is really tiresome. No dead birds were found. I am sure they are just fine.

  7. madmike272 says:

    The Pathetic North-Left! Filled with hand-wringing crybabies !

  8. beerBoy says:

    Your camera might be broken or the chip may be filled up.

    from the letter “there were no photos of birds as of July 7″

    This suggests that there were photos of squirrels raiding the bird feeder but no photos of birds – not that there were no photos at all.

  9. fatuous says:

    I agree with you Misunderestimated.

  10. Omega6234 says:

    The road goes both ways… Maybe the neighbors who dont like fireworks have no concern for people that do. This is a national pastime, deal with it or move to Canada.

  11. OpenMinded says:

    Many of the responses to my letter have either failed to comprehend the issue or addressed trivial side issues; I invite a return to the point: There was no intended opposition to the legal and responsible use of fireworks; the point of the letter was the unintended consequences of the use of possibly illegal fireworks or the irresponsible use of legal fireworks. For those truly interested, the cameras worked and it was not until this morning that the first of the original nesting birds returned, two adults and two of the three fledglings.

  12. BigBirdWG says:

    Certain members of our society think themselves above the law. They celebrate this nation’s independence by using illegal fireworks made in CHINA! Real Americans abide by the laws whether they agree with them or not. Comments to the letter above call it’s author a “crybaby”. Wow, that is pathetic. This person is selflessly concerned about our great land’s wildlife. Most people enjoy legal fireworks used safely, but some are reckless with illegal fireworks and that is what has to stop. Look up “stewardship” in the scripture.

  13. nwcolorist says:

    So the birds have returned to their nests. That’s good to hear. My cat disappeared on the Fourth. On the fifth she came back, waltzing into the house like any other day.

    I think you should focus your outrage on more serious issues. How about drunk drivers that kill hundreds of innocent people every year? Now that’s something to be upset about.

    There may be an ulterior reason for this drama that occurs this time ever year. The apoplectic responses from anti-fireworks people are so disproportionate to the offense.

  14. itwasntmethistime says:

    These fireworks haven’t been around for decades and decades. When we were little kids we had ground bloom flowers and sparklers. The older kids had roman candles, bottle rockets, and firecrackers. The adults lit off fountains at night and it was kind of a big deal if someone’s dad lit off an M-80 or two. The big stuff was seen at fireworks shows, not around the neighborhood.

    Don’t defend this obnoxiousness as tradition.

  15. tomwa007 says:

    Thomas B. Smith,
    The birds were better off before you moved in. Your bird feeder has changed the migration pattern and length of time they spend in the area. YOU are a detriment to the population with your voyeuristic camera obsession.

    Maybe you better move back to where ever there is no avian population.

  16. It’s easy to see who the idiots are here. Just read the comments. Anyone stupid enough to attempt to justify this nonsense is a fool or worse. Does no one remember last year when thousands of birds misteriously died on the night of the 4th of July? Or was that just a coincidence? Trying to convince an idiot to use common sense is a waste of time.

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