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ISRAEL: Uphold law and human rights

Letter by Linda Frank, Tacoma / The News Tribune on June 1, 2011 at 11:00 am with 40 Comments »
June 2, 2011 1:20 pm

Re: “Netanyahu: Israel ready for painful compromises” (TNT, 5-24).

We don’t need more Israeli promises for “compromise.” We need for Israel to uphold law and human rights. And as Gen. David Petraeus has said, Israeli impunity is problematic for U.S. interests and security.

All of Israel’s settlements on occupied Palestinian land are illegal under the post-Holocaust international laws that aimed to protect civilians from overreaching powers of governments. Art. VI, Sec. 2 of our Constitution makes international law U.S. law.

And all of the occupied Palestinian territories that Israel has militarily controlled since 1967 do not “belong” to Israel. Post-Hitler international law prohibits the acquisition of territory by force.

International law also prohibits apartheid, a crime against humanity (UN ICSPCA). With special laws that favor Jewish Israelis in Israel, and those illegally settled in the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel is officially an apartheid regime.

Because our government continues to applaud Israel’s breaches of law and human rights with guaranteed diplomatic cover at the United Nations, plus $3 billion annually in military aid, our only hope for bringing equal rights and freedom to Palestinians, and security for all people in the region, is BDS: boycott, divestment and sanctions of companies that profit from Israel’s oppression.

Author Alice Walker, who calls the push for ending Israel’s oppression “the freedom ride of this era,” supports BDS. So does Desmond Tutu, who urges us to act. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice,” says Tutu, “you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

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  1. BlaineCGarver says:

    Maybe if the Arabs would put a halt to the killing of Jews, there might be an accord. If you look at how many dozens of times there has been a brokered peace that the PLO and other radical terror groups have broken, you would laugh at yourself. Countries are not required by internation (or any other) law to cede to countries that are at war with them.

  2. BlaineCGarver says:

    The best way I’ve heard it put is this? There will be no peace as long as radical muzlims hate Jews more than they love their sons and daughters.

  3. slugoxyz says:

    OK. Let me get this straight. I am choosing the side of the oppressor over the terrorist? Hmm. Yeah… I’m ok with that.

    Let me give you a little history lesson. On 14 May 1948, Israel declared independence. The very next day, Israel was invaded by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq not to mention the Palestinians. Even Saudi Arabia sent soldiers to crush Israel. A year later, a cease fire was declared and the Green line was established. Jordan stole the West Bank and Egypt took the West Bank. So, it wasn’t even Israel that originally took control of these so called Palestinian properties. In 1967 after Egypt blockaded Israel’s access to the Red Sea, Israel struck taking those properties, not from the Palestinians but from their Arab neighbors creating the now enlarged Israeli nation. Did you hear that? The Israelis did not take the land from the Palestinians in 1967. They took it from the other guys who were violating Post Hitler international law. Funny how that point is missed by you. They kept them as a buffer between them and the surrounding nations.

    So, Palestine attacked Israel in 1948 and lost almost everything. War is like that. If I were an Israeli, I wouldn’t like Palestinians very much either considering all they’ve done since the 1940s is try to kill Israelis. Remember the 1972 Olympics? Since you so conveniently leave out swaths of history, maybe you need a refresher. The people you say that illegally settled in “occupied” Palestinian territories is as preposterous as saying that people who settled in Kansas illegally took it from the Cherokees. Maybe they did but like I said, war is funny that way. Most nations in this world have a conquered people. No one deserved to be conquered more than the Palestinians who initiated conflict and have perpetuated violence against men, women and innocent children. In ’48, they gambled assuming all their Arab neighbors would help but Israel survived. Israeli history has been a saga of survival. Apartheid? Really? Paaaleez. Quit throwing around inflammatory words like you’re throwing candy off a Thanksgiving Day float.

    Oh! Desmond Tutu calls for Israel to give up half their country? Well then, we ought to listen because Tutu means what to us? Oh yeah! About as much as every other inspirational speaker… not much. I look at Tutu and I say “duly noted. Thanks for the tip and then I make a smart decision based on the political climate and what is best for this nation and our allies (another factor clearly missed by you). As a matter of fact, I will make it my mission to buy from companies that help Israel just to counter your stupid concept of BDS. The Palestinian terrorists lost their war in 1948. Go free Tibet or Chechnya or Idaho. Go free some darn place but leave Israel alone. They’ve earned their survival by fighting off a sea of enemies for the last 63 years.

  4. LarryFine says:

    BINGO Blaine !

  5. nwcolorist says:

    Amazing that the letter writer can invoke apartheid against the Israelis, but ignore the call to national genocide by the Arab countries surrounding tiny Israel.

  6. Unkajim64 says:

    History is the past, to start a more peaceful future some things will have to change. I believe Israel should keep the land it now has and get out of Palestine. There has to be some help given to Palestine to make a self sufficent state, without that, things will never change. If Palestine then continues to make trouble, Israel has a very strong army to take care of it. Don’t take sides, just work for PEACE, amen.

  7. Pat_riot says:

    Best way to describe the situation surrounding Israel:

    If the Palestinians put down there weapons there will be peace, if the Israelis put down their weapons there will be genocide.

    You people need to get off the blame Israel for all ills in the world bandwagon.. you’re obviously ill-informed and have no sense of the history of bloodshed for all time in the region. Read a book or two.

  8. LarryFine says:

    BINGO Pat!

  9. beerBoy says:

    There is no evidence to support Pat_riot’s supposition.

  10. slugoxyz, you’re view of history has an interesting spin to it.

    You left out an important issue— In 1948, the state of Israel was planted in the heart of the Arab world, and there was no consulting done with the Palestinians inhabits about placing a Zionist nation in their midst. You, your children and your grandchildren, would likely become terrorists also, if the U.N. declared Washington state the new home of the Palestinians.

  11. Dave98373 says:

    More drivel and nonsense about an issue most Americans know better. I question anyone who tries to rationalize a position or agenda using the U.N., perhaps the most corrupt and incompetent agency on the planet!

  12. LarryFine says:

    Sure there is bB… it’s called history.

  13. harleyrider1 says:

    Neither America nor have Americans been threatened with extinction by Israel.

    Most Arabs and most Arab nations at best tolerate us; in their schools they call for our death. Oh we give them money, we give them various aid, and we have dialogue becasue that’s what we do. Even after 9/11.

    Is it really a struggle to understand “who” is our ally? “who” is our friend?

  14. nwcolorist says:

    Cirrus – if it was only that easy to explain.

    Over 3000 years ago the Israeli people took control of the land now called Israel. At it’s greatest extent under King Solomon, it stretched from the Sinai peninsula to the Euphrates River. Until the whole history of the Holy Land is taken into consideration, there will be no peace there.

    There’s a large amount of history about this subject, on both sides. Knowledge can help widen one’s perspective.

  15. GHTaxPayer says:

    Linda Frank is a NAZI.

    Her complete farce of history is intended to disguise the real intent of her letter – the destruction of the Jews.

    There has never been a country called Palestine. The Palestinians are a rag-tag group of muslims that are fronted by Iran and other countries who want to kill Jews.

    Palestinians have fired rockets at Jewish school buses, fired rockets at civilian targets, and tech their children to hate Jews.

    I stand with Israel.

    I stand to see the hateful people of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Yemen called out on the carpet,exposed and jailed.

  16. jwingard says:

    Absolutely right on, Linda. We have been flooded with so much propaganda about Israel that we must begin saying what you have written aloud again and again. Israel cannot be allowed to quel criticism my naming the speaker racist all the while feeding our country’s irrational and racist fear of Muslims.

  17. It’s hard to believe that Linda Frank could be related to Anne Frank. Talk about depravity.

    In the end Linda is just another Jew hater from the left spouting nonsense.

  18. slugoxyz says:

    Cirrus, Uhhh, it didn’t start in 1948. I believe the Jews have a bit of history dating back to before the time of Jesus. I did leave out that issue but only because I didn’t think you all wanted 2000+ years of history. I’m an old retired soldier. If the US gave Washington back to the Native Americans, I’d move to Oregon. And you are wrong that I would become a terrorist. If it came down to that, I might become a partisan targeting my armed enemy. I would NEVER target innocent, defenseless people. I don’t know what history you’ve read Cirrus but your spin on the matter is seriously flawed.

  19. nwcolorist says:

    Yes, that is very interesting, slugoxyz . The Lefties are very interested in returning our land to its original inhabitants, but seem to ignore that concept in the Arab/Israeli conflict.

    Just how do they figure that ?

  20. RobSJacobs says:

    In this thread, Camas writes, “It’s hard to believe that Linda Frank could be related to Anne Frank.”

    Linda Frank is not even Jewish. She is not related to Anne Frank.

    Sadly, it is not really worth debating her – there is not one paragraph in her email that is legally correct. All her references to international documents, rules and regulations make her sound like she knows what she is talking about, but none of it is accurate and she is intentionally misrepresenting the situation in the Middle East.

  21. slugoxyz says:

    Nwcolorist, the problem is that the anti-Israel folk don’t figure per se. They just spout garbage. If you disagree with them, they call you names. They rarely actually introduce logic to an argument. It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so darned ready to cower or kiss the person that wants to kill them. The fundamentalist Islamic can bully their own people and the Liberals but I’m not so ready. I don’t know if Linda is a Nazi (I kind of doubt it). But her argument is filled with less than half of the facts. Then Cirrus supports her with half of the facts. I have been called verbose but I try to understand both sides and the middle so I can argue my position better. I don’t merely regurgitate someone else’s opinion or get people to agree because I call them names. If your position is weak, I will merely throw fact after fact until you lose or tire. I support Israel because logic supports them. I support Israel because in this America hating world, Israel is our friend. Are they our friend because we give them money? Maybe but I give Yemen money and they aren’t our friend. So, why not chose Israel? They are audacious. They have to be. I respect that. They are a nation born from the concentration camps and thousands of years of persecution standing with their back to the sea. Ask Sun Tzu about an enemy with their back to the sea…

  22. slugoxyz, well said, I can’t add much to what you’ve said other than I believe that anti-semitism is alive and well in this country. For those of us who thought nazism was destroyed in 1945, wake up and read comments from the Jew haters. It’s unimaginable why any clear thinking person would side with terrorist who want to be-head them and their children.

  23. larsman says:

    Cirrus (map challenged) sez –
    “You left out an important issue— In 1948, the state of Israel was planted in the heart of the Arab world,’

    Cirrus…that would be Mecca, dear.

    Recap for Cirrus- circa approx 1980 BC The Abrahamic Covenant-Gen. 12
    Continued through Isaac-Gen. 26 and Gen. 21:12 and Gen 17:19 and 21
    Purchase of the land from children of Heth-Gen. 23 (Hebron-check your map)
    Continued through Jacob-Gen. 28 (4)
    Jacob is named Israel-Gen 31:28
    Esau is given land east of the Jordan-Gen .36
    Lot’s son Moab is given area of southern Jordan/Saudi Arabia Gen.19
    Lot’s second son Ben-ammi (Ammon or Amman) is given area of central Jordan- Gen. 19
    Ishmael is given the land to the south (Paran etc. north and east of Egypt)-Gen.21:21 and Gen 17:18-22

    The central issue to your dilemma revolves around Exodus 1:8 and is currently the same problem today namely :
    “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph”.

    Noah…Shem (Semitic)…Arphaxad…Eber( Hebrew derivation) on through to Abram (Abraham).
    Question : Can any of our skeptics explain from where the Jews (Israelis, Hebrews, Israelites or Sons of Jacob) might have originated and why they are still in evidence today and worshiping the God that they worshiped over 4000 years ago?

  24. nwcolorist says:

    Larsman, excellent summary of the historical origins of the middle eastern nations

  25. Slugoxyz says, “Cirrus, Uhhh, it didn’t start in 1948.”

    Slugoxyz, you began with, “On 14 May 1948, Israel declared independence. The very next day, Israel was invaded by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq not to mention the Palestinians.

    There was no consideration given by you as to why there’d be any bitterness by the surrounding Muslim communities that would cause them to attack Israel, which is what I was responding to. You accused the author, Linda, of having an argument with half the facts and then accused me of supporting her with half the facts, when actually, I was offering the half of facts that you conveniently left out, thanks to your slant on the issue.

    Then, along comes the usual mania, offering single-sided viewpoints of history from previous centuries and millennia, and accusing everyone who doesn’t agree with current Israeli policy, as being an anti-semite, or inferring that they may be Nazis, or on some mission to destroy the Jews, or that they’re historically and geographically ignorant, and even accusing them of wanting to give America back to the original inhabitants, while ironically praising themselves for being logical, fair-minded and “above” calling others names.

    NW colorist, at least, acknowledged that there’s a long history on this subject on both sides, but the over-reaction by you slugowyz, and others here, show no respect for the long history that both the Palestinians and Jewish people have in that area, inspite of the praise you’ve heaped upon yourself for doing so.

  26. slugoxyz says:

    Cirrus, I can not make you feel better about your pitifully inadequate understanding of the situation in Israel. This may not be the venue for you to cry.

    You want consideration why the Muslim world hates Israel? Why should I? Is understanding why a terrorist gets on a crowded bus largely filled with children on their way to school and detonates a 40lbs explosive vest make me want to force Israel to do something they shouldn’t have to do? No. Quite the opposite. The terrorist loses my interest the very second they set out to kill an innocent person. After that, my sole purpose on this planet is to support those people who hunt the next bomber and kill them before they can strike at more innocent targets. It justifies why everyone who might sympathize with the bomber becomes a suspect in my counter terrorist operation. Why exactly should I consider the bitterness felt by a group of people who attacked Israel, lost (again and again), attack schools, buses, hotels, farms and other places without any intent of striking at Israeli armed forces and then whine about how they are treated? We can sympathize with a Mexican crossing our border and being treated badly while here because that person is just trying their best to acquire what we have. If they started killing our children, our wives, our innocent citizens, we would be forced to take a completely different position towards all of them wouldn’t we? Texas was once rightfully theirs along with Arizona and New Mexico. Should we give them Texas to appease them and be satisfied that we didn’t also have to give them Arizona?

    Your argument makes no sense. You are attacking the people that pointed out your silly argument but you make no real point (that holds water) as to why you should even be writing here. I read these letters and comments to be educated. Like I mentioned, I like to hear the other sides of a discussion. It makes me better able to argue my side and every once in a while, it forces me to change my perspective. I haven’t heard a logical discussion from the side that wants Israel to concede to the Palestinians. Without a logical argument, your words simply smack of either ignorance (you’re just spouting your opinion without any knowledge) or hatred. Which one is it Cirrus? Either way, you have no business here. Now please. If you must answer this, don’t whine, but tell me (logically) why you think we as a nation shouldn’t support the State of Israel. Make it good since you’re way behind here and tick, tick, tick; you’re running out of time and interest.

  27. Since Cirrus is fearful of directly responding to me with facts (as opposed to emotional opinions) here’s something else to consider, Cirrus:

    The personal guest of Adolph Hitler and adviser to Himmler, Wisliceny and Eichmann (regarding the process acceleration of the “final solution” was the
    Grand Mufti (that is similar in status to an Ottoman Vizier as you may recall from your Eastern European history) was none other than…
    Haj (that means he had been to Mecca) Amin Al-Husseini who also organized the Nazi Mountain SS Division…
    specifically to hunt down Jews fleeing south and west of Germany.

    My father was in the vanguard that liberated Buchenwald.

    However, Husseini’s nephew is none other than …
    Mohammed Abdel-Raouf Arafat As Qudwa Al-Husseini.

    You may remember him as : Yasser Arafat – PLO

  28. An accurate legal analysis of the Supremacy Clause can be found here.


    It’s clear Ms. Franks letter is based on her hatred of Israel and not the law or Constitution.

  29. beerBoy says:

    LF – funny how history changes based upon who is doing the telling. In Israel they have criminalized any remembrance of the Nakba…..

  30. The city of Jerusalem is never even mentioned ONCE in the Qur’an much less considered a “holy” place to Islam.

    By contrast, it is mentioned over 900 times throughout the 66 books of the Old and New Testament as The Holy City of Judeo/Christianity.

    I examine just the calendar math here…
    1300 years for “allah” – vs. – 4000 years based on the Creator God of Abraham- Melchizedek-, Moses, David and Jesus Christ…

    Homework study-fail for Linda…

  31. LarryFine says:

    Funny how bB is willfully ignorant or intentionally obtuse.

  32. ItalianSpring says:

    Hatred for the Jews is clearly anchored to the liberal (national socialist) side of the political spectrum. And why wouldn’t it be.

  33. I may not fully understand nor fully support everything Israel does, but I stand with Israel and appreciate the history lessons provided here.

    I do not understand how liberal thinkers here can so thoroughly abhor the notion of theocracy and yet insist that we be tolerant of one of the most homicidal theocratic agendas ever known to man, one that its proponents are not content to demand in their own corner of the world, but insist, in the name of Allah, must be in place in EVERY corner of the world.

    Israel is a democracy surrounded by people who are determined to demolish democracy and replace it with a system of government whose constraints and punishments the we cannot even imagine; punishments that would make us all beg for waterboarding.

    I do not understand the blindness and deafness except as I understand it through scripture. God help us all.

  34. Please forgive the typos above. In far too big a hurry this morning.

  35. Roncella says:

    sozo, Its always amazing how liberals can spew their hate and yet see themselves as always taking the high ground in so many national debates. Examples, Abortion, Supporting Israel, Tea Party Folks, Conservatives.

  36. beerBoy says:

    Larry – just what about my comment was incorrect?

    larsman – just what do the Torah and the Quran have to do with the 20th century agreements that created the modern state of Israel and the reneging of the state of Israel to agreements she made regarding Jerusalem?

  37. Roncella says:
    June 5, 2011 at 9:40 am

    “sozo, Its always amazing how liberals can spew their hate”

    But wait!!!!

    Roncella said:
    May 24, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Polago, lets sub the word disagree with, in place of hateful, and then we will agree on most of whats been said.

    Did you forget, Roncella?

  38. To the “teacher” who doesn’t do his own homework which, to him, is politically disagreeable…

    (ahem)…..come down from your little lofty liberal ivory tower and recognize that there are approx. one thousand million ( that’s a billion) Muslims in the world today and there is no equivalent Hebrew term for “Jihad”.

    Why not ask some of them your irrational question.

    Might be very difficult for a “humanist” to grasp any concept that might be larger in scope than just “themself”…

  39. Former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan “complain(ed) that Israel had failed to put forward a peace initiative with the Palestinians and that it had foolishly ignored the Saudi peace initiative promising full diplomatic relations in exchange for a return to the 1967 border lines”

    “It’s not the Iranians or the Palestinians who are keeping Dagan awake at night but Israel’s leadership,” Ari Shavit asserted on the front page of the newspaper Haaretz on Friday.

    “He does not trust the judgment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak.”


    Meanwhile, “Thousands of Israelis marched through Tel Aviv on Saturday urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.”



  40. larsman says:

    Bb wonders in the fog of moral equivalency –

    “funny how history changes based upon who is doing the telling. In Israel they have criminalized any remembrance of the Nakba…”..(said the kettle)

    That’s OK, in America we don’t celebrate Dunkirk, or the KKK march of 1925, or the assassination of Kennedy or the blowing up of the Maine or twin towers.

    Nakba is a vulgar term used by vulgar people, like Al Quds, and most Muslim maps that do not even show Israel….
    But of course you pretend to ignore that, too. Do you teach at a madrasa?

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