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WAL-MART: Lawsuit about respect, not money

Letter by Christy Dick, Kent on June 22, 2011 at 12:47 pm with 34 Comments »
June 22, 2011 1:05 pm

Re: “Wal-Mart case sets ‘job bias’ precedent” (TNT, 6-21).

The real reasons that people are mad are because of Wal-Mart’s disrespect of the individual and the way that employees are treated. Once Wal-Mart does not want them anymore, it finds excuses to get rid of them.

It has nothing to do with money; we are only asking for justice and equality, regardless of beliefs or sex.

I once thought that the store and the people of Wal-Mart were a family, but after six years of being a Wal-Mart employee, it simply became slavery. I am all for justice, respect and treating people as humans – nothing less than that.

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  1. Yeah, right, it’s not about the money! LOL

  2. SadujTogracse says:

    The Supreme Court made another correct decision by not certifying this case.

  3. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Slavery? Were you bought and sold? Forced to work against your will? Please, you could have quit at anytime.

    This letter does nothing to explain how Walmart allegedly discriminates on beliefs or sex. Sounds like whining to me. Dick was looking for a payday or undeserved promotion over higher qualified individuals.

  4. Evil scary unions!

  5. It might be about respect for you but, once you got the lawyers involved, it is all about money.

  6. LarryFine says:

    … speaking of lawyers… has anyone checked out the former VP candidate’s latest photo ? Almost like a campaign photo in front of a blue screen.

    lmao… and they’re all talking about Sarah.

  7. “concernedtacoma7 says:
    June 22, 2011 at 2:20 pm
    Slavery? Were you bought and sold? Forced to work against your will? Please, you could have quit at anytime.

    Walmart did force workers to work off the clock and kept them locked in the building. I’d call that “against your will”.

    Labor laws were created so that employers would not take advantage of workers in this way. Having to quit your source of income is not a rational answer to violations of labor laws.

    As to the Supreme Court findings, the lawsuit is not over. It’s just restricted from being class action. That way the workers have to take on Walmart individually. You can easily see where this is heading. Additionally, they were not allowed to seek back pay, thus restricting the possible award and keeping the workers from securing representation. Attorneys don’t work for nothing.

    So, in reality, the Supreme Court acknowledged the possibility of grounds for suit, but in restricting it, they handed the advantage to the one with the deepest pockets – Walmart.

  8. It’s all about protecting Wal Mart’s profits.

  9. If all the people that feel Walmart is so unfair,why are they still working there?If there is one way to get owners attention it is to stop showing up for work.If not showing up for work doesn’t help,Quit your job and try to get unemloyment benefits and live off the fat of the land.

  10. cclngthr says:

    Concernedtacoma7 is focusing on the way of life that people are cans instead of actual workers. He, if allowed to do so, would pay workers $1.00 an hour because he wants to be the richest person.

  11. letsworkitout says:

    You can quit your job, and if those are the conditions you are in then seek employment elsewhere. There is absolutely NO ROOM for using the word slavery in this situation. That type of hyperbole serves only to stir up the emotion for a side, it does not help the situation at all.

  12. sincere – two things

    You can not collect unemployment if you voluntarily terminate your job.

    Without unemployment benefits Wal*Mart employees would need to have secured another job before quitting. And there aren’t that many jobs out there right now.

  13. harleyrider1 says:

    Slavery? WalMart has been accused of a lot, but slavery?

    WalMart is the largest single retail employer in America. They are also the largest giver to United States charities and communities. Their pricing may force some businesses to close but it also forces others to keep their prices reasonable.

    The tax contribution to any community they are located in, far exceeds what they take. One of few business that can make that statement.

    And since this is still America as we know it, you don’t have to work there, you don’t have to shop there, and you don’t have to take their donations. I’ve never understood why some people attack WalMart but a lot of people apply for work there and shop there!

  14. harley @ I wouldn’t give WalMart any applause for their tax contributions. They haven’t added to the sales tax base, they’ve simply shifted it from other stores. If someone who used to spend $100 at Target every week starts shopping at WalMart instead they are still paying the same amount of sales tax.

    One of the arguments used to promote the Lakewood WalMart was that it would generate $500,000 in sales taxes per year. Ridiculous.

  15. “sincere says:
    June 22, 2011 at 9:35 pm
    If all the people that feel Walmart is so unfair,why are they still working there?If there is one way to get owners attention it is to stop showing up for work.If not showing up for work doesn’t help,Quit your job and try to get unemloyment benefits and live off the fat of the land.

    What you are describing sounds like what organized labor calls a strike. In many countries around the world, Walmart is unionized because of labor laws, but in the United States, Walmart is a big contributor to campaigns to deny organized labor rights to Americans.

  16. A Right Wiing Supreme Court will hand all of America to the corporations and their idiot rank and file cultmembers will blame the smart people when their loser lives become even worse.

  17. The attention Wal-Mart gets from all of this is worth every penny, not to mention the sympathy factor. They hardly need to advertise.

    They’re just another retailer. Shop around to get the best deal.

  18. Roncella says:

    Christy, Wal-Mart has added real value for shoppers of all income levels especially the lower income folks, to save money on groceries and clothing and the rest.

    If you feel they have not been fair or respectful to you or others you should not continue to work there. Your free to find employment somewhere else.

    I know a number of folks who work or have worked for Wal-mart and they loved it there.

  19. Roncella says:

    sue1234, your statements are so blind with crazy assumptions and weird thinking its almost unbelieveable that someone could be so mixed up as your comments usually are.

    Sue here’s another point in Wal-Marts favor, every gallon of gas it sells has been refined in America by Americans, Not Bad, Right Sure ??

  20. cclngthr says:

    Only thing with Wal-Mart employee base is the employees may not work full time and don’t earn enough to sustain themselves while in transition to the next employer paycheck. Unemployment requires a minimum of 650 hours of work in a year, and that not always that easy to accomplish.

    Some employers will limit the hours of an employee so they won’t be elegible for unemployment.

    Wal-Mart may be one of the largest employers, however their practices may be questionable particularly in the US.

    Their products are also questionable. Last pair of jeans I bought there only lasted me 3 months due to defects in the material. For clothing, I go to thrift stores or Kmart.

  21. This whole issue is about the union’s continual attempt to get inside Walmart. It was a great day for America when the Supreme Court slapped the rascals down.

  22. slugoxyz says:

    I shop at Walmart. Why? They’re cheap and I’m poor (well, relatively. I’m married so in essence, I’m poor). Anyway… If you don’t like them, then like others have said, don’t shop there. If you don’t like their labor practices, don’t work there.

    Walmart does increase the tax base because if say, Target was the only other option, lower income folk did not come into that community to shop. Walmart will bring lower income people into that community meaning they have brought in sales that previously would not have been realized. If their products are questionable as cclngth says they are, those that can afford better products will continue to support the higher end stores so all markets will flourish. Isn’t that a good thing? But to all the people who think that Walmart is somehow evil, Walmart supports lower income people as well as deal seeking middle class people. I wouldn’t be surprised if some affluent people don’t seek some of Walmart’s cheap sales. It just makes good sense. Walmart is practically a welfare state in and of itself since it sells cheap stuff for cheap prices and employs unskilled labor. It even allows campers to park there overnight free of charge! A virtual cornucopia of community service! Are you simply upset that they are anti-union? I’m trying to figure out exactly why some people hate Walmart. I don’t get it.

  23. slugoxyz, they hate Walmart for exactly the same reason you mentioned, the unions have tried and tried to get in so they can reduce Walmart to another failed company.

  24. slugoxyz says:

    Well Frosty, that might be their ulterior motive but it all sounds like an Eddie Izzard skit. “We hate Walmart…’cause we do! And Walmart is bad…’cause it is!”

  25. Seriously? If you think there is a better job available, quit and go get it. It is ONLY about the money. That’s it.

  26. stetsonwalker says:

    I do not get how the “victim’s” lawyer will go right to the source of the money and sue, then say it is not the money! If it was not the money they would sue the brutal cop, or the pedophile teacher, or the sexist Walmart manager! No they go right to the biggest pile of money and sue!

  27. No, slugoxy, they’ve got you completely snookered on the tax issue. The lower income people who might come into the community to shop at WalMart were already shopping somewhere else before WalMart came on the scene. Whether it was in Lakewood or Tacoma or Spanaway or wherever. Those people aren’t spending more money, they just might spend it 8 miles away from where they used to so it does not generate MORE sales tax revenue, it just shifts which neighborhood gets it. Low-income people in Lakewood used to shop at KMart. Now they are split between KMart and WalMart. Either way, the total sales are the same so the sales tax revenue is the same.

  28. slugoxyz says:

    All right Ronniew. I see your point. People aren’t really spending more money than they were the day before Walmart got there but they certainly aren’t spending any less. And now that I think about it, if you can open a small business near the Walmart footprint, you will get business just from people traveling to use Walmart. Like a bike shop (just as an example). Walmart doesn’t really compete against a bike shop. They attract different kinds of clientele. But that bike shop might get some passerby traffic they wouldn’t have if they were surrounded by high end clothes stores. That would be money otherwise unspent…maybe. All of this still doesn’t explain why people vilify Walmart so much.

    Then there is the mitigation required to put a Walmart (or any store for that matter) in. In Tumwater, Walmart has put traffic circles on Little Rock Road (I personally love traffic circles), wider roads, curbing, traffic signals and an entrance/exit ramp for I5. There are sidewalks now where there used to be none. All those improvements were done simply to allow them to put a store there. Had Walmart not done those things, they either wouldn’t have been done or you and I would have paid for them.

    That store will need hundreds of workers to work there. Great job? I wouldn’t want it but there are hundreds of people who would…and will. If I was jobless, I’d take it and in order to put food on my table, I would tolerate immeasurable indignities.

    Maybe it’s just “cool” to hate Walmart. But I have never been one of those lemmings who does something because the other guy was doing it. I don’t hate anyone unless they give me a decent reason. Walmart hasn’t done that to me yet so you’re just going to have to hate it with all your other “cool” friends… for no good reason.

  29. Sincere,
    The only thing worse that a bad job is no job.

    Workers who quite, don’t get unemployment, and those fired for cause don’t get full unemployment.

    Slavery – the correct term is Wage Slave or Wage Slavery.

    I have never shopped in Wal-Mart and will do so only when they are the only store left.

    Notice Roncella ‘knows’ current and form Wal-Mart workers who liked it there, but there are now posts from these well satisfied workers.

  30. Roncella says “every gallon of gas it sells has been refined in America by Americans,”

    IF that were true – gas would be the only thing W-M sells that
    is made here.

    U.S. Oil Exports
    Today, the US does exports crude oil – about 20,000 barrels per day, all of it to Canada. We could keep it in the US, but it would cost more to ship it to a US refinery (that might already be oversupplied) 1500 miles away than to a Canadian refinery 200 miles away. It all comes back to us as refined product, anyway — mostly gasoline, because even with all our refineries going flat out, we cannot process enough crude oil (including the 4 million barrels per day that we produce, and the 9 million barrels per day we import) to meet our needs. So we also import about 3 million barrels of refined product (mostly gasoline) every day, most if it from Canada.

  31. Slugoxyz,
    Any small business near a Wal-Mart that sells a product also sold my Wal-Mart will fail because the small business cannot sell their items as cheaply as Wal-Mart does.

  32. xring, I’m glad to hear that you don’t shop at Walmart. That means there’s one more available parking space and fewer people to block the isles with their carts. Do us all a favor and continue to shop elsewhere. We millions of Walmart shoppers appreciate it.

  33. In reply to beer boys assertion of not being able to collect unemployment benefits if you voluntarily leave your job,my understanding is you will be able to still collect benefits after a certain waiting period.Did anyone catch the words,Try,to get benefits?

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