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PUYALLUP: District losing its best principal

Letter by Linnaea Pagni Mittelstadt, Puyallup on May 6, 2011 at 1:51 pm with 7 Comments »
May 6, 2011 1:58 pm

Re: “Rogers principal will return, resign at year”s end” (TNT, 5-6).

Apparently the only acceptable option for Rogers High School Principal Scott Brittain was to resign. How unfortunate. After parenting two children through the Puyallup School District, the second just graduating from Rogers High School, I believe Brittain is the best principal I have witnessed in the district.

What singles him out is his strong, pervasive and unwavering desire to ensure that each student feels as comfortable as possible each day at school, that attitudes are accepting, not excepting. What could be more fundamental to learning?

Each student we know really likes Brittain. It’s a loss to all to lose him. It does not seem necessary.

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  1. redneckbuck says:

    The district has some real problems, problems that will surely get worse after losing a principal like this.

  2. puyallupmutt says:

    Tony Apostle needs to be run out of town as well as all of his cronies.

  3. muckibr says:

    What I’d like to know is why Rogers H.S. needs three (3) Vice Principals? When I was a student there we only had one (1) and that was plenty. The student population hasn’t increased has NOT increased three-fold!

    Here’s my solution: Accept Brittain’s resignation, promote one of the three (3) V.P.s tp Principal and file one of the two who are left. A Principal plus three (3) Vice Principals for a school the size of Rogers H.S. is ridiculous. For that alone Tony Apostle should be fired as well!

  4. drxtreme says:

    I couldn’t aqree more with puallupmutt! I was Apostle is directly connected to a PAC in Olympia that is tied to Several Banks and other institutions with TONS of cash…He has placed people who will kiss his butt in every position there is in the school districts administrative decision making arms. He Owns the School Board! He Owns the Counsel! He has so much $$$$ to leverage against people he gets what he wants when he wants it…We need to run everyone of these boot licking SOB’s on the counsel, school board and especially the “So Called: Mayor out of town, redo everything so these jerks from other cities can’t come in here setup shop for a while and use their political science or law degree’s to crap all over this valley! Its time we stand up and in one voice shout so loud it breaks their ears — Tis a TIPPING POINT IN THE WORLD!!! ELITIST BUMS LIKE YOU ARE NO LONGER NEEDED, WELCOME, NOR HAVE A PLACE HERE! GO AWAY PEACEFULLY OR BE REMOVED AND SUED FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!

  5. KARDNOS says:

    I guess attacking the Superintendent of Schools is a good substitution for attacking teachers, which was vogue about two weeks ago.

    From what I read, the principal was given instructions (probably by someone other than Apostle) and chose to do what he wanted. Where I work, that is grounds for termination.

  6. Ithappened2me2 says:

    Hey Kard, we are waiting for you to show up on another letter.

  7. cclngthr says:

    Exactly. Brittain was told in the past not to attend field trips. He continued to do that, against the directive he was given. He also was told to hire a teacher to cover that class. Whether one was willing and available is unknown, but that also is a directive he ignored.

    That being said, principals do evaluate teachers. I would want a principal who is up to date on their skills of teaching by regularly teaching students to make sure they are doing that job properly. Too many principals forget the mechanics of teaching over time. The solution here is at least every 3-5 years, the principal must teach a full semester.

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