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LEGISLATURE: Term limits would create greater diversity

Letter by George A. Terhaar, Enumclaw on May 6, 2011 at 4:37 pm with 33 Comments »
May 7, 2011 10:17 am

Re: “Pay cuts for elected officials now look unlikely this year” (TNT, 5-4).

State Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, was quoted as saying that lowering legislators’ pay would mean “a less diverse group of people could afford to be represented in Olympia.”

If he truly wants diverse representative government, the senator should work for term limits. Replacing some of the overspending legislative troglodytes, including himself, would have prevented the present state budget/debt crisis.

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  1. aislander says:

    REAL diversity in the legislature means the end of one-party rule in this state, but I suspect the senator is still stuck on “diversity” as meaning skin color…

  2. One of our Senators says that lowering her pay would reduce the diversity of our representation, and there is only one comment before mine on this!! OMG we are truly asleep. It seems to me that as our legislatures pay has increased, the quality of our representation has decreased.

  3. fatuous says:

    “but I suspect the senator is still stuck on “diversity” as meaning skin color…”

    If it’s skin color, then it’s clearly not working.



  4. ‘The very words “career politicians” are obscene. As a civil society we should eliminate these vulgar people from Olympia.

  5. 3 years is long enough for any politician to hold a position. Look how fast Obama has brought America to Her knees !!!

  6. ItalianSpring says:

    I always prefer a little thing called EXCELLENCE over lame ass “diversity”. Every time.

  7. the3rdpigshouse says:

    The problem with the Washington State legislature is the “ignorant electorate” that keeps electing socialist democrats!! Wake up folks – they really are your enemy!!

  8. harleyrider1 says:

    It is not term limits. The “voters” -you people – continue to vote the same party line, the same type of person every year. Spend, spend, spend.

    Nice to blame those in office, but who put them there? Who kept them there? Who supported the spend, spend, spend year after year? A guy like Eyeman tries to put a ceiling, a cap on spending and you get upset. Well, here we are. You have what you supported and it has come home to bite you in the ass.

    Can you fix it? Yes. You don’t need to switch parties. Just don’t be a blind voter and vote who the party says you should. You can vote for anyone. Look at their past – Google them – if you have Internet, go the the library or ask a family member to. Vote the politician based on their record – not today’s promise.

    And be accountable yourself. Look in the mirror. Your votes put us here.

  9. nwcolorist says:

    Agreed, aislander. If it’s diversity you’re looking for, the first step is to re-invigorate a healthy two party system.

    Term limits will only ensure the quicker rotation of the current tax-and-spend crowd.

  10. Well said HarleyRider. We simply cannot afford as a state the spending that our elected officials have voted through; and as such we cannot afford to continue to re-elect the same officials.

  11. Roncella says:

    I sincerely doubt we voters will ever see any kind of term limits voted in.

    The powerful senators and congressmen both dem & repub. will never give up their power and seniority to term litmits, trust me, Never.

    The only way to remove the spenders and taxers is to vote them out at every election cycle.

  12. blakeshouse says:

    3Pig and Harleyrider have it nailed. no way around this cold hard truth. With the voting record of this states electorate, the state is already lost, we are just swirling the bowl waiting for the inevitable.

  13. KARDNOS says:

    “camas says:
    May 7, 2011 at 8:50 pm
    ‘The very words “career politicians” are obscene. As a civil society we should eliminate these vulgar people from Olympia.

    I guess that means that we eliminate all three of the legislative and senate reps in my district – Alexander, Swecker and Debolt

  14. Publico says:

    This false statement, “Replacing some of the overspending legislative troglodytes, including himself, would have prevented the present state budget/debt crisis,” false because the recession is the cause of the State’s problems, makes the letter and all the supporting comments irrelevant.

  15. aislander says:

    Nice try, Pub. The drunken sailors–er–legislators set their spending levels when revenues are at their highest, locking in that spending for times when revenues are at normal or lower levels–like now. THEN they and their apologists say we have a “revenue problem.” Absolutely laughable, if the consequences weren’t so tragic…

  16. Rollo_Tomassi says:

    Shorter term limits would only ensure a fresh crop of inexperienced legislators that would be led around by the nose by the career bureaucrats. It is bureaucrats that have real control in Olympia.

    We don’t need term limits for legislators, we need term limits for bureaucrats.

  17. Publico says:

    aislander’s argument has no logic and it assumes that the legislature goes about spending with no caution. The recession was by all accounts the worst financial disaster since the great depression. Do you think the legislature should have known it was coming? They would have been nearly the only ones with that kind of foresight.
    Your comment is total nonsense, from someone on the right who wants to make government look bad any chance they get,………until they need them, that is.

  18. aislander says:

    So, Pub…the legislature DIDN’T authorize a bunch of new spending programs and hire lots of new “workers” when revenues hit record highs in the last decade? As I said–laughable…

  19. scott0962 says:

    We have term limits, they’re called elections.

    Apparently the author doesn’t trust the judgement of the people. As much as we may not like the voters’ decisons from time to time the alternative, doing away with elections and letting some political machine or privileged class decide who will serve in public office, is much worse.

  20. steilacoomtaxpayer says:

    Term limits as described lead to lack of continuity. Not a good idea. Someone in this thread suggested voting in new candidates. Refreshing!

  21. nwcolorist says:

    Publico, you’re right. very few foresaw the recession, but the Legislature’s 30% increase in spending under Gregoire played a large part in the severity of our present predicament.

  22. commoncents says:

    term limits are an artificial way of forcing the public’s vote. It’s a salve..nothing more. The problem is not the amount of time that is being served by the politician – it’s the person doing the serving AND the person who votes for them. That being said…Timmy Eyeman has made himself a career about exploiting our own inability to vote in responsible people.

  23. Roncella says:

    Follow the Money. The Politician with the most bucks will usually win the election or re-election. This has been proven over and over.

    President Obama is a great study for this. He has well over a billion dollars already and is flying all over the Country as fast as he can, in order to continue to raise even more money for this re-election bid in 2012.

    There is not one serious contender on the Republican side who comes close to giving Obama a run for his money.

    Follow the money.

  24. I love the partisan hacks argument that ‘one party rule’ is a bad thing and that the other party is the casue of everything.
    Never mind that the states with the other party firmly in control are in as bad or in many cases worse shape.

    If you rightists want to see what your party rule does to a state look at Idaho, it’s been under total republican control for over 60 years now and it rakes at or near the bottom of everything, and guess what……..it’s broke too.
    Texas, broke
    Florida, broke
    Ahhh but what about the evil California you whine…….yep it’s broke too, every state is broke, and we all know why.

    What does that tell you partisans?
    (hint, it’s not about party, it’s about the economy)
    Of course who broke the economy IS about party.

  25. aislander says:

    fbergford: I have no real explanation for the economic obtuseness of lefties. Perhaps they believe that government creates wealth because of its control (!) over money, or maybe they believe there is just one huge, unchanging pile of wealth that needs only to be “spread around” more fairly, and belongs, rightfully, to us all. “Clueless” covers it best, I think…

  26. SadujTogracse says:

    Our Legislature can’t even finish their work on time. What is this the third special session in a row? In the real world that would result in the employee being fired, the same should happen to the doofus’ in Olympia.

  27. xtp855 says:

    fberg is name calling the best you can do?
    There was nothing in my post saying what you claim, yet you made stuff up to complain about, why?
    Ailander comes along and pats you on the back for it, and makes up yet even more stuff to whine about. Amazing really, you all can’t refute what is said but you feel the need to whine, comoplain and insult so you just make up stuff in order to do it.

    Partisan hacks.

    I stand by my theory that some posters are plants to make the far right look stupid.

  28. nwcolorist says:

    xtp855, I guess you didn’t read fbergford’s post. He backed up his statement. Pay attention please.

  29. xtp855 says:

    No he didn’t, he made up stuff to whine and attempt to attack me with.
    He backed up nothing.

    You are adding to the evidence in support of my theory, I thank you for that.

  30. Roncella says:

    xtp855, Your theory is flawed and bias in every way possible, thats Just My Opinion, my theories are usually more correct than yours.

  31. xtp855 says:

    roncella, you are the very basis of my theory that some posters here are in fact Demorat plants to make the right look stupid, but it’s just my opinion and I can prove my theories are always more correct than yours.

  32. alindasue says:

    scott0962 said, “We have term limits, they’re called elections.”

    That’s exactly what I was going to say, but you said it first, Scott.

    Everyone, if you don’t like who’s in office, get out and vote. If you do like who’s in office, you need to vote also. The point is that each of us needs to properly research the candidates, and then go to the ballots as informed citizens and VOTE.

    We’ve had enough close races in this state to know just how important each citizen’s vote is in an election. Even a “fat cat” with industry/union backing and a mega campaign budget can not stay in office if we don’t vote for him or her.

  33. Roncella says:

    alindasue, Yes washingfon state has had a few very close governor’s races.

    Its an embarassment for all of us who live here. The Election is over and Rossi Wins by 350 votes, not so fast the gregoire dems. found a few more boxes of ballots to count.

    Low and behold there’s just enough ballots in these lost boxes for gregoire to win, again, and again. Its reminds me so much of the daley macjhine that has run Chicago for years and years with them finding just enough ballots to win time after time after time.

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