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SEATTLE: Cops speed through Tacoma

Letter by Paul F. Mitchell, Gig Harbor on June 22, 2011 at 12:55 pm with 14 Comments »
June 22, 2011 12:55 pm

On June 15, at about 3 p.m., I was eastbound on the Narrows Bridge when the first of six Seattle police cruisers passed me by, each traveling from 10 to 15 miles above the speed limit and none  using their lights to signal an emergency call. They passed in two groups from the bridge to Cheney Stadium, one driver per car, and all using the HOV lane.

As Seattle police have been getting a media beating of late, consider this a public notice to Seattle that whatever program it has to restore public respect for police doesn’t appear to be working, as its employees are still publicly flaunting that they consider themselves untouchable, above the law.

It would have been very interesting to see what would have happened had a Tacoma, Pierce County or State Patrol officer been on the road. My guess? Nothing at all.

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  1. Misunderestimated says:

    You are being a little unfair here.
    Dunkin Donuts was having a special that was only good until 3:30 PM.
    You should be thankful that they were carpooling in an effort to save taxpayer’s fuel charges.
    P.S. The Donuts and coffee were wonderful

  2. They heard there was a pedestrian near Cheney Stadium carrying a whittling knife and they wanted to beat the Tacoma PD there for target practise. Then they sped off to Fife PD for graveyard shift maneuvers with the dispatchers,

  3. I’ve seen other police departments, including the Tacoma police, do similar stuff. Pretty sad.

  4. pazzo242 says:

    Ok, all you anti-coppers. 1) Cops don’t always use sirens or lights going to a call because the emergency equipment telegraphs you and that is not always a good thing. 2) Just like any other jurisdiction many times a criminal that is in another area (that is close by) the jurisdiction that has the warrant will respond to the area for the arrest after the local agency was advised. Also as they were only doing “10 to 15” miles over the speed limit is not huge concern, but they were probably headed to a staging area where the arrest was going to be made.

    Unlike many of you who think no matter what cops do is wrong I will make the following assumptions: In this case I will assume that SPD was responding to a Seattle wanted person who was or is in Pierce County AND they were not using emergency equipment so they did not telegraph their response AND they were headed to a staging area where a plan of attack would be developed. The marked cars were being used so the suspect couldn’t claim later he didn’t know it was the cops who were busting down his/her door. I will further assume that SPD used the HOV lane because emergency vehicles (all of them) are exempt from the occupancy restriction and it was the faster way to get to their destination. Given there was six of these SPD cars this would be a reasonable assumption.

    The other possible scenarios are: 1) The letter writer is just trying to create a story for more bad press for SPD as it was pointed out by the letter writer, or 2) The letter writer was confused about what police cars actually passed him. I will assume the letter writer is correct in what they observed but all possibilities must be addressed instead of wagging a finger at the cops first.

  5. Thats why they have a plate that says “exempt”

  6. Nice discourse on police practices. You sound like an instructor. But nobody rebuted the notion that it was bad PR and bad optics.

    And what in the world justifies the cost of moving six officers to a remote location to support another police force. Don’t tell us that the Seattle cops are making the arrest because that would be unsafe to a suspect who knows he’s not in Seattle.

    As our instructor-friend has stated, it’s primarily for show and that is exactly the point of the letter writer. Donuts are optional, and consumed afterwards.

  7. georgiastar says:

    I travel the Narrows Bridge on a regular basis and it is a common occurance to see law enforcement in the car pool lane and speeding without lights on. I followed one of them one day (Tacoma cop) he was on his way to work–donuts were most likely his next stop.

  8. slugoxyz says:

    Ho hum. If you folk were half as conscientious about looking for criminals as you were about looking for the cops to do something you perceive as wrong, we’d have a great Neighborhood Watch program all over the state. But alas… It’s like you all have some weird passive aggressive desire to tear down those you envy or subconsciously admire. But because you don’t actually have the guts to do what they do, you attempt to tear them down rather than raising yourself up. It’s essentially how racism and sexism work. Don’t lift yourself up. That’s difficult. Tear them down. It might even be humorous if it wasn’t so darned sad.

  9. ItalianSpring says:

    Paul- Your jealousy (and hatred) of the police is delicious.

  10. pazzo242 says:

    pgroup says:
    “As our instructor-friend has stated, it’s primarily for show and that is exactly the point of the letter writer”

    I did not say it for show–did you not read my post? If you walk up to the door with plain clothes officers then the suspect can claim later that he/she had no idea it was law enforcement. So many of you cop haters want to bring up Chief Brame for your justification to hate cops. So let me bring up a name—Bannanola. He was killed because he was wearing plain clothes with a vest that said POLICE on it. Nevertheless the suspect’s defense was he didn’t know they were cops. The uniform officer and the marked police car eliminates that bogus defense.

    pgroup says:
    “And what in the world justifies the cost of moving six officers to a remote location to support another police force.”

    First you have no idea what kind of suspect they are going after and whether the suspect is armed and willing to fire on the cops. Secondly, the show of force is to get the suspect to give up without a fight, do you not get that?
    You are right, SPD will not make the arrest. What will happen is the local PD will make the arrest and then turn the suspect over to SPD. But given most of the PD’s in Gig Harbor and beyond (where it looks as if they were coming from) are small agencies they may have asked for the manpower from SPD to enact the SPD wanted person–Didn’t think of that did you? That’s because you have no idea about police work and are nothing but another cop hater.
    Additionally, if they were headed back to Seattle, maybe—just maybe—they were trying to get back to their city to respond to calls for service there. Another thing you didn’t think of.

    pgroup says:
    “But nobody rebuted the notion that it was bad PR and bad optics.”

    Never said it wasn’t bad press. I’m just saying all of you cop haters want to wag a finger at the cops before you have any clue what actually happened. The letter writer should have contacted SPD to make a complaint and see what they had to say. Maybe the letter writer is correct but without due diligence how would he know. Then if he was correct he could have included that fact with his letter. But obviously he did not and assumed. So who is the one creating the bad PR–the letter writer and you.

    pgroup say:
    “Donuts are optional, and consumed afterwards”

    Blah, blah, blah

  11. Pazzo! Before you bring up Bananola in such an abstract scenario, go back and read that report. Cops were STUPID on that raid. That was a disaster. I am glad they have changed their procedures so another officer doesn’t have to die unnecessarily. We are a society that has a right to defend ourselves in our home, and unannounced thugs(be it police or not) coming into my home would cause me to defend my home and my property in a similar manner. That was a horribly sad case all around, for Officer Bananola, and for the other victim, the criminal who shot Office Bananola. He wasn’t given the opportunity to be made aware he was being raided by the police, and react accordingly.

  12. pazzo242 says:

    TMell–that’s what you got out of my post. Please read it again. I SAID he was killed because they didn’t use uniformed officers in that raid–thus the defense by the suspect. I brought up Bananola’s name because evey cop hater out there ALWAYS wants to bang arounf Brame–nonstop! Also if you look at who I was responding to you would notice pgroup had issue with the number of uniform officers this thread is talking about. Pay attention, would you.

    As for Banaola–he was wearing a vest that said POLICE on it. I see the point of the defense side, I just don’t like it and in my opinion (and mine only) the defense was bogus. And I hate to tell you but the announcement of “Police, search warant!” was announced. Yes it was early AM and the suspect was caught off gaurd but do you expect to have them knock and say “Police, may we come in please?” and then wait patiently while the suspect flushes the evidence down the toilet? You know you people kill me in your constant second guessing of the police.

  13. So now you are backing off your idiotic “bogus” defense comment. OK, no prob. Totally appreciate your new position.

    If “he was killed because they didn’t use uniformed officers in that raid” -these are your words above; then guess what-you have personally affirmed the defenses position. Do you realize you just skewered your own comment? Of course, I see you were posting at 12:49 am, so maybe you let your pro-cop guard down and actually let the truth serum make you think logically?

  14. You are as ignorant as Brian Oneil in your defense of the indefensible when it comes to police actions. You want to bring up Bananola-then apologize to the guy that shot Bananola! Was he a criminal? Yes(in my opinion). Should the search warrant have been properly executed with the individuals in the home clearly knowing it was the police raiding their home(and not another drug dealer, or Korum or his buddies posing as police officers or, or, or, or, or, or). You ARE IGNORANT!

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