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MEDICAL POT: Sell it at pharmacies

Letter by Jerry V. Ramsey, Gig Harbor on May 25, 2011 at 2:50 pm with 13 Comments »
May 25, 2011 3:01 pm

Marijuana dispensaries have lost the political battle.

Drug stores have been around to sell medicines and sundries with state-licensed pharmacists for years. Government control already exists for these businesses. It seems only logical that the state should develop a system to provide the medical marijuana to legitimate patients through legitimate pharmacies and licensed pharmacists.

It is only a special interest industry that favors a completely segregated business model. The benefits of a special pot dispensary law are primarily for that one specific industry. That industry has been illicit and illegal. Patients need a stable, secure and legal system to obtain medications of any kind.

To legalize marijuana use by medically needy patients, simply make sales subject to all other pharmaceutical product laws, sold only in licensed drug stores by licensed pharmacists.

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  1. Find and sign Initiative 1149 end prohibition. We can’t rely on our elected officials to do the right thing. Even if you do get a medical card you can still lose your job. Is this what voters intended to happen? I don’t think so. We can’t rely on our elected officials to do the right thing. Find and sign initiative 1149.

  2. steilacoomtaxpayer says:

    Mr. Ramsey, you are correct. There is nothing medical about marijuana without the FDA, Dept of Health, manufacturing controls, extended medical testing for main + side effects, taxes, licenses, warning labels, training for prescribers, etc. etc. Lay off the “medial marijuana” phrase TNT without these items in play. The public is not safe when yahoos can grow “pot” of unknown strength and sell it to suckers who think it is “medical”.

  3. I feel if the Government could find a way to tax marijuana painlessly they would approve the sales of the weed.Look at how much money the Feds take in on Alcohol taxes.

  4. fatuous says:

    “Look at how much money the Feds take in on Alcohol taxes.”

    How much is the cost of alcohol related social services, employment, wage losses, domestic abuse, death and disability? Adding more gas on the fire is the bad plan!

    Jerry you are barking at the wrong government, this is a federal issue, not state. The federal government controls the regulation of pharmaceuticals.

  5. Dear_John says:

    “Whoa… it’s a war against a plant, man” lol

  6. Go get yourself a cookie, Dear-John.

    The question remains, why treat “medical” marijuana differently than all the other meds derived from the botanical world? Hmmm. I wonder.

  7. Yes, the cookies are the best.

  8. slugoxyz says:

    whoa dude. It’s illegal. No initiative or legislation is going to make it legal. Not for taxes, not for medicine, not for fun. Sorry…dude. The majority of voting people in Washington are content to have a beer or buy an 8th from their local weed dealer. You want mainstream? Drink Budweiser (but don’t drive). You want a cause? End crime in your neighborhood. 1149 will barely get enough signatures and it will never, ever pass. It’s a nice dream. I’ll admit, I think I’d like to see what all the fuss is about but I can’t step across that line that separates legal and illegal. Sorry. It’s a value/principle/moral thing. Call it my Catholic upbringing…oh wait. I’m not Catholic. There is no point in pointing the finger at all the other bad things like alcohol and cigarettes. Why should we legalize something bad simply because there are bad legal things to do? With that argument, why not make heroin legal? Meth? It defies logic. I know, I know. It’s just a plant? It’s natural? It’s timeless? But it’s also addictive (psychologically if not physically), it has more carcinogens than cigarettes (unfiltered), it suppresses initiative and motivation and did I mention… It’s illegal! Go home after work (you do work don’t you?), have a rocks glass of vodka over ice, settle in for the evening and relax. All this teeth gnashing is wrecking my buzz.

  9. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Treating marijuana as a class 1 drug to be sold in pharmacies does not work for the proponents of legalization.

    The plan is to use sympathy for cancer victims to allow for continued, step by step legalization.

    First, pretend to use cancer as the reason to get an initiative passed, then dilute the controls to allow chiropractors, then nurses, then other pseudo medical professionals, to issue medical marijuana cards to anyone who claims they suffer from any unprovable condition, chronic pain, headaches, etc.

    Then charge high fees for a diagnosis, documentation of a “condition” and the issuing of the card. Then sell pot at $8 -$12 ($325 an ounce) a gram, making a lucrative profit and all the while pretending to be helping people on compassionate grounds, while in reality, exploiting the truly ill and pushing a gateway drug into the community.

    This plan is obvious and currently being implemented as the way to gain full legalization without the step of asking directly for legalization which the proponents of legalization know will never be granted.

  10. guycasey says:

    BigSwingingRichard.When i hear people say that it should be sold by the state i think to myself wow thats a hell of a idea ,Because washington state dose such a good job First of all if the state was to take over, 350 dollars an ounce is going to be cheep.Be vary careful what you ask for .Ill say it again come on down to club 420 meet the people you are talking about and then you can make an informed decision,YOU NEED TO CHECK YOUR FACTS.GUY CASEY CLUB 420.

  11. Medical marijuana- not interested
    Medical prostitution- will it be next?

    And what’s after that? Medical heroin, medical homicide, medical fraud, medical theft, medical domestic violence…….

  12. Mudwhistle_Lightening says:

    We already have medical heroin.

  13. SwordofPerseus says:

    Any type of prohibition is a waste of time and resources. All of you puritans out there that think you know what is best for the rest of us…go fly a kite. How about good old fashioned freedom and personal responsibility?
    Free in America? No we are not free in America, we are slaves to the corporations, and puritanical morons with misconceived ideals of morality.

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