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PUYALLUP: School board, superintendent are good people

Letter by Lloyd O. Freudenstein, Puyallup on May 19, 2011 at 11:24 am with 6 Comments »
May 19, 2011 1:39 pm

I must share my insights into Puyallup School Superintendent Tony Apostle and four of the five school board members – Greg Heath, Diana Seeley, Cindy Poysnick and Pat Donovan – people I served with on the board.

As a past board member, I found Apostle to be honest and straightforward, with a deep interest in the students and parents of our district. The high standards of our school district have not diminished during his years as superintendent.

The four board members, with whom I have strong ties, are truly servants of the school district and our community. They deserve our appreciation for the long hours they spend on district business. They have not ducked the difficult decisions.

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  1. cclngthr says:

    Ducking difficult decisions is one thing, however when it comes to arbitrarily deciding what policy to enact that prohibits common sense and appropriate behavior is another thing.

    A teacher or administrator should be part of the community and participate in community functions. They also should be able to decide what is best for the student without fear of retaliation.

  2. The school board, and especially the superintendent, have lost the trust of a large portion of the community. They need to go.

  3. muckibr says:

    Maybe things and people have changed since you were on the board Lloyd. Perhaps it’s time to put Tony the Pony out to pasture/

  4. enotrams says:

    Exactly the kind of good old boy insight and assessment that is expected from a long time School District insider.

    Perhaps more than any other event in this ongoing train wreck, this letter from Freudenstein illustrates just exactly what is wrong with this school board.

    Board members are insulated by the district’s administration and the longer they serve the more out of touch with the community they become. Ironically, like Freudenstein, these board members actually believe that they are doing a good job.

    Freudenstein lacks experience being on the other side trying to deal with an administration and school board that isn’t interested in truly listening to community members or taking action based on community input. Instead, it’s a “My way or the highway” approach to management and he can’t see it.

    While the board members Freudenstein seeks to defend may be good people with good intentions, they are not doing a good job of representing members of the Puyallup community. Sadly the actions they rubberstamp without question end up doing harm to the students and community that they are supposed to be serving.

    Lloyd is right about one thing: the four board members that he has ties to are servants of the district, the district superintendent.

    Who exactly is representing the community? If these were people who don’t duck difficult decisions as Freudenstein asserts, then they would have the fortitude to stand up and question arbitrary and draconian administration decisions in the face of strong community reaction. If these people can’t or won’t do it, then it’s time for someone else to lead. We need leaders, not followers!

    What Freudenstein can’t seem to comprehend is that this community needs independent and objective school board members, not people who always (and I mean always) agree with whatever is put in front of them while ignoring community input.

    Freudenstein would rather try to soothe angry community feelings than admit that a real leadership problem exists.

    Thanks Lloyd for pointing out just how bad this situation has become.

  5. Rowdy_Rob says:

    muckibr: Tony the One-Trick-Pony needs to be treated like an old racehorse that can’t run anymore…

  6. sherryslc says:

    Oh my gosh , who ever wrote this editorial is so full of crap. Tony is the biggest liar I have ever met!!! I am not one of them but I bet EVERY parent that had kids at Riverside will tell you the same thing. He sat and told the public that he was not closing Riverside and then he made the decision to do so!!

    He is also the first to say he didnt do something that the parents are upset about. He loved blaming others.

    As for the rest of the board they are just Tony s little puppets. Afraid to speak for themselves, as I see the writer of this editorial is doing too.

    As for the quality of education things HAVE changed. A lot of things have also been taken from the kids that shouldn’t have been taken. You can call it budget cuts but some things that have disappeared have noting do to with money!

    I notice that good ole Tony still making TOP dollar while his teachers are worried year to year that they will even have a job next year.

    But thanks for trying to blow smoke up the public’s butts and trying to make him look good, did you get a bonus from him for doing that?? Its a bad sign when teachers and staff don’t even like the superintendent…..lol

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