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MCKENNA: Beware of ‘moderate’ cover

Letter by Michael Bowler, Buckley on June 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm with 51 Comments »
June 10, 2011 4:40 pm

To get an idea of what this state may look like under the rule of a Gov. Rob McKenna, one need only look at some of the unfortunate states that elected Republicans into office last fall. States such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Maine and New Jersey.

During the campaign, these now newly elected Republican governors gave little or no hint at the extreme agenda that they had in store for those unfortunates. Once in office they at once began attacking the middle class, the poor, the unions, the environment, minorities, voters, demonizing them all and taking away their wages, retirement, educational opportunities, their jobs and their very dignity.

When they protested, they were portrayed as greedy, selfish thugs. In one of these states, the very right to have a freely elected local government of the people’s choosing was taken away.

In all of these states, these new governors are so unpopular that they could not be elected dog catcher today. Outside interests will pour millions into getting McKenna elected by convincing you that he is a moderate. His real views are much the same as those unelectable dog catchers. Caveat emptor.

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  1. Roncella says:

    Hey Mike wake up and get into the Real World.

    The reason all those Republican Governors won was because a majority of the tax payers in those states were dam tire of the out of control taxing and spending that has bankrupted most of the states especially , the big democratic strong holds like New Jersey, Wisc. Il. New York, so many are bankrupt from democratic control of the state and the larges cities in those states for too many years.

    How about giving Mike McKenna a chance to speak for himself and explain what he woud like to acomplish as Government of the once Great State of Washington, before you attack him and prejudge him.


  2. Roncella says:

    Correction alert. Rob McKenna, Not Mike McKenna a friend of mine. on the post above.

  3. The right is already taking a bath, the election in 2012 will clear most of them out…hopefully once and for all.
    The GOP has now found out just how far right is ‘too far’.
    Walker in WI found that out for them.
    It will take some of the states, WI, MI, IN, IA and FL a year or 2 to repeal and repair the damage the extremists have done.
    All the while the nation will be doing that as well.

    Anyone that has even the slightest tie to the extremist teahaddists will be kicked to the curb where they belong.
    Thank god that BS only last a short while.

  4. Fibonacci says:

    Those states elected Repubicans because those Republicans lied. Do you really think that that clown in Wisconsin could win even 50% of the votes today? That is a typical Republican tactic, lie, get elected, muck everything up to help the rich and hurt the middle and poor as fast as you can before the voters wake up to the fact that they have been lied to and vote the Repubican out.

  5. Parkland says:

    This letter’s too funny. It’s as though the guy’s trying to will things to be. That or he watches _way_ too much msnbc. :)

  6. aislander says:

    It always gives me a good laugh when extremists (such as the letter writer, et al) accuse others of being extremists…

  7. McKenna = punitive. I do not need to say more for anyone who can reason.

  8. The reason all those Republican Governors won was because a majority of the tax payers in those states were dam tire of the out of control taxing and spending that has bankrupted most of the states especially”

    Wrong. They got votes because they lied about jobs programs and then promptly, after elected, set on a course of getting teachers laid off.

    Can you spell “R E C A L L”, Roncella?

  9. “aislander says:
    June 10, 2011 at 9:27 pm
    It always gives me a good laugh when extremists (such as the letter writer, et al) accuse others of being extremists… ”

    …….Sort of like when Newt “$500K Tiffany’s Credit” Ginrich calls Obama “elitist”?

  10. make that Gingrich.

  11. Parkland says:

    Can you spell “R E C A L L”, Roncella?

    Seriously, dude, no ones being recalled, re-anything, re-anywhere. You guys lost man, deal with it. It’s going to be another generation, at least, before progessivism raises its ugly head again.

  12. Rollo_Tomassi says:

    Michael –

    You know his real views? Really? Has he confided in you? Or are you just one of those psychic savants that know other peoples secret thoughts without ever having actually spoken to them?

    And your psychic ability extends to predicting the future too, huh?

    Here’s a little sound advice: Don’t believe everything you think.

  13. Mudwhistle_Lightening says:

    GOP = KKK

    That’s all you need to know.

  14. Parkland says:

    Mudwhistle_Lightening: “GOP = KKK

    That’s all you need to know.”

    Wow, such insight and intelligence coming from the left. We’re always inundated with leftists telling us how much smarter they are then we Neanderthal conservatives, but until now, I just didn’t believe it. Thanks for showing me the light, homes, ever since I read GOP = KKK, I’m a new man, thanks!

  15. harleyrider1 says:

    Back to the letter and staying on track: Governor Chris after 8-years of what?

    I know dead people will be voting for her, but I think those that live in the real world would like a change. We tried “Change” at the federal level and that didn’t work out well. However, on a smaller scale, if we elect someone who has experience in dealing with the problems of this state – not heling to create them – maybe we would feel better about living here.

    Maybe, businesses would want to come here. Worth a try?

  16. “Parkland says:
    June 10, 2011 at 10:22 pm
    Can you spell “R E C A L L”, Roncella?

    Seriously, dude, no ones being recalled, re-anything, re-anywhere. You guys lost man, deal with it. It’s going to be another generation, at least, before progessivism raises its ugly head again.”

    I hate to bring this up but Wisconsin voters have signed petitions to recall four of their state elected officials and in January, their governor’s opportunity will come.

    You might want to try reading some real news or watching a variety of news channels instead of the one that masquerades as a news channel.

    Additionally, if you are old enough to remember, this phenomena happened in the early 1990s. Whatever happened to the GOP’s golden boy, Randy Tate?

    “Tate was elected to Congress in the 1994 Republican Revolution, and from January 3, 1995 until January 3, 1997, he was a member of the 104th United States Congress. He was an unsuccessful candidate for re-election to the 105th United States Congress, receiving 47% of the vote against Democrat Adam Smith.”

    “One Term” Randy went to work for the Christian Coalition after his constituents told him what they thought of his job performance.

    Two years is not a generation ……

  17. “I know dead people will be voting for her”

    Oh…you forgot about the “felons” that voted for the Attorney General that ran for Governor. You know how those felons love attorneys general.

    When will Republicans accept that Dino Rossi’s best efforts came up short…..twice! Even the Conservative County of Chelan wouldn’t find in Dino’s favor.

  18. “We’re always inundated with leftists telling us how much smarter they are then we Neanderthal conservatives”

    Sometimes your actions make it difficult to hold back our observations.


  19. aislander says:

    Parkland wrote: “It’s going to be another generation, at least, before progessivism raises its ugly head again.”

    Ain’t that the truth? Progressive nostrums sound SO plausible that each new generation of voters (who have not experienced the actuality) is prey to them. After experiencing that actuality, the electorate always recoils in horror and votes in a conservative government. Trouble is, there is always some residue of each progressive regime continuing to create mischief into the future. Now that the aggregate of these residues is bankrupting the nation, we may have a chance to scour them out. Sort of like a national high colonic. The stuff we’ll be rid of is the same as with a real high colonic, too…

  20. Roncella says:

    KARDNOS, Its your worped observations and conclusions that make you wrong so much of the time.

  21. steilacoomtaxpayer says:

    Give us a better alternative. It isn’t Chris G and her blow the budget approach (when she corrected it, she took money from groups which did not benefit from the largess). Mike, if you wanna put a name out there, great. But, just no on McKenna isn’t going to cut it. What, really, is wrong with getting government unions to stop electing the bosses they will later negotiate their pay with?

  22. Parkland says:

    Wow, people have signed a petition to remove Scott Walker as governor of Wisconsin? I guess he’s as good as done then, not sure why they have such primitive laws in Wisconsin that allow him to hold on while some people have signed a petition. What a backward state, huh?

  23. SadujTogracse says:

    Haha, McKenna just announced the other day and the left is already viciously attacking him without cause. “To get an idea of what the state may look like”? You don’t know but yet you still feel the need to unfairly attack a person’s positions based on other people in different states?

    This is a great sign for McKenna that the extreme left is this scared of him this early.

  24. SadujTogracse says:

    “When will Republicans accept that Dino Rossi’s best efforts came up short…..”

    When Democrats accept that Al Gore’s (and John Kerry’s) efforst came up short.

  25. SadujTogracse says:

    Yes I’m aware I made a typo in my previous post. So the spelling NAZI’s can refrain from posting.

  26. When will the right admit Bush stole two elections?

  27. SadujTogracse says:

    “When will the right admit Bush stole two elections?”

    When pigs fly? When Weiner resigns? When Obama learns how to lead?

  28. aislander says:

    xring writes: “When will the right admit Bush stole two elections?”

    So…it’s up to TWO elections in the fever dreams, is it? See, the deal is we don’t really think of W as being of the right, so he was a barely tolerable placeholder who did the nation the immense service of keeping Gore and Kerry out of the presidency. But, I guess I’ll admit that he stole the 2000 election when the New York “Times” and the rest of the media consortium that vetted that election admits the same thing. Otherwise, I really don’t give a rip…

  29. Fibonacci says:

    parkland and aislander
    How is 1994 to 2000 a generation? People always go back and forth between Republicans and Democrats, the pendulum swings one way and then the other. If you two had your way, the Democratic party would be illegal and everyone it the country would be a Repbulican. We have seen how well one party government works haven’t we (Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, China,Cuba, Iraq). Yup, we just to all wise up and follow the wise lead of such obvious scholars as parklane, aislander, and roncella. Now THERE is major brain power.

  30. aislander says:

    Neither the 1994 nor 2000 election resulted in a full-blown sea change. Parkland and I were talking about Wilson to FDR; FDR to Kennedy; Kennedy to Carter; Carter to Obama Those were all roughly a generation before another damn progressive got into office.

  31. Fibonacci says:

    Sort of forgot Clinton in there didn’t you? But then, you KNOW he would have kicked Shrub’s butttocks if he could have ran for a third term. By the way, after the Bush disaster, what is YOUR opinion of why the Republicans lost so badly? I know, I know, it was just a temporary aberation in the minds of the confused voters who forgot that what is good for the rich is good for them. But as long as the reach have lackeys to do their talking for them the good old righties are in good shape.

  32. Fibonacci says:

    oh yeah, I thnk the reason Bush won (sort of) was not that he was that good but that the Democrats had no one with more appeal, sort of like what the Republicans lack now. Before you run Palin up the flagpole of the ideal patriotic candidate that scares the hell out of democrats, you should know that I for one PRAY the republicans are dumb enough to nominate her. She will win when hell freezes over and they hold the Winter Olympics there.

  33. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Incredible how fast the hippies bring up Bush and Palin. Gov Greg and Obama are the ones in charge now and are terrible at their jobs. So lets keep voting people like them into office? Why? Because they need more time? No thanks, time is up.

    Leftist policy and ideals are bankrupting the state and country. They are racist hippies who only see people in color and want to steal from those who produce and give to those who don’t.

  34. aislander says:

    Don’t forget, Fib, that Clinton didn’t RUN as a progressive, but tried to govern like one (remember Hillarycare?), then was lucky enough to have a Republican congress that gave him welfare reform AND a balanced budget. He therefore doesn’t count as the type of progressive that evokes the gag reflex in the electorate…

  35. harleyrider1 says:
    I know dead people will be voting for her,

    Funny, when they actually looked at the votes of dead people, they found most were voters who had accidently voted their dead spouse’s ballots instead of their own, one was someone who had died after he had legitimately mailed in his vote, and ONE was a man who voted his dead wife’s ballot for Rossi, because his wife had hated Gregoire.

    But don’t let fact get in your way.

  36. aislander says:

    I forgot to count JFK/LBJ as one progressive admin, the latter part being more so. Watergate threw off the normal timeline of revulsion with progressivism, but was an aberration. That’s why we were afflicted with Carter so soon after LBJ…

  37. Harleyrider1, “dead people will be voting for her”

    Like the 14,000 Wisconsin votes ‘found’ 24 hours after the election, on the personal computer of a county clerk who had previously worked for Governor Walker and the Republican Candidate?

    Or, in 2004, the 19,000 voters who reported voting for Kerry, but whose vote was registered for Bush? (Funny that there was not a single reported case of the reverse happening.)

    Or the systematic ‘caging’ of voters by the Republican Party?

    Or all the Republican sponsored voter id laws? (want to bet how many of the laws include not just a requirement for a photo id, but that the name on the id must exactly match the name on the voter rolls?

    What is wrong is letting right wing sugar pimps buy the elections and run things for their own special interests.

    It is your extreme right radicalism that will destroy our Country.

    Bush did not win either election – he stole them

  38. aislander says:

    xring: It is anything but radical to wish the nation to be true to its founding principles. Radicalism is using the government to steal from one group of Americans for the purpose of making dependents out of another group of Americans…

  39. I will be interested to see if McKenna takes a more moderate approach to social issues than the National party has done recently. He has said some pretty strong anti-gay statements, so his views so far have not been moderate in that regard.

    I didn’t mind his personal position on the lawsuit against Healthcare Reform, since the question of legislated universality was bound to be questioned. Once the Supreme Court rules it is Constitutional, I am sure he will follow the law.

    I did wish my tax dollars hadn’t been used, especially since there were so many R-led states already suing. When he joined the lawsuit, I knew it for one purpose, to shore up his credentials with the far-right so he could run for Governor.

  40. Islander,
    The most basic founding principle is “WE THE PEOPLE”

  41. aislander says:

    The most basic founding principle, xring, is limited government, to avoid the tyranny of the majority into which we have drifted (or into which we have been pulled by progressives). That’s why we are a republic, rather than a democracy, and why we have a Constitution that defines limits on government…

  42. Roncella says:

    tuddo, Its the liberals/progressives foolish drive to have more and more social issues paid for by the Tax Payers thats bankrupted so many states already. Its time to balance the books, and cut cut cut away until the out of control spending is stopped.

    Governor Christie of New Jersey is making the tough decisions correctly. He is not afraid to make the hard decisions that must be make to balance the states budget.

    New Jersey Tax Payers will all benefit from his hard work, and the state will eventually balance its budget.

    Lord have Mercy, I hope its true Gregoire is sounding as though she may not run for another term. Maybe Washington State can return to balanced budgets and lower taxes for all us Tax Payers.

  43. I am always amazed at how the the extremists on the right just make stuff up to salve their wounds, then when called on it, they simply deny and then accuse.

  44. Islander,
    Everything you say is in the Constitution, which opens with the phrase “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    “foolish social issues bankrupted states” Of course massive tax cuts for the rich and direct subsidies to big businesses have nothing to do with the flood of red ink.

    Most red states are deeper in debt than many blue states. (i.e. Texas)

  45. Roncella says:

    xring, Take a good long hard look at the city of detroit. This city was controlled for many many years by democrats and used and abused over and over again in out of control spending and dirty politics by them.

    This city has become a huge slum, dangerous, and ugly. This is what happens when the folks keep electing the big spender democrats with big union, and social programs a plenty.

  46. writnstuff says:

    This string, like every other string I’ve read on the News Tribune letters to the editor page, is an embarrassment. Only one comment was worth reading, and that was tuddo’s. The rest of the comments were elementary school level tit-for-tat, name calling, and “I know you are but what am I.”

    I get so discouraged when I think that these pages are the face of Tacoma to the rest of the world.

    How I long for an adult place to discuss the issues of the day with people who offer reasoned dissent, different perspectives, and new ideas.

    Tuddo, thanks for your post.

  47. Feel free to participate, writnstuff. Maybe your involvement would improve the level of dialog.

    I agree with you about tuddo.

  48. Roncella says:

    writnstuff, I agree with you about tuddo’s skill of referencing to back his far left beliefs.

    However because you disagree with others who post here or the way they comment to each other, doesn’t give you the right to disparage all the folks who post here.

    Come on back when your ready to join in the Conversation.

  49. Con-versation, with a capitol “C” Roncella?

  50. Roncella, thank you. However, if the far-right has redefined Eisenhower as far left, then what is a “moderate” nowadays, anyway, Ayn Rand?

  51. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, The term RINO (republican, in name only) came about from Conservatives who grew tire of these usually establishment type Republicans voting left of center with Democrats on issues important to Conservative Republicans.

    Some years back there were many Conservative Democrats, example, Sen. Henry Jackson, who supported a very strong Military and voted with Republicans on certain issues. However now its obvious that the liberal/far left is in complete control of the Democratic Party.

    Its long over due for Conservatives to speak out at every opportunity to reverse the far left tilt of that folks like President Obama and so many others are working hard to make America over again.

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