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DREAM ACT: Seal Southern border first

Letter by Charlie D. Nordeck, Sumner on May 23, 2011 at 12:52 pm with 6 Comments »
May 23, 2011 1:57 pm

Re: “Too bad parties play political football with DREAM Act” (editorial, 5-23).

Your editorial omitted the most important step in the implementation of the DREAM Act: sealing our Southern border. In an effort to win the Hispanic vote in 2012, Democrats have refused to continue with the fence that has been so effective around Yuma, Ariz., and San Diego.

Citizens in Arizona live in fear of the drug cartels using illegal immigrants as “mules” in their drug smuggling. Violence has increased in Arizona and Texas from the drug trade.

Without this first step in sealing our border, talk of amnesty in any form is an open invitation for illegal immigrants to make it across the border before the implementation of a DREAM Act.

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  1. KARDNOS says:

    Charlie – all the snowbirds I know that winter in Arizona along the border tell me that they don’t have any fear of drug cartels.

    Is the memo not circulated all year long?

    Maybe they should stop having spring training in Arizona for fear that mexican illegals would masquerade as baseball players to cross the border.

    “In an effort to win the Hispanic vote”……

    We know that policty couldn’t have anything to do with 250 years of immigration that built this country. (note I left off the years that the “Founding Fathers” immigrated)

  2. KARDNOS says:

    Oh…Charlie…make sure you tell the snowbirds that travel to Mexico to get cheap medical care that the drug cartels are out to get them.

  3. So chuck answer me this, you far right wing extremists are always whining about how broke we are, how then are you proposing we pay for “sealing” the border?

    Sine you blame it on the drugs, why not look to the cause for a solution instead of throwing even more good mopney after bad?
    We know what doesn’t work, why do you on the far right insist we keep doing it?

  4. Charlie, don’t let the leftists get to you. We know that most Americans want that border secured. The leftists want as many illegals as they can get in here to vote for their candidates. It’s just another form of slavery that the demokrats have always supported. They are a bunch of racist homophobes. They like the low cost of all that chicken coming from Tyson Foods. And they want to try to hang the racist title around the neck of conservatives? The demokrat party has always been the party of the KKK.

  5. Roncella says:

    Most Americans see themselves as Conservatives, this has been proven in major polls taken, over and over again.

    Thats the reason the lib/democrats want to keep the borders open and offer amnesty to the over 10 million mexicans already here.The mexicans vote 80% dem so there is no doubt in why the dems want as many mexicans here as they can get here illegally or with amnesty.

    The disappointing fact is that the dems. are putting the security of all Americans in Danger while changing America into a third world country.

  6. The dems have displayed their short sightedness for years. They don’t give a hoot about anything except themselves. A bunch of spoiled cry babies.

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