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CAMERAS: Don’t just take industry’s word

Letter by Darren K. McDonald, Puyallup on May 23, 2011 at 2:56 pm with 2 Comments »
May 23, 2011 3:11 pm

Re: “Innovative technology – like red-light cameras – saves lives” (Viewpoint, 5-20).

Mark Rosenker and the National Coalition for Safer Roads – a photo enforcement advocacy group – is supported by camera vendor American Traffic Solutions. ATS is the largest provider of road safety programs and camera installations in the United States and Canada.

The National Motorists Association claims that Rosenker and the National Coalition for Safer Roads are nothing but a front to cover the estimated $3.75 billion to $7 billion generated from ticket revenue each year. This is the cherry on top of our politicians’ toll, fee and tax sundae.

This was taken from the Highway Safety Group’s website: “Our research in Gardena (Calif.) has revealed there is no significant traffic safety impact as a result of the use of the red light cameras. At almost every intersection where we have cameras, collisions have remained the same, decreased very slightly, or increased depending on the intersection you examine. When combining the statistics of all the intersections, the overall consensus is that there is not a noticeable safety enhancement to the public.”

This is according to Gardena Police Chief Edward Medrano, in a staff report prepared for a February 2010 city council meeting.

Please take the time to research red light cameras for yourself, not just the industry’s side.

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  1. slugoxyz says:

    Dept of Civil Engineering Texas A&M August 1997 (Meta-Analysis) indicates that RLC may improve safety at intersections.
    US Dept Hwy Safety – McFadden and McGee September 1999 (Md and Fl) 20-60% decrease in Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVC)
    Federal Highway Administration via Mitretek System –Maccubbin August 2001 Summarized 42.5% fewer T-Bone accidents, 29.5% fewer Rear End (RE)
    University Transportation Center for Alabama –Thitpat Supriyasilp September 2003 Research staff highly recommend RLC installation.
    IBI Group December 2003 – Concluded RLC were beneficial/life saving and should be continued. Only negative result was possible increase in rear end MVC although reduced property damage and injury.
    Virginia Transportation Research Council- Fergeson/Garber/Miller, Dec 2004 – Technically feasable; Fiscally non revenue generating; operational net improvement in safety. Recommend continuation.

    I can keep going but this should keep you busy for the hours upon hours that they kept me busy. I have researched 22 studies total. Two of those frowned on RLC and 20 of them recommended RLC as a means to improve safety, reduce injurious accidents and make intersections safer. Just the facts ma’am. There they are. Get to reading.

  2. slugoxyz says:

    What is the National Motorists Association about?
    “We support higher speed limits, an end to speed traps, fairer traffic courts, and stopping the use of traffic tickets to generate revenue. We want red-light ticket cameras and photo speed enforcement off our streets, roads, and highways. We oppose road blocks, for any purpose”
    OK. Let me get this straight. Your source is an “agency” or an advocacy group that wants to do away with speed limits (imagine the carnage!), stopping the use of traffic tickets (Anything goes! Yes! Brilliant!) No speed traps! And no road blocks (yes! Don’t hassle those fugitives or the drunks out on the road! Brilliant!) What a great group of folk! Why don’t we just do away with ALL laws! Anarchy rules! YES! Why generate revenue! Let’s just do away with money! Everyone! Everything is free! Yeah!

    That blurb up there is the very first thing on their web sight. You can’t make up stuff like that. Nice source for intelligent anti-RLC advocacy. Come on! Make this harder for me!

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