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LABOR: Professor’s bias is showing

Letter by Donald W. Wilbur, University Place on May 19, 2011 at 11:14 am with 24 Comments »
May 19, 2011 11:14 am

Re: “Conservatives extend assault on labor rights” (Viewpoint, 5-18).

John Logan, professor at San Francisco State University, tells us that the labor movement may be terminated by the conservatives. He unashamedly parrots the unions’ position.

Most of us believe a professor should present both sides on an issue to teach our children so they can make up their own minds, not be brainwashed by our professors who are mostly funded by the taxpayers who want education for their children, not politics.

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  1. Since the news is full of Republican attemps to break unions, no parroting is required. Just open your eyes and ears.

    It doesn’t take weatherman to say which way the wind blows…

  2. madmike272 says:

    San Francisco state? You mean the left coast propaganda ministry?

  3. commoncents says:

    Actually what we expect is that when a Professor walks through the doors of his classroom that he will present both sides of an issue as he is representing the views of society which includes both sides. However, when he’s on his own time and/or writing an article under his own name then we expect him to present his own viewpoint.

  4. Evil scary unions!
    it’s bad when people earn a decent living!
    That is stealing from the filthy rich!

  5. If you expect your average college professor to be unbiased in his/her presentation of current events, please do not hold your breath. Educators sold out to the left a long time ago, which is not to say you won’t occasionally find one who at least attempts to consider a different perspective, but they are rare as hen’s teeth and many of them live “in the closet” to avoid social persecution. Ask a student sometime what it’s like to attempt to say anything out side the party line!

  6. I’m biased. I’m biased toward the working class in America, the people who make things go, those of us who show up every day and give it our best, those who work hard, pay taxes and love our country.

    Color me biased, and thank you John Logan for being on our side.

  7. Publico says:

    It’s really easy. The republican assault on unions has only to do with what little power the unions have left in the political realm. If they can beat unions, corporations will rule. Guess what happens after that in conjunction with “Citizens United” in the Supreme Court! One does not need to be a Professor to understand what the wingnut thrust is. It’s not unlike what the former IMF guy tried to do to the housekeeper a few days ago.

  8. blakeshouse says:

    How can anyone expect anything other than sociaistic indoctrination from a college prof, especially one from San Fran state. The epitome of communist teaching in the US. You have to be a card carrying communist to even be considered for the most menial of work in this institution.

  9. commoncents says:

    Blakeshouse…so what you’re saying is that if you were taking a class from this Professor that you would be indoctrinated into the socialistic mindset. That you are so weak-minded as to not be able to withstand his obvious intent to bring everyone to the dark side. ok, I can see that.

  10. redneckbuck says:

    Union power comes in the form of dollars. The $80 a month the union steals from every teacher in this country adds up to a very large sum. The teachers union in this state pays fines on a regularly for giving more than it should to the democratic candidates.

  11. sue1234 says:

    If you dont like unions you are telling the smart people you have no self-respect.
    If you dont like unions you are telling us:
    1) you do not deserve a fair wage
    2) you do not deserve a safe working enivironment
    3) you do not deserve healthcare
    4) you do not deserve job security.
    Go ahead all you confused repubilcans… make sure you let the corporations own you.. and dont forget to tell us how free that makes you feel.

  12. Corp\facist power comes in the form of dollars. The $200 a month the oil companies steals from every driver in this country adds up to a very large sum. The corparate facists in this state never pays fines on a for giving more than it should to the republican candidates.

  13. What was once a noble thing has itself become corrupt. Unions like to sell themselves as advocates for the working man, but look under the covers and see what you find.

  14. “Unions like to sell themselves as advocates for the working man, but look under the covers and see what you find.”

    ……advocates for the worker, no more, no less.

  15. Roncella says:

    Donald, So many of the liberals I have debated with and listened to their way of thiinking have told me time and again their biggest influence in their liberal thoughts, opinions came from their relationships with their College Professors

    The question one needs to ask is Why the college professors in such a large majority have moved so far to the left in their opinions and teachings.

    Main Stream Americans see themselves as more Conservative than Liberal, this has been found to be true in poll anfter poll.

  16. Conservative yes:
    Radical neocon no.

  17. Union officials have abused the trust of their members. They’ve misspent member dues and harmed the very same people they promise to protect.

    In 2005 alone, federal racketeering investigations resulted in 196 convictions against union officials and employees and $187 million in fines. Union tactics — including deception and intimidation during organizing campaigns, strikes that hurt members more than they help, spending mandatory union dues on radical political agendas, and the use of anti-democratic voting practices — are long overdue for exposure.

    The Center for Union Facts has gathered a wealth of information about the size, scope, political activities, and criminal activity of the labor movement in the United States of America. Welcome to UnionFacts.com.

    Before you leap to any conclusions about UnionFacts. com, please go to the site and read the FAQ’s

  18. The Center for Union Facts is a secretive front group for individuals and industries opposed to union activities. It is part of lobbyist Rick Berman’s family of front groups which includs the Employment Policies Institute. The domain name
    http://www.unionfacts.com was registered to Berman & Co. in May 2005.


  19. It’s not secretive.

  20. Outsiders continually assault organized labor by implying a sense of overall corruption, but the fact is that union members enjoy a healthy lifestyle due to the family wage packages that their union representation negotiate.

    There’s no doubt that any misappropriation of union member dues should not go unchecked, but union members in general are not harmed by the very same people they promise to protect. If they were, they wouldn’t have to be reminded over and over.

    Those outsiders who, for their own selfish reasons, think that they can undermine the trust that most members have in their representation are way off base.

    I suspect that their true motovation in vilifying unions is to influence the general public, than the union members who knows better.

  21. Americans also expect our News Media to be fair and balanced. But then Fox is an entertainment company, and most news shows are little more than video tabloids.

  22. Sozo,
    Then who funds it?

  23. Go to the site yourself and check it out. Unionfacts.com

  24. I did, and it does not say who funds it, only which lobbist runs it.

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