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POLITICS: Get to work for good of the country

Letter by Bob McKelvey, Tacoma on July 5, 2011 at 1:31 pm with 14 Comments »
July 5, 2011 2:34 pm

Re: “Minnesota shutdown prompts blame game” (TNT, 7-2).

It seems that in all walks of life lately the first instinct of parties with opposing views is to point fingers, assign blame and/or otherwise denigrate the other side. It’s as if they all subscribe to Mark Twain’s observation, “The rule is perfect: In all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.”

No one seems to be able to agree on anything. In professional football and basketball leagues the owners and players are at odds over revenue sharing. In politics there have been many pitched battles over how to solve various problems. Precious few are solved by bipartisan negotiations.

Our country faces dire consequences brought on by the profligate spending of both parties. We are deeper in debt than at any other time in our history. Our credit with other countries gets shakier by the day.

Isn’t it time for our elected officials to look beyond party politics and get to work for the good of the country, rather than posturing for their constituencies?

As Rodney King once famously asked, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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  1. aislander says:

    You’re right that we are trouble due to the “profligate spending of both parties,” but one of them seems to be getting that and the other isn’t…

  2. newscrap says:

    Get off your high horse. The Republikans have ALWAYS spent as much as the Democrats, just on different things. And, instead of tax and spend they are borrow and spend. The problem is that the current crop of Republikans are either TeaBagger nut jobs or are so scared of them they can’t see straight. Working together does not mean “do it the Republikan way or we will shut down the government”. The only pole numbers lower than the President are Congresses.

  3. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Bob – I believe the tone was set in 2010 when “OH-Bummer” invited the Republicans to sit at the back of the bus when the socialsit democrats had the majority in the Congress – not sure how you transition that to “Can’t we all just get along?”!!

  4. KARDNOS says:

    Isn’t it interesting that Minnesota’s legislature is holding pat against the Democratic Governor on “budget” issues like “voting reform” and opposition to abortion. Neither of those are budget issues.

    As always the GOP lies like a rug.

  5. Roncella says:

    President Obama’s last Press Conference was far away from the line “Can’t we all just get along”. He bemoaned and attacked folks making 250,000 or more. He attacked folks with private jets, he attacked the Rich, he attacked Republicans for not working as hard as his daughters when they do their homework.

    He read his lines from his loaded tele-prompter perfectly as he always does.

    He grinned and smiled as he blamed everythiing wrong with the budget and economy on Bush and Republicans.

    The President does all this while he continues campaigning, flying all over the Country rather than working at the Whitehouse with the Congress.

    This President spends most of his time golfing, campaigning, vacationing while the Countries economy is in a shambles.

  6. “Roncella says:
    July 6, 2011 at 8:43 am
    This President spends most of his time golfing, campaigning, vacationing while the Countries economy is in a shambles.”

    Oh…it looks like I have to make Roncella into a liar…..AGAIN…..

    President Bush recently spent his 879th day at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, since the Supreme Court, in all its great wisdom, elevated him to the presidency. This according to NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” which noted that Bush broke former President Reagan’s record for taking vacations from the White House.rIt’s interesting to recall, all these wild years later, that George W. Bush did not decide to buy the ranch near Crawford until after he decided to run for president.

  7. Ailander is living in a make believe world if she thinks the right didn’t creat the debt we now have.
    2 wars, a trillion dollar unpaid for drug bill (give away to big pharma) and tax cuts to those that do not need them is the reason we are broke.
    And it’s all the result of the GOP.

  8. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Cost of traveling to a ranch Bush owned in Tx versus a multi-million dollar beach front home in Hawaii? No need to even look this one up, because we all know it drastically cheaper. Also, the Bush ranch was basically transformed into another White House. He met heads of state and got business done while on his ‘vacations’. He also quit golf. He was not out in public every day saying how busy he was and how much work he had to do then only seen playing basketball, golf, or fundraising.

    Michelle traveling the world with her family eating fried food on every continent? While the country is broke? Some role model.

    Funny how Bush’s drug bill is never something the dem’s talk about cutting, if it is so wasteful.

  9. Roncella,
    The Rpots have been running since January 2009 to make Obama a one-term president and have destroyed us in the process.

    Protecting and extending tax breaks for corporations and those earning more the $250K per year;

    Defending direct subsidies to corporations reporting record profits;

    Continuing tax incentives to the same corporations to send American jobs overseas;

    And (since 2010) a part time congress dedicated to radical social engineering.

    Funny the Corporate Owned Media must have missed the ‘million dollar beach home.

  10. Roncella says:

    xring, President Obama had total control of Both the House and the Senate his first two years as President. He passed every bill he wanted passed. Many of his huge spending bills were passed without most of the dems in the Congress having read the bills before they voted yes to more spending.

    Obama’s helper Pelosi repeated over and over that they have to pass the bill before they can figure out just whats in the Bankrupt ObamaCare Bill.

    Obama has put the Budget another 5 trillion dollars in the red in less than three years. He is really a fast spender with his helpers, Reid and Pelosi.

  11. The shutdown made driving through Minnesota a little uncomfortable – all the rest stops were closed.

  12. Roncella,
    Of course he did, because the Rpots in the Senate never ever filibustered a single bill, or put anonymous holds on bills, and allowed every bill passed by the house to be voted on in the Senate.

  13. Roncella says:

    xring, The dems. passed their spending bills and bankrupt Obamacare without votes from Republicans, they did it all on their own, they have got to man up and take full responsibility for the mess they created.

    A good first step would be for president Obama to slow down on his re-election trips all over the Country and vacations and golf outings and basketball games, parties at the Whitehouse, on and on, and Get To Work with Congress to on how to help creat the proper climate for More Jobs, Jobs Jobs Jobs. Remember this saying from the Clinton era, ” Its The Economy Stupid” !!!

  14. No Rpots voted for many of the bills passed by the 110th Senate, but at least some of them had to vote for cloture allowing bills to come before the chamber for a final vote.

    While some still believe it’s the economy the Rpots think everything is Obama’s fault.

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