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LAWS: Too many of us pick and choose which laws to obey

Letter by Carol MacKinnon, Tacoma on May 5, 2011 at 1:21 pm with 7 Comments »
May 5, 2011 1:21 pm

Re: “Cell phones: Law being widely ignored” (letter, 5-5).

After reading this letter I feel compelled to point out something invariably overlooked by those reporting on the controversy surrounding red-light cameras. That these cameras generate cash demonstrates that drivers routinely ignore a law, underscoring the letter writer’s apt point, “What is actually happening in our culture is a spirit of anarchy. If you selectively obey certain laws yet without hesitation disregard others, that is the seed bed of anarchy.”

Why care about anarchy? Because our nation is bankrupt. When people are immersed in a culture that embraces individual freedom to pick and choose from among the laws to obey, what happens when many citizens go hungry?

I don’t expect civil insurrection in America anytime soon, but the theoretical implications of selective obedience should not be overlooked by anyone with responsibility for educating others, be it parents, teachers, counselors or the media.

As a nation, we take pride in being of law. Yet as a culture we are surrounded by cheats and liars whose behavior we accept. Mobile cell phone use continues, and some protest automatic cameras being used as robotic avatars of police.

Lives and our civilization can be saved when as individual citizens we embrace personal responsibility for following the laws, even the ones with which we disagree, in every facet of our lives, and take affirmative steps to act collectively as a community to demand that members of the community strictly follow the laws as well.

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  1. modyfied says:

    This should also apply to Law-Enforcement Personnel.
    Photo red light in question: Fife. Officer gets red light, floats through for right-hand turn. “Blink” there goes the camera, wholly in violation. I wonder where and if the ticket went?

  2. Pecksbadboy says:

    And what is a legal marijuana dispensary?
    How long must I stop at a crosswalk at a light before proceeding?
    Is a church free from taxes if the pastor says only to vote for Republican candidates?
    Do you carry a litterbag in your car?
    Is your license plate worn out after 7 years?
    Why do you have to pay for a cover for your “Good to GO” pass to travel in the carpool lanes if the whole idea is to get people to travel that way?
    If paid parking in downtown Tacoma is keep people from over parking , why did they hire more people to enforce the meters when they could of done it just to enforce the signs?

    Laws are often so poorly written or not enforceable as to make them mute.

  3. Publico says:

    Fortunately Peck, one does not get to pick and choose without repercussions.

  4. Pecksbadboy says:

    Hey Publico, do you carry a litter bag in your car?

  5. BlaineCGarver says:

    Passing a stupid law that common sense dictates will not be followed (some speed limits, cell phone, drug use laws) essentially translates into no law whatsoever. Death to the Nanny State!! The Wussies can act as they wish, but don’t try to control everyone else.

  6. nokoolaide says:

    Why should we be held to a higher standard than our own federal government?

  7. bobcat1a says:

    Americans are the most lawless people in the world and have always been. The surest way to political suicide is to be too strict about enforcing laws.

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