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TACOMA: What are the TPD’s priorities?

Letter by Karl J. Pizzolatto, Lakewood on June 23, 2011 at 1:28 pm with 17 Comments »
June 24, 2011 2:49 pm

A few months ago, I pulled into a Tacoma big-box store’s parking lot and parked in the handicapped parking area. I was approached by a uniformed police officer and asked if this was my vehicle and handicapped tag, which they were. I was asked for the ID card with the tag, which I had and for my ID.

Last month, my wife was hit broadside in Tacoma by a vehicle turning left, crossing three lanes. She was bruised and banged up but fortunately suffered no broken bones. She called 911 and was told since no ambulance was needed that no officer would be sent. Therefore there was no police report, etc.

The person who hit my wife made an illegal left turn and should have at least received a citation. As my wife was shaken up in the accident, she did not obtain the other driver’s insurance (if any) information, and the insurance company currently is unable to contact the driver/owner of the other vehicle.

I understand the police being overworked, etc., but if they have time to check handicapped tags and ID, they sure should have time to investigate a broadside auto accident with severe damage to the vehicle and trauma to my wife.

What are the police priorities?



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  1. Lets face it ,The Police had you right there and didn’t have to go anywhere to check a possible infraction,so now you know where their priorties lie Besides if they did respond,there would be all that paperwork to fill out and who knows,the other driver may have been an illegal and more paperwork that would result in nothing being done.

  2. ItalianSpring says:

    The police do what they are told to do.

  3. pazzo242 says:

    Sincere–you have no idea what you are talking about so before spouting off your mouth do a bit of research.

    Police no longer (over the entire state) respond to traffic accidents if there is no injury, there is no disabled car that is blocking traffic or major damage to the cars involved. If the caller had told the dispatcher she was injured (or possibly injured) or any one of the other things I just mentioned then the police would have been mandated to respond.

    Many things come to mind that it appears you did not or refuse to think of:
    1) The letter writer does not state he was at the accident his wife was involved in so he is only going by hearsay information so we have no idea just how much of the accident story was exaggerated or incomplete.
    2) Additionally, she had the responsibility to get all the info on the other driver.
    3) Given it was in the city limits of Tacoma, given the Tacoma police were called, I don’t think it unreasonable to assume there was a witness somewhere near by–hardly ever does the streets of Tacoma not have several cars going through it. I further make that assumption because the letter writer stated the at fault driver crossed “three lanes” to make the left turn–making this a major arterial where the accident took place. The witnesses may have been of assistance to get the info of the other driver. If by the remote possibility there was no witnesses then I refer you to item #2 above.

    As for the handicap parking; it would seem that was some reasonable and good police work. The officer did his/her due diligence about a possible violation, found out all was well and then moved on. If the officer did not take action I am sure you would be complaining about that as well. Being this was at a big box store I will assume the officer was there for a call—possibly a shop lifter. Nevertheless to make the comparison between the two incidents are ridiculous and absurd as they have nothing to do with each other.

    I am so fed-up with you and people like you such as Karl Pizzolatto (the letter writer if you didn’t notice) who want to do nothing but complain about everything the police do. It seems bashing the cops is the complaint de jour lately and is getting OLD! Get over yourself and give the cops a break from time to time. If they do something bad—like lie to the public, then by all means complain. In this case there was nothing the cops did wrong.

  4. Sorry for the idiotic comment by Pazzo. Yes, they don’t respond to accidents anymore, yes they harrass you over a handicapped parking spot; yes, you are correct in questioning their priorities. Pazzo is a cop apologist almost as bad as Brian O’Neil. Just ignore his ignorance.

  5. frankiethomas says:

    I was hit by an unisured unlicensed driver and could not get them to respond – I did get all the info on the other driver – you can fill out the police report yourself and they will cite the driver. They can tell what happened from the damaged areas of the car. You have a phone on your cell phone, if you don’t you keep a disposable camera in the dash. If you don’t have enoughwits about you to get all the insurance info and take pics, tell the dispatch you are shock and can’t safely move your car, (you could feel better by the time they arricve) especially if you KNOW you are not at fault.I believe they will come if proerty damage is over 1500 – everything is over 1500! As it is the low life that hit me has no money so there is nothing but an empty pocket my insurance will try to reover from for years to come. . .

  6. pazzo242 says:

    TMell–all I hear from you is Blah-blah-blah. You do no researh or any info gathering and then make a judgement……typical of the low lifes in our world.

  7. pazzo242 says:

    TMell–this was directed at you too.

    I am so fed-up with you and people like you such as Karl Pizzolatto (the letter writer if you didn’t notice) who want to do nothing but complain about everything the police do. It seems bashing the cops is the complaint de jour lately and is getting OLD! Get over yourself and give the cops a break from time to time. If they do something bad—like lie to the public, then by all means complain. In this case there was nothing the cops did wrong.

  8. pazzo242 says:

    TMell–I am far from being a “cop apologist” as I have demonstrated when I wrote my own letter to the editor about the liar in the Top Cop spot. You on the other hand are nothing more then part of the on going cop bashers we have too many of in the community. Get over yourself dude. Nothing but a bunch of big mouths that have no clue what you are talking about.

    You sit in front of your computers and bash cops but too chicken to face crime—pathetic.

  9. Pazzo-what is pathetic is people like you; assuming everyone who has an issue with corrupt cops is a “lowlife”. I’m not a criminal, I run a company, employ numerous people-BTW, I also am a hardcore conservative on my political beliefs. I love good cops, and hate what the bad cops have done to the overall respect cops used to have. I am very outspoken about the criminal cop element. I am dealing with Christopher Coy Clark right now. WSP Trooper that got arrested for DUI. I do do my research, I have read the 417 page investigative report released to me by the Washington State Patrol as a result of my public records request. Have you? Let me guess, you are one of the low life cops that think they don’t answer to the same standards as the rest of society? You sound a lot like Dougil(Gig Harbor corrupt cop)

  10. pazzo242 says:

    TMell–so you are looking at one case and from that you determine everything cops do is corrupt or wrong. In this case the cops did nothing wrong but you chime in as if they are evil—just like you did with the Seattle-Narrows Bridge letter.

    Just like you I hate corrupt cops and I will be the first to admit they exist. Corrupt cops give law enforcement a bad name. But this is NOT one of those incidents. The cops didn’t respond to the accident because they were never told about it by the dispatcher as stated by the letter writer: “She called 911 and was told since no ambulance was needed that no officer would be sent.” But you decided to ignore that fact.

    You say you like good cops but when a cop investigates a possible parking infraction, what was your response: ” yes they harrass you over a handicapped parking spot”

    So please don’t tell me you have any love for any cop, honest or not.

  11. I have a lot of love for a lot of GOOD cops. I camp with a few, and I personally knew 2 of the recent 6 officers in our area that lost their lives to piece of garbage criminals. And guess what? The ones that want to protect and serve are infuriated by the corrupt cops, and the Police Guilds(Union) that protect said dirty cops. Look at McDonough, Keller, Dougil, Sainati, WSP Trooper Pigot(think its one g), John Batiste(WSP Chief), Ron Smith-these are recent ones in our immediate area. Google “black thursday 2009″ & WSP and check out a WSP trooper literally crawling through the bushes recording the license plates of legally parked motorcycles for a protest rally to restore our rights at the State Capitol. I have testified before the state legislature regarding the abuses by the Washington State Patrol-Pigot violated a motorcyclists civil rights AND HIS OWN dashcam evidence is what resulted in a 90,000.00 settlement of our tax dollars. Fired? Suspended? Nope!

    Re: Clark-result of being wasted, crashing his car, calling an on-duty subordinate from Federal Way to Puyallup to help him-he got 30 days without pay, half of which he forfeited vacation pay for. Total cover-up.

    If you are a good cop, or you know good cops, you know the Police Guilds have to be eliminated, or severely restricted. They consider their job to be to protect the cops at any expense. Look at what they did to reinstate McDonough in 2003/2004(finally “forced” to resign October 23rd this last year over new issues), and Dougil in 2010(think it was 2010 when his trial was over and he claimed he was just incompetent not a perjurer-and the jury bought that he was just a bumbling fool versus a malignant cop who perjured himself multiple times to convict some criminals) btw 275k settlement to the criminals in that case.

    We can talk details any time you want. I guarantee you I have done 50 times the research that you have. And those same GOOD cops hate what their superiors are making them do for policework. Instead of helping at accidents, patrolling neighborhoods at night, etc. etc. etc. they are forced to sit on the freeways picking off people driving 5 over or hiding at the bottom of hills hoping to get someone that doesn’t want to ride their brakes all the way down the hill. They don’t like this, and they recognize that this causes both criminals and law-abiding, tax-paying, productive members of society to have a negative view of law enforcement. 6 cops traveling 10 or 15 miles an hour over the speed limit WITHOUT even their lights running is another negative press situation. Cops and their superiors need to be aware of the importance of restoring the publics trust, respect and admiration in their profession. That requires a certain level of competence to stuff as simple as this. Run lights, no sirens if you need to be silent for some reason if you are going to speed. You will piss the public off doing this. Its no different than the officers on Meridian who turn their lights on to slip through the intersections, then turn them off. I have followed 2, just wondering if they were responding to an emergency. I won’t even type here where they went to, as it is too stereotypical :). But they weren’t responding to anything other than making sure they were where they wanted to be for their next break.

    So yeah, I think its ridiculous that a cop is asking someone to prove they are the handicapped placard holder and at the same time have created a policy that does not allow them to respond to accidents where an ambulance isn’t called. About 7 years ago, on New Years Eve, I hit someone. Totally my fault, we tried to get an officer to respond as the guy I hit wanted a police report(which I understand as so many people are liars nowadays after the fact). 911 asked me “are either of you drunk or high”. When I said no(hadn’t drank anything, and he had just gotten off work). When I said no, they said they wouldn’t be responding. But they have time to sit around nailing people for driving 5 over. This is a management issue; and unfortunately the gross incompetence starts with the heads of our respective law enforcement departments. One just has to read Batiste’s releases to see how corrupt the WSP is from the top down.

    BTW-this year we passed a law that will force law enforcement to not profile motorcyclists anymore. It passed 95-0 I think, and it passed the house the year before 96-2 just to be killed by the Senate(cancelled hearing for the bail law hearing as a result of Clemmons murdering the 4 Lakewood officers). Additionally, a parade bill was passed into law resulting in the removal of the right to restrict motorcyclists in parades by the WSP. No other group was controlled in parades by the WSP-just motorcyclists.

    I have intentionally gone all over the board on this post in the hopes that you can realize that many people that are EXTREMELY anti-bad cop are not “cop haters”. Many good cops are very anti-bad cop themselves, but can only vocalize this position in private conversations due to their police union guilds.

  12. It seems as if Pazzo wrote the rules on the Proper way for police to respond to any vehicle accident.Makes me wonder if he works as an officer of the law or is trying to convince everyone of his superior knowledge of all circumstances!

  13. PumainTacoma says:

    WSP doesnt respond either. Spouse got hit by kid who admitted falling asleep. Since no WSP report or citation the insurances bicker for a year. The joke for retired Seattle cops I know is that WSP gets paid $70 hr to be essentially over paid traffic cops.

  14. pazzo242 says:

    TMell–you believe whatever it is your perverted mind about cops wants to believe and I will continue to fight against the negative sterotype you and others like you spew.

    Sincere–I am a retired cop so seen it all and know the procedures as well as dealing with you and people like you—ALL THE TIME. No matter what you say or do the cop bashers will ALWAYS twist your words and find fault, even when you follow the book word for word.

    I’m done battering with idiots until the next POS letter.

  15. Was fun taking your points apart limb for limb. If you are a retired cop, you probably remember when cops where respected. I’m only 37, and I remember a time when cops were there to help, and were respected. It needs to change, and it will. The public is ultimately every cops boss, and we will make the proper changes through legislation. Your brothers and sisters in blue that are good cops will appreciate it; and the corrupt officers and their superiors will ultimately be forced out.

  16. haaaa forget the cops! i’m curious about what I have seen recently involving the FIRE DEPARTMENT….

    twice in recent weeks I have seen fire trucks with lights and sirens weaving through traffic backed up to get on the freeway, forcing commuters to panic and nearly cause several accidents in their rush to get out of the way of the fire trucks….when the fire trucks make it out to the center lane of the freeway and get up to cruising speed, they shut off the lights and sirens and just cruise along to what ever they are doing….no rush, no hurry…seems to me maybe they use the lights and noise just to get people out of the way so they dont have to wait for traffic!

    maybe they are heading to some intersection to block traffic there and distract drivers while passing some boot around looking for handouts! HAAAA

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