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PUYALLUP: Supporters loyal but misguided

Letter by John Nadeau, Puyallup on May 10, 2011 at 11:28 am with 13 Comments »
May 10, 2011 2:37 pm

Re: “Rogers loses fight to keep principal” (TNT, 5-10).

The Puyallup School Board meeting Monday night was a classic example of gross ignorance caused by lack of knowledge. The Rogers High School students and supporters, while appropriately passionate and loyal to Principal Scott Brittain, are sadly misguided and in many cases highly immature.

It is obvious to anyone with a shred of common sense that the issues involved in Brittain’s situation go way beyond what the school district and Superintendent Tony Apostle can discuss in the media. While this mob has the right to stand in front of Apostle and denigrate him and take personal shots at his daughters, he has to sit and take it all and be the ultimate professional that he is.

Those in the know understand there is a backstory that will never come out, but ask yourself a simple question: If this was about a choir trip and a zero-hour class, why the resignation?

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  1. KARDNOS says:

    John – thanks for your voice of reason.

    It was quite clear that the principal ignored direct orders by a supervisor. If a worker does this in a business – grounds for dismissal are exercised. In this case, the principal was allowed the dignity to resign.

    I wonder why anyone would take shots at the Superintendent’s children.

  2. harleyrider1 says:

    Well John, if what you say is true, how come this person’s bad reviews started when “Amy” became his boss? How can an employee have years of outstanding service and great reviews by others for nearly 30-years until a new boss comes along?

    Well John? Any relation to “Amy”?

  3. commoncents says:

    harley – perhaps because his prior boss wasn’t as concerned about his/her staff doing what is asked of them? Everybody knows that when you get a new boss the expectations change – looks like someone failed to change along with the expecations. Unfortunately – what happened here should have been handled quietly and professionally but it was allowed to spill over into the public eye.

  4. whitecap says:

    I think Mr. Nadeau makes some valid points about the protest, but I also think there’s more to this story on both sides than we’re hearing. I hope the day comes when we can get more from the district and from Mr. Brittain. One other thing…I think “harleyrider” raises an interesting question. I would really like to know what the relationship was between Amy Eveskcige and Scott Brittain. Was she being fair with him or did she have some sort of problem with him that caused her to lose her objectivity? If you think it’s not possible for an administrator to make life difficult for a district employee because of personal dislike, think again.

  5. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Parents and students will have an opportunity to voice their displeasure with the superintendent and the school board during the Rogers High School graduation ceremony.

    Lets see the school board close that event and move it behind closed doors.

  6. The common sense of the author of this letter can certainly be called into question.

    Nadeau’s letter reminds us of a quote from Abraham Lincoln; “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  7. pluggedin says:

    Were you at the school board meeting? It was exactly how one would expect it to be…..with commentors demonstrating educated, articulate, and prepared arguments. Not to mention justified. The “immature”and “grossly misguided” were/are not the Rogers community. Rather, a (very) small group of powerful people who actually believe that Rogers High School/the PSD are better places without Scott Brittain. Truth is, nobody will succeed unless kissing up to Apostle, and they will start taking the “rule breakers” out one by one. As soon as anyone who isn’t aligned with Apostle begins to shine, watch them be ‘”resassigned” or fired. Brittain would be honored in any other district as he demonstrates true commitment to the students. It will be a sad day for PSD when we learn he takes a superintendant position in a district that knows exactly what we are letting go. Why the resignation? Because Scott has more integrity and character than the all board members combined. He will be blessed for taking this bullet for the rest of us.

  8. Erudite says:

    One does not have to be behind the scenes in the PSD to see that there is a huge problem with the leadership of this superintendent and school board. The letter writer is more likely to have his head in the sand than “behind the scenes”

  9. Evelynlorraine says:

    Brittain’s supporters are far from misguided…if anything they are more in the loop than anybody else. It is the media that blows everything grossly out of proportion that makes Brittain look like a bad guy. Sure he may have broken some rules, but if you really think about it so did Jesus. So many people did not like Jesus when he walked the earth because he didn’t play by the “rules”, but he knew in his heart what was best for man kind and acted upon it, much like Brittain. Please people, I know you have very limited information and you don’t have the experience of having Brittain as your principal, but please don’t make a decision based on exaggerated news stories. Go down to Rogers High School and talk to a student or two, talk to any one who has graduated from Rogers, talk to the Rogers staff, talk to the surrounding community. Make sure you get your facts straight…Thank you.

  10. “Sure he may have broken some rules, but if you really think about it so did Jesus. So many people did not like Jesus when he walked the earth because he didn’t play by the “rules”, but he knew in his heart what was best for man kind and acted upon it, much like Brittain.”

    If these are the facts, then the school board had every right to ask for his resignation. Mr. Brittain’s job is to follow the instructions of the school board. If he continued to violate the rules after being warned, the school board had no choice.

  11. NoKidding2026 says:

    Yes John, there IS a backstory. It has taken years to come out.

  12. NoKidding2026 says:

    And comparing a human to Jesus. Ummm. NO.

  13. PSDParent says:

    Calling supporters “misguided” only shows how “grossly ingnorant” and uninformed Mr. Nadeau is on this topic. Hundreds of students and parents that are direct consumers of the culture that Mr. Brittain has cultivated at Rogers came out in his support. Teenagers do not unite for a cause unless it resonates within them on a personal level. Mr. Brittain invoked that response from them because of the amazing job he has done at Rogers. They are proud to be Rams largely in part of his dedication to the school and it’s students. What you frame as “immaturity” is actually people standing up for what they believe, not taking the decision of a top heavy administration without speaking out.

    Dr. Apostle has not other choice but to take the harsh criticism from people that disagree with his decisions. As a public figure in a leadership position, he needs to be prepared for sometimes scathing public comment. It would be a blessing for our school district to have a superintendent that invoked the same passion for our schools that Mr. Brittain does. Dr. Apostle does not. Both he and the school board will have to answer to the voters for their decision to accept Mr. Brittain’s resignation.

    A resignation can have less to do with a “backstory” and more to do with dignity and a desire to move on with one’s life. Sometimes the fight is not worth the casualties, especially when there are students involved.

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