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FIREWORKS: Rules don’t apply to tribes

Letter by Cherile A. Graham, Tacoma on June 29, 2011 at 9:34 am with 37 Comments »
June 29, 2011 4:11 pm

Re: “4 communities change fireworks calendar” (TNT, 6-29).

One of the problems we’re having is with illegal fireworks, so why don’t we stop those who sell them? Let’s see, I believe that would be the Indian tribes.

The Indians sell illegal fireworks to whomever wants to buy them. They don’t care where they will be set off or by whom. So we end up with a situation that can’t be controlled.

It’s out of anyone’s control to stop the Indians from selling the fireworks, so it’s going to be out of anyone’s control to stop them from being set off. A handful of police here and there does not stop the problem.

The article listed the legal hours that fireworks may be set off in local cities. Excuse me while I laugh out loud. Take Auburn’s hours for instance. I know people who live in Auburn who must endure the booming of the Indians’ artillery from the first of June to the end of July. It’s daily!

So who cares how many “new rules” are made? The Indians don’t have to follow them.

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  1. BlaineCGarver says:

    Here we go with the Fireworks Do Gooders again. IMO, it would be nice if fireworks were fired on the 4th only, but I get tired of Control Freaks that try to dictate to others. No, I don’t care about your dog, either, one day a year. BTW, no I don’t shoot off fireworks, but I sure don’t mind those who do. Make a Joyful Noise, Dammit <{:-)~

  2. jjohnson67 says:

    Cherile, I agree with you 100%.

  3. Omega6234 says:

    its a celebration. .. shoot away!!! And for the people think that they are dangerous… just remember that toothpicks and Qtips are more dangerous.

  4. Nothing like the annual 4th of July complaint about the Indians……

  5. “Make a Joyful Noise, Dammit”

    The sound of explosions is joyful? Fascinating.

    Meanwhile the best way to stop Indian sales of fireworks is for all those people to quit buying them.

  6. Roncella says:

    This is so tipical of liberals. They complain about the fireworks and the noise etc. But its a free ride all year long for the Indians who sell them and make a fortune in the process

    These are the same Indians who give 99% of their contributions to the Dems. to help them win elections or re-election. Follow the Money.

  7. ValleyTarts says:

    When you have Governor Gregoire in your pocket, you are above both legal and moral law. Here in Puyallup, the tribe also “own” the mayor, Kathy Turner.

    Any doubters only need to visit the State’s Public Disclosure Commission database and see who contributed to their campaigns.

    Duh !

  8. BlaineCGarver says:

    Too many whimps are scared of too much freedom and liberty. I crank up the ceiling fan, close the windows, and put in ear plugs and get to bed at my normal 2200hrs and get my beauty sleep. My Boston goes shooting with me all the time…it don’t bother him, either <{:-)~

  9. typical ron, never one to let reality get in the way of a chance to take a potshot at liberals – immediately after posts by two of the most liberal voices here that criticize the letter you follow with “This is so tipical of liberals.”

  10. SadujTogracse says:

    John Adams on the 4th …. “It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”

    I guess some do enjoy the sound of explosions, but that John Adams guy, what did he know?

  11. Roncella says:

    BeerBoy, Like I said just follow the money. Geroge Soros.

  12. Well now……As long as John Adams knew things so well….maybe we need to do more things like Adams did.

    How was he on slave ownership and women’s rights?

  13. The funniest part of all of this is how the Conservatives think that it’s state and local law that give so many rights to Native Americans.

    Reading this is like seeing a “keep the government out of my medicare” sign at a TEA Party rally.

  14. SadujTogracse says:

    “How was he on slave ownership and women’s rights?”

    “John Adams, our first Vice President and second President, was a lifelong opponent of slavery.”

    Adams also nevery owned a slave.

    Kardnos’ version of history is that all our founders were in favor of slavery, another thing he is wrong about (dang this list just keeps growing!)

  15. Ron – what?!!???

    How are you connecting George Soros to local Indian tribes selling fireworks?

  16. Saduj – whether or not they were in favor of slavery – they voted to keep it legal.

  17. theglovesRoff says:

    bB, the same way kardy tries to connect everything and anything he posts to the content of the letters.

    If you don’t want the Indian fireworks to leave the reservation, park a cop at the entrance 24/7 and have them check every person that leaves. Pretend it is a DUI stop……

  18. SadujTogracse says:

    beerBoy, yes they did. They did that in order to form and keep a new nation. They knew that had to come first before anything else. Context…. it matters.

  19. itwasntmethistime says:

    Whether or not we have a firework problem seems to be a matter of opinion. Most of the men and boys I know are thrilled to pieces with blowing things up. I don’t get it. There’s a deafening boom that sends the dog into the closet, the men and boys are deliriously happy, and I’m thinking “well, that was 8 bucks.”

    I’m certainly not looking to ban fireworks and spoil your fun, but I thought we had a decent compromise going with the time frame a few days before and after the 4th, as well as New Years and televised major sporting events.

  20. beerBoy says:
    June 29, 2011 at 5:13 pm
    Saduj – whether or not they were in favor of slavery – they voted to keep it legal.

    Damn….that had to hurt!!!!! beerBoy left a handprint with that one.

  21. Did Adams’ personal opinion on slavery get him to try to change the law?

    Maybe Michele Bachmann has an answer for us.

  22. “theglovesRoff says:
    June 29, 2011 at 5:43 pm
    bB, the same way kardy tries to connect everything and anything he posts to the content of the letters.

    If you don’t want the Indian fireworks to leave the reservation, park a cop at the entrance 24/7 and have them check every person that leaves. Pretend it is a DUI stop…… ”

    gloveR has all these great ideas until someone says you have to pay for that 24/7 police labor.

    gloveR isn’t probably old enough to remember when they tried that trick at the Muckleshoot Reservation when they were selling liquor. Between the cop costs and the court costs, they decided they’d let them sell the booze.

    Where is all this “free market” stuff when you need it? If there was no one buying the stuff, there would be no one selling……right??????

  23. “SadujTogracse says:
    June 29, 2011 at 5:53 pm
    beerBoy, yes they did. They did that in order to form and keep a new nation. They knew that had to come first before anything else. Context…. it matters.”

    Oh…so it was OK to sacrifice the freedom of blacks to “form and keep a new nation”?????????

    Oh….this is rich…..

  24. Yes Ron, follow the money,
    Koch Brothers,
    American Chamber of Commerce,
    Karl Rove,
    Etc etc etc.

    Some Founding Fathers were against slavery.
    Some Founding Fathers were for slavery.
    All Founding Fathers who voted for the Constitution voted to continue slavery.
    All Founding Fathers supported the status of women, which was:
    A woman and all her property belonged to her husband.

  25. I enjoyed the Freedom Fair fireworks show for many years from the top of McCarver Street, one year from my front yard when I lived on McCarver and in 2003 from my sailboat in Commencement Bay (the best!!!)

  26. LarryFine says:

    What was your address on McCarver ? I know someone who lived there…

  27. I don’t remember the house number. It was a small cottage about two and a half blocks from 30th. Moved in July 1, 2000.

  28. SadujTogracse says:

    “Oh…so it was OK to sacrifice the freedom of blacks to “form and keep a new nation”?????????”

    Didn’t say it was ok. I am saying that the very founding of our nation probably would have never got off the ground if slavery was abolished at that time because so many people owned slaves. The founders who were against slavery knew this and it was their wish that a new free nation would eventually abolish slavery. Of course they were correct, it just happened far too late. Now you can have your own opinion as to their decision, all I am stating is why they made it.

  29. SadujTogracse says:

    Bachman may get some history wrong, but compared to Kardnos she’s David Mccullough.

    Yeah I’m “stalking” Kardnos even though he constantly refers to me in his posts. (eyeroll)

  30. pazzo242 says:

    It’s 4th of July folk. I love the way so many of you want to restrict what you had so much fun doing when you were kids. Hypocrites! Sure restrict the days we can set them off but don’t restrict the fun of doing it. As for the “illegal” fireworks that is bogus as well. The “safe & sane” are boring.

    Ron–PLEASE stop with the political commentary on everything. This issue has nothing to do with politics–take it from a card carrying Republican.

  31. wiggle wiggle wiggle

  32. Roncella says:

    pazzo242, This is not the time to shut up about politics. Our Country is sailing in some very rough seas being lead by a very confused President. Its not President Obamas fault.

    The Press is responsible for his being elected without most Americans knowing who Obama really was.

    All everyone saw was a very good speaker, and Community Orgranizor who could campaign and read his tele-prompters with ease and class.

    His handlers loaded all the answers for him and he seem to known exactly how to fix everything. He went on to win the election and now we have someone who does not have a clue on how to fix any of the problems the Country is faciing.

    Pazzo, when have you ever seen home values falling in your lifetime like they are now, when have you seen so many folks out of work for such a long time as now, when have you paid over 4.00 a gallon for gas, when have you seen so many for Lease and for Sale signs on closed Businesses and homes ??

    All these problems are not just Obama’s fault, but like I said he is not unique or special as he lead everyone to believe with the press helping him all the way.

    We need to elect someone in 2012 election with real business experience and a proven back ground to help restore America and Jobs and all the rest.

    Most folks retirements and 401’s and savings have been destroyed or ruined by this terrible economy. Its time for a change, starting at the top of the ticket.

  33. ron – again, what does this have to do with tribes selling fireworks?

  34. pazzo242 says:

    Ron–You and I are on the same page when it comes to Obama and I rarely agree with BB, but in this case—–what does Obama’s lack of leadership and inept ability this have to do with fireworks? You’ve totally lost me on this one. Pick your battles and the place for your battles. Your post, that is waaaayyyy off topic, just makes you look like some insanely obsessed person.

  35. Roncella says:

    The sale of fireworks by the Indians turns into dollars Gregoire and other dems. get to run for election or re-election to office. The Indians know how to butter their bread, and in the process get to keep more of their millions of dollars they make at the many casino’s in Washington State.

    I may have been off topic with my comments about Obama, but they are truthful and accurate

  36. While remaining off topic:
    Bachman’s lack of historical knowledge is second only to Palin’s.

    What about Obama was not uncovered by the Press?

  37. Roncella says:

    xring, Your kidding with that question, about what was not uncovered about Obama right ?

    Just recently he was forced to finally show his actual birth certificate after being publicy embarassed by the Donald not the Press.

    Obama the Community Organizor from the south side of Chicago was given a pass on his College years which are locked up by his orders, his 20 year relationship with his hateful mentor minister who preached race hate America hate, Jew hate, week after week, his very close relationship with terrorists bill ayers, and other colorful characters from the south side of Chicago, one is currently in jail in Illinois right now.

    ering, the Press dropped the ball big time with not vetting Obama’s background, completely. The Main Stream Media like Chris Matthews apparently got tingles up and down their legs whenever Obama read his lines with ease from the many tele-prompters loaded for him by his handlers.

    George Soros has been to the Whitehouse more than 6 times in two Years, Why ?

    What could President Obama possibly have in common with the likes of Soros ?

    Maybe some of these questions will be answered this time as Obama runs for a second term, Maybe, time will tell….

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