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LABOR: Federal law protects workers, not employers

Letter by Steve Krueger, Auburn on May 4, 2011 at 1:47 pm with 16 Comments »
May 4, 2011 2:14 pm

Re: “Labor’s attack on Boeing sends a chilling message” (Richard S. Davis column, 5-4).

Davis is factually wrong when he says business owners have “the fundamental right … to act in the best interests of customers (and) shareholders.”

While oft repeated, that is not a fact.

Federal law, since the early part of the last century, has guaranteed rights to workers, not employers. Those protections were enshrined in law because of the widespread abuses by employers, which included deadly attacks on workers attempting to organize to obtain respect, safe working conditions and better pay. Some of those occurred in the Puget Sound region.

The National Labor Relations Board enforces federal law and protects the right of workers. Among those rights is the protection against an employer moving his business purely to avoid having to deal with its labor union.

Since the Reagan years, the ability of that body to do its job has been undermined and eroded, thanks to the financial lobbying of right-wing business groups.

Perhaps Davis and other corporate apologists have grown so accustomed to the power to ride roughshod over workers that they cannot contemplate a world in which they must, at long last, actually obey the law.


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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    Mr. Davis is 100% right. The NLRB has established a standard that is wrong and will hurt WA state. Boeing has the right in a free market to do business whereever they want. This is America and the union is just taking steps to push them out of the state.

    Ask yourself if you were a new business would you ever think of coming to WA state. Heck NO!!!!! You would go to a right to work state.

    This state’s love affair with the unions will be our demise. We must change the culture or more Boeing and good paying jobs will exit this state for those that want them there.

  2. sincere says:

    Washington State is one of the last States I would start a business in! Seeing how the Politicos treat the business owners here,why would any one want that kind of treatment from their so called Reps?To me it seems as if the Legislature would like to tax all businesses into Bankruptsy.

  3. Publico says:

    Let’s see. The 787 dreamliner is at least two years behind in deliveries. There have been no strikes to my knowledge in that time period so it is not the fault of any union activity. I wonder (not very much)who is to blame.
    So what one can take away from this is that incompetent management is taking that incompetence out on the backs of its union workers. Lovely.
    Mr. Davis would never admit to that. His morality menu would not allow it.

  4. cclngthr says:

    An employer can do business in any form which they please as long as they don’t violate standard labor laws regarding wage, overtime and youth workers. Unions do not regulate those issues, they are built into labor laws. If a business does not want employees to unionize, they have that legal right to do that, as use hiring/firing practices that involve performance of workers. Federal law does not require workers to unionize or force businesses to accept union workers.

  5. Polago says:

    “Unions do not regulate those issues, they are built into labor laws.”

    Courtesy of your local labor unions. These laws didn’t happen out of the goodness of business’s hearts.

  6. xtp855 says:

    Evil scary unions!

  7. xtp855 says:

    The poorest states, the states with the lowest incomes and the highest walfare rates are ALL right to work states.

    Why would anyone favor a right to work state?

  8. Polago says:

    Because they cannot stand to see someone else prospering, xtp855.

  9. sue1234 says:

    That is part of the sociopathic republican ideology where capital is praised and labor is denigrated. It was the cheap labor republicans who sent our jobs overseas. Just go look at the numbers and you will see our job migration out of the states started under Reagan.
    The republican party has spent millions of dollars to convince their rank and file unions are bad. Unions are bad because they:
    1) ensure a livable wage
    2) ensure a safe working environment
    3) provide job security
    4) provides due process.
    All things that benefit the worker. These exploited rank and file republicans are essentially telling us they dont deserve the 4 things mentioned above. It is a brilliant plan to teach the rank and file republican to be happy with his/her meager wages. The corporation must profit .. even at your expense.

  10. slasmith says:

    If the corporation or more often the private individual who owns a buisness does not profit there is really no need to provide a job is there?

  11. Polago says:

    Jobs are not provided, salsmith. Labor is provided to businesses that needs it.

    Businesses do not hire employees out of the goodness of their little hearts.

  12. theogsters says:

    Steve makes a good point here. And I hope he writes to Richard Davis directly to lodge his complaint. I do that frequently and think Richard is tired of hearing from me.

  13. blakeshouse says:

    As the NLRB and other socialist filled entities of this regime continue their march toward the new incarnation of the Soviet union, we wonder why jobs are heading over seas. With big brother breathing down your neck from day one like they do it is no wonder that the once great manufacturing base that drove this country to greatness has fled this sinking ship
    The thriving underground economy that rivals anything that existed in the USSR is the only way left to exist without big brother in your hip pocket.
    This regime and its minions must be shown the door and helped thru it with size 12’s in the posterior in 2012 if we are to not become the newest and largest member of the third world

  14. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Boeing is the goose that lays golden eggs in WA, however, certain folks think it is a good idea to place their hands around the neck of this goose and squeeze until the goose turns blue every few years.

    It should be a surprise to no one when that the goose has had enough and decides to fly to another pasture to bed down, at least some of the time.

    The NLRB is merely doing the bidding of the folks who run President Obama’s reelection campaign and are appeasing the folks who vote as they are told by their unions.

    The union members are getting their pay back for voting for BO and for voting dimwitted Senator Peppermint Patty into office, courtesy of the NLRB.

    Creating long term damage to the business community is of little import to someone who is focused on short-term reelection objectives.

    The irony is that the people who think they are being helped by the NLRB will be hurt in the long run if the NLRB’s actions are successful.

  15. Polago says:

    You wouldn’t be BigSwingingRichard S. Davis, by chance, would you?

    Do as the company says and no one gets hurt.

  16. beerBoy says:

    Anyone who finds the need to name himself BigSwingingRichard is overcompensating…….

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