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TPD: Police aren’t the ones whose credibility was marred

Letter by Jeffrey J. Brain, Bonney Lake on May 9, 2011 at 10:30 am with 6 Comments »
May 9, 2011 10:30 am

Re: “Zina flub mars cops’ credibility” (TNT, 5-8).

What’s the matter? Did you get a high-priced citation from a Tacoma police officer? Is that why you splatter the front pages with the harsh stuff about the police so long after the Zina Linnik murder? Not enough true journalists on your staff to find real news to put on the front page, so you resort to checkstand sensationalism.

My seventh-grade teacher called it yellow journalism. Tacky. Pathetic. You are following the path of your TV compatriots.

Your bottom line will increase temporarily because of this tabloid-type rubbish. But real readers of the news will make you pay by ignoring you.

Lighten up on the cops. Bury these “Zina” flubs inside the paper where you put other minor stuff such as the deal between Hamas and Fatah.

Want to get your credibility back? try some real journalism. Ditch the tabloid junk.


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  1. Parkland says:

    The police chief, arguably one of the most powerful people in the city, was outed as a liar when it became known that he put out an official police statement to the media that he knew to be false. Because Jeffrey in Bonney Lake would rather have this story buried tells me a lot about Jeffrey in Bonney Lake.

  2. Lets see, how about we run other agencies with the graces that Jeffery from Bonney Lake is bestowing upon the police department. Teachers can now lie and fabricate test scores for better pay. Doctors can now lie about diagnosis for uninsured patients because they wouldn’t be able to pay for surgery. Bankers can now inflate and lie about speculations to rob people of their savings for retirement. (… already has happened.) Courts can allow inflammatory testimonies to convict innocent people to save investigative monies AND/OR disallow potential evidence and let the guilty go. No accountability for construction when workers forget to use enough bolts in our buildings, reinforcement for roads/ bridges, etc so that when it all crumbles down and people die… well all these people are human and lying isn’t a serious offense right? We will never really know if a timely Amber Alert would have saved Zinna or not- But the police do us no service or honor to the badge by getting away with lying about it.

  3. I commend the TNT for their reporting on this important story. When their is little truth there are big consequences.

  4. pazzo242 says:

    Most of you letter writers who are coming to the defense of Ramsdell are truly a bunch of hypocrites. If this would have been any other officer who lied to cover up the actions of another police officer all of you would be calling for his head. But because “Donny” comes across as this nice guy you attempt to divert the truth that he lied–plain and simple.

    Let’s also keep in mind how he got that job–daddy was a big wig in the city so “Rammer” got it by name recognition and nothing more.

    This is a case of what is good for the troops is not good for the admin. He has sent people packing for lying so he deserves more than a slap on the hand, which is all he got.

    Take your rose colored glasses off for a moment and see the entire picture. The Top Cop of the entire police department lied and got a slap on the wrist. It’s time for all those fired for lying to come back with a law suit for unlawful termination.

  5. Some folks form their opinions based on the headlines alone… and then comment. publicly.

  6. Earth_watch says:

    Jeffrey, you’re missing the real issue of why this topic persists… the headline articles weren’t becuase the newspaper randomly pulling up this story for no reason four years after the fact… it became news again because information Ramsdell has been covering up for four years just came out!

    The Press is doing nothing more than reporting those facts. Ramsdell did this to himself, has only himself to blame, and you can’t blame the public for expecting better. Ramsdell’s four-years-late insincere apology is not enough to make this go away.

    I’m glad the public expects better from our Police Chief, as you should, too. Frankly this rally of support for Ramsdell is only bringing more attention to his actions and the public’s anger… and only helping focus on him instead of all those involved who should also be being brought to task.

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