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WEINER: Congress’ hypocrisy is showing

Letter by Raymond A. Smith, Tacoma on June 17, 2011 at 12:53 pm with 23 Comments »
June 17, 2011 2:19 pm

Not for a moment do I condone the actions of Anthony Weiner. However, I wish that the “sins” of Congress were only as bad as Weiner’s.

Weiner’s sins were distasteful, but those of Congress hurt, damage and/or destroy real people. The only issue of import for virtually every member of Congress is to get re-elected as many times as they can find money to buy.


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  1. Everything and anything is alright and excussed if you are a republican, just stand in front of a microphone with your zanexed wifed next to you and say you have asked god for forgiveness and he has given it to you and all is forgiven.

    if you are a Democrat…….noting will be forgotten….ever and the story will get worse with each of the millions of tellings.

  2. theglovesRoff says:

    Apparently someone forgot about the Spitzer….

    Ironically, another New Yorker.

  3. Gee, no mention at all about Senator David Vitter in the news for his use of prostitutes.

  4. LarryFine says:

    Kooky, what is “showing” is a democrat congressman TWEETING his weiner bulge nation wide (thank God he wasn’t on the national security counsel)…
    … and a bunch of monikers throwing flak for him… LOL…. LMAO.

  5. Vitter……Ensign diddling the hired help…..Newt ditto the hired help…..

  6. Even kookier is all the changing monikers commenting about other changing monikers…..

  7. redneckbuck says:

    I hate the third grade arguments. If they are not trustworthy throw the bums out!

  8. Roncella says:

    Its long over due that the folks the voters have entrusted to WORK for the Taxpayers/voters best interests and get to Work.

    Both Dems. and Repubs. have dirty linen to be ashamed of. Its high time these Congressmen and women get busy and cancel their vacations and special recesses for weeks at a time and get down to the business of working on the many problems facing America.

    Congressmens pay and benefits packages should be cut and adjusted downword. Our economy is in a shambles with no hope to correct it in sight.

    President Obama has no clue how to fix the economy and just goes on spending and spending on his many vacations, golf outings, Parties at the Whitehouse, on and on.

    Its time for Change starting with the top and hopefully electing someone with business experience, and a strong drive to get the economy moving, including getting the enemployment percentage down.

    The only way out of this mess is to get small business healthy again. Get the Government out of the way and lessen regulations and restrictions, and work to get the realestate market values to start to go UP once again.

  9. Which regulations would you lift, Roncella?

    Do you agree with unrestricted imports, free trade?

  10. theglovesRoff says:
    June 18, 2011 at 12:13 am
    It is “kooky” all the monikers throwing out the what about Vitter line.

    Ya think maybe more than one person sees the hypocrisy in Vitter??????

  11. Maybe it’s OK that Boehner is golfing but not Obama.


  12. Roncella says:

    President Obama has had more golf outings than any other President in History in 2 years time.

    He needs to get his priorities straight. He was not elected to play golf or travel around the World to check into his Irish ancestry. He needs to get with small Business owners and ask them what he could do to get there trust back and get the economy moving.

    He needs to recind Obamacare Now. He needs to get government out of the way of Business and let the economy come back to life again, Now.

  13. Very workable solutions, Roncella.

    Our country’s got experience electing presidents with business experience who will get the government out of the way and allow deregulated business to run amok. When, down the road, things don’t work out and businesses and the financial system collapse and a great recession or depression results, we will always be able to blame the problems on the following President for deficit spending as he tries to bail us out of the economic collapse, and for not fixing the economic problems fast enough. Oh yea, and for golfing too much.

    Then we can start the whole cycle over again. Some people seem to live for that.

  14. The President knows that the key to recovery is to create well paying JOBS in this country unlike the GOP who wants to help corporations create jobs overseas.

    The housing market is a symptom of the lack of well paying jobs and the tight fisted credit/lending sectors.

    Small business (especially mm/pop and family owned) need costumers with well paying jobs – see first comment above).

    Bush II was an experienced businessman – he bankrupted all four of his businesses as warm up for what he did the US.

  15. Roncella might want to bone up on his golf information:

    “Despite all of the problems facing Ohio families, according to Golf Digest Magazine, Congressman Boehner finds time to play about 100 rounds of golf a year– most with special interest lobbyists. He says he pays special attention to the lobbyists he meets on the golf course, bragging “…if someone I’ve gotten to know on the golf course comes into my office with a good argument, I tend to want to listen.”

    Now that’s about two rounds a week and we KNOW that Obama isn’t playing that much. It would be reported twice a week – minimum – on FOX.

  16. Congressman Boehner finds time to play about 100 rounds of golf a year

    Obama is lagging behind. According to an article critical of his golf outings (in a U.K. publication), he has gone out 70 times in 28 months.


  17. Since when does the UK care about the US Memorial Day???????

  18. Roncella says:

    Hey liberal posters out there, Congressman Boehner is not the President and is not running for President, will not doubt ever be President. So if he feels he has time to Golf and still be a productive member of Congress thats for his voters to judge.

    President Obama needs to get to work in the Whitehouse and slow down with his re-election traveling and spending and giving his tele-prompter speeches to raise more and more Money for himself.

    Its time Obama got busy and got to work on the Business he was elected to do. Stop with the Vacations and Parties and Basketball games.

  19. ron – so you are saying that the Speaker of the House isn’t that important of a position? So being next after the VP in succession for the Presidency isn’t all that important…….?

    Or, are you saying that it is up to the Congressman’s constituents to judge via the election box (even though his position effects all Americans) but somehow the President’s constituents voting one year from now doesn’t count?

  20. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, I am saying that President Obama holds the most powerful position in the World Today, that is being elected President of the United States of America.

    He needs to get to work at the Whitehouse, Now.

    His constant vacations and golf outings and basketball games and parties at the Whitehouse, special overseas visits is not why he was elected President of the U.S.,

    He was elected President because he claimed to have plans on how to lessen unemployment, and get the economy running properly, end the wars, on and on.

    He said so himself as he debated the folks he ran against, as he read his tele-prompters at every campaign stop, Yes Obama claimed to have all the answers to all the Problems the Country was facing, He lied.

    Our Country is in worse condition now after only two years of Obama and getting worse daily. 2012 election time can’t come soon enought for Most Americans.

  21. menopaws says:

    Hey Roncella—–the MBA President is the one who allowed the banks to go crazy with speculation and hedge funds and mortgages being sold over and over………You crack me up—you had your business President, you idiot,,,,,,,,He drove this economy in the sewer……
    As far as Obama playing golf—-why is it okay for Republicans to play golf, go on PAID vacations with their lobbyist friends and yet our President is supposed to work for you 24/7……..Congress is on vacation at least 3 months per year–but the President can’t play golf on the weekend? You really need to start reading the paper instead of just commenting on the letters—all your lovely Tea Party congressmen have worked LESS days than any other Congress. with far more work to do……But, standing in front of a microphone and whining does eat up a lot of time, doesn’t it?

  22. xring – I’m imagining mom and pop and family owned businesses doing much better because of the swell costumes they got from the well-paid costumers. “More rhinestones dahling and the sparkle will just dazzle the profit reports!”

    Sorry….not being the spelling police – just enjoyed the image.

  23. Roncella says:

    menopaws, Its not just your hero President Obama who needs to get busy and stop with all the parties and golfing and basketball games. Its the Congress who also needs to stop with all the recesses and breaks and vacations.

    Their vacations should be put on hold until they have solved and improved the Budget cuts necessary to move America back to a balanced budget. All the Congressmen wages need to be capped and frozen along with their staffs, until they find ways to cut their staffs and expenses.

    menopaws, if calling me an idiot and defending the likes of democrat weiner, palosi, reid, barney frank, john edwards, maxine waters, barbara boxer, so many other characters makes you feel enlightened have at it.

    menopaws, are you happy and satisfied with the Yes We Can, slogan of President Obama as he futher bankrupts the Country ?

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