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FREDERICKSON: Rail corridor a boon for industrial growth

Letter by John M. McDonell, Gig Harbor on May 31, 2011 at 3:09 pm with 16 Comments »
May 31, 2011 3:09 pm

Kudos on your business section’s touting the economic vitality of the Frederickson industrial area (TNT, 5-29). Not mentioned, however, was the contribution of having a rail corridor adjacent to and throughout the area to foster such industrial growth.

Tacoma Rail’s success, carrying capacity and ability to service the area was met with skepticism a decade ago, but through its partnership with the Port of Tacoma, this railroad that could, did.

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  1. I notice that the letter writer lives in Gig Harbor. I’d rather see an industrial center placed smack dab in the middle of Gig Harbor.

  2. Actually, having a commercial/industrial center in Frederickson maybe isn’t such a terrible idea? Maybe the area is or will take some of the stress off commuters who would otherwise travel into the Port of Tacoma Or Port of Seattle. Traveling through the area of a weekly basis, I have not seen a lot of congestion in the area. Keeping job where people live is not such a bad idea!

  3. Perhaps a road trip on south-bound Canyon road between 112th and 176th will chamge your mind. Typically what happens in Pierce County is that development comes first and then as an after thought they come along later and improve the roads causing an even bigger mess. It seems tha no one around here has figured out that infra structure should be done before the congestion begins. Pretty difficult process huh?

  4. It costs money , frosty. If the county began with infrastructure as you suggest, you’d be one of the first to complain about the how the county was spending your money on roads to nowhere.

  5. anniebryce says:

    I agree with frosty. They build up south Pierce County with housing and industrial growth areas, all the while giving little consideration to the roads and infrastructure. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why an industrial area is located in Frederickson. Canyon is the only way to the freeway and all those semis hauling freight are going to clog Canyon even more. Great planning we have.

  6. Polago, I take issue with you claiming to know what I would do or what I think. Maybe you think good planning is to build houses by the thousands in undeveloped areas and a few years later come in and build the highways and streets to service them. It’s liberals like you who run this county and made the mess that they are now trying to correct.

  7. anniebryce, I’ve wondered for years why south Pierce county wasn’t planned in advance. They obviously couldn’t figure out that they needed to grid the streets so that half of them wouldn’t dead-end at a cow pasture. I’m sure someone in this county must have had a map that they could have looked at.

  8. huffington says:

    Ha, that’s funny that frosty just blamed liberals for the unregulated growth of mega housing development in rural areas………….Ever heard of the BIAW or the MBA. I’ll give you a hint, they are the state republican partys two biggest supporters.

  9. huffington, when did the republicans take over state government? Or for that matter the county government. Use a little common sense!

  10. huffington says:

    I think most can agree (except those in the building industry), that uncontrolled growth has been a problem for quite a while now. Place the blame where it deserves to go: the BIAW and MBA for funneling massive amounts of money to republicans for political support of these projects, and blame the democrats for being too spineless to stand up to them.

  11. huffington, on that we can agree. But I wouldn’t be surprised if a few democrats also got some generous donations from the building industry.

  12. huffington, frosty is a very far right wing extremist, there is nothing and I mean nothing that she won’ty blame on the evil liberals.
    In her mind, such that it is, the republicans can never do wrong…..ever and everything is the fault of the ‘left’.

    She has never posted anything other than negative whing and crying you see here, pity her. The rest of us do.

  13. Murigen says:

    I just hope that in the future there will still be some cow pastures that roads can dead end at.

  14. So, frosty, If the county decided to build new roads in an area where no roads were needed yet, with the hope that someone would eventually build in that area, you would applaud them for being forward thinking?

  15. Polago, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the county has a “planning office”? When a contractor, developer or anyone else applies for building permits, it’s up to the county to insure that certain necessary steps are taken before they reach out their greedy hands for the development fees and property taxes. Such things as infra-structure and adequate access should be at the top of the list. Example; friday June 3rd, construction activity on 112th street near Woodland, construction activity on 160th at Canyon Rd., construction activity on 176th between Gem Heights and Canyon Rd. Canyon Road between 160th and 176th. Are you beginning to get the picture? Don’t you think that the county palnning department should have at least one person who would think, “wait a minute, can’t we block traffic in increments rather than all at the same time?” I know that’s probably too much to ask, but when they block every east-west artery between Spanaway and South Hill at precisely the same time, it’s either because of pure stupidity or total negligence. Take your pick.

  16. xtp855, First of all, I am a “he’, not a “she”. I realize that gender probably doesn’t mean a lot to you, but when addressing me use the proper designation. On this we can agree however, I have never, nor will I ever say anything nice about a liberal. As I’ve said before I don’t like liberals, I don’t respect liberals, and I think all liberals are mentally challenged, to put it politely.

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