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EDUCATION: Scholarship is in name only

Letter by Marsha E. Tolson, Puyallup on June 30, 2011 at 2:23 pm with 8 Comments »
June 30, 2011 2:30 pm

Recently the WAVE Scholarship was awarded to three applicants per Washington state legislative district. The applicants were promised up to two years of educational benefits while attending state colleges.

My husband, James, is one of these winners from District 25, and we are honored. However, we are also very saddened that his scholarship will not be funded. This year’s “winners” win no monetary award whatsoever; they get the honor of putting this win on their résumé, a letter from their district representatives (received), and a certificate from our governor (not received).

He has applied to the University of Washington Tacoma for fall admission and still has not gotten the results of his application 10 weeks after the deadline has passed. Now with the 20 percent tuition increase, we are certain that we can no longer afford to fund him even if he were admitted.

We are also very concerned that even with his outstanding collegiate credentials he may not be admitted because of the UW looking for out-of-state students who pay even more in tuition.

It is a sorry, sorry state of affairs that our state college system is in and continues to face. Maybe the state colleges where the WAVE Scholarship winners apply could consider admitting and subsidizing their tuition and fees? Just a thought.

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  1. Vote republican and this sort of thing will only get worse.

  2. concernedtacoma7 says:

    So you did not get some taxpayer money. Why do you deserve it?

    If he is so smart he can figure out a way to pay for it.

    Or, serve your nation and get the GI bill. You are welcome for the solution.

  3. commoncents says:

    So you did not get some taxpayer money. Why do you deserve it?

    Um, because he won a scholarship that had the money attached? I

    have an idea…let’s tell the lottery people that the state is no longer funding the jackpot awards and instead the winner will get a plaque. That certainly sounds fair to me.

    As for the GI Bill suggestion…whose to say that funding for that program won’t get pulled? It’s a scholarship program no different than the one that her husband just lost funding for.

  4. Too bad he couldn’t have been grandfathered in and the state or the universities honor the recipients of WAVE.

  5. Sorry you have to experience the ineptness of Gregoire’s leadership. This State has been promising all sorts of things it cannot afford for decades. The time to pay the piper is now; we must change the faces in our State Government and get back to fiscal responsibility. Sorry you were cheated by our State(like all of us taxpayers also have been). BTW-was there a specific dollar amount offered on this scholarship? If so, how much was it?

  6. tree_guy says:

    Things would have gone better for him if he said he was an anchor baby.

  7. tree_guy says:

    The applicants were promised up to two years of educational benefits while attending state colleges.

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2011/06/30/education-funding/#ixzz1Qu68VO1e

    Well I guess the state complied with the offer. It said they would get UP TO TWO years of educational benefits. Zero years is up to two years, isn’t it?If the state isn’t going to honor the spirit of this program it would be better just to end it. Why the charade?

  8. aislander says:

    The state promised its employees pensions and healthcare that were not possible according to actuarial standards, but we taxpayers were put on the hook anyway. State government is merely being consistent in stiffing you on this scholarship…

    By the way, UW has an endowment close to $2 billion, which sounds small in this age of deficits approaching $2 TRILLION, but it would pay for a lot of students to attend…

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