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SOCIAL SECURITY: AARP is out of touch

Letter by Michael Good, Tacoma on June 20, 2011 at 10:26 am with 10 Comments »
June 20, 2011 2:31 pm

Re: “Activists criticize AARP over Social Security” (TNT, 6-18).

So, AARP has decided that it is more important to foist itself into the fracas no matter its position than to really lobby for the senior citizens of this country.

AARP feels that it is inevitable that there will be reductions in Social Security benefits so it wants to be a part of the discussion. What a sleazy, spineless position to take when there is no reason to back down from a position that is morally and legally correct.

Congress is the entity that began stealing from the Social Security trust fund in order to try to balance budgets many budgets ago. The trust fund, left alone, would be healthy and thriving. Now, however, we are to believe that the shortfall in the trust fund is part of the problem.

Who is crazier? Those who propose that argument or those who believe it?

AARP is abandoning its constituency, and why is a mystery. There is no concrete reason to stop the fight to eliminate the cap on Social Security contributions and fight for reductions in meaningful budget areas such as defense, congressional expenses and benefits, and government bureaucracy as a whole.

I truly hope there is a huge groundswell on the part of the 37 million senior citizens to help AARP see the error of its ways or to eliminate the organization as a player in the national arena.

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  1. The hand writing is on the wall. The Republican Party has outlined its attack on social security and medicare. Michael Good, what did you expect Congress to do with the medicare and social security trust funds? Yes, there is $2.5 trillion in special treasury bonds in the social security fund. Did you expect Congress to just let it sit there are not use it? The real issue is the redemption of the bonds when funds are needed because the current social security taxes are less than the outlay . This will require the raising of taxes or cutting other expenditures.

    Just maybe AARP wants to engage the debate rather than sit on the sidelines and watch the Republican Party tear the social networks apart in this country. The Republican Party, tea baggers and the Fox talk show hosts cry about income redistribution. Maybe, if companies did not ship jobs overseas, there would be more social security taxes going into the fund. Maybe, if the companies paid adequate wages, there would be a reduced need for supplementary welfare, food stamps and the earned income tax credit. Maybe, if the companies contributed to medical and hospital insurance, there would be a reduced need for medicaid.

    And, maybe if the citizens did not consider taxes to be a dirty word, but demanded value for their tax money, there would be adequate funding for educational programs to produce jobs that are in demand. How many technical and professional jobs are going overseas? How many green cards are issued to employees because there are insufficient numbers of engineers and computer programmers graduating from our schools.

    So, when the new Congress is sworn in January 2013 and the new president January 20, 2013 do not expect the middle class to be served.

  2. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    The AARP is only trying to get back the millions of members that bailed on them when they came out supporting obummercare.

    They support $500 BILLION in medicare cuts.

    Boycott AARP

  3. I routinely send back their mailers that I receive from AARP with the comment “I don’t do business with liberal organizations”

  4. harleyrider1 says:

    AARP is not abandoning their ways. They are an insurance company.

    Gee – who do you think might step in and offer a “policy” for those that need supplemental income prior to SSAN kicking in?

    AARP is an insurance company. Old people get sucked into so many schemes.

  5. Roncella says:

    AARP started out to be a real help to the older folks in alot of ways.

    It has co-opted its mission to supporting ObamaCare and in effect is hurting the very people it was created to help.

    Whenever they send mailers or call just remind them of their support for ObamaCare and other far left causes they support as to the reason you want nothing to do with AARP.

  6. BlaineCGarver says:

    I joined AARP ten years ago, and dumped them when I realized they were 100% anti-Second Amendment, and Pro-Obama Care…The discounts on their products can be met if you shop just a little bit.

  7. I used to throw their mailers in the trash, then figured that I could cost them more money if I simply wrote a note on them and sent them back. The more they send, the more send back. I love it.

  8. frosty – nope….. Mass mailings like those sent by AARP do not have return postage guaranteed. All you are doing is annoying your letter carrier.

  9. But then frosty…..making empty gestures is kind of your modus operandi.

  10. aislander says:

    Good writes: “I truly hope there is a huge groundswell on the part of the 37 million senior citizens to help AARP see the error of its ways or to eliminate the organization as a player in the national arena.”

    I agree. All seniors should dump AARP and join AMAC…

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