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LEGISLATURE: Inconsistency on issues

Letter by Steven Aksamit, Puyallup on May 2, 2011 at 2:43 pm with 10 Comments »
May 2, 2011 3:09 pm

There are two issues that do not seem to be right to me.

• There are legislative districts that take in more money than they bring in, according to the state Office of Financial Management. Most of these districts are Republican districts.

For example, let’s take state Sen. Joseph Zarelli’s 18th Legislative District. OFM records show that one county in his district takes $1.47 and another takes $1.39 for every $1 they contribute to the state.

This is the same Zarelli who is asking state workers to take a 3 percent pay cut and extra furlough days to balance the budget. That is a tax on state workers.

Everyone should be sharing the burden; how would they feel about a 3 percent tax? These Republican districts need to live within their means so they may help balance the budget. These are the same Republicans who cry that wealth distribution is wrong.

• Voters rejected two ballot measures on privatizing liquor sales and the liquor warehouse. Yet I read comments from readers and also see from our elected officials that we should privatize the warehouse and maybe even the liquor stores.

These same elected officials and more than likely readers would have a cow if someone suggest not following the initiative on needing two-thirds votes of the Legislature to raise taxes.

Sometimes it is OK to not follow the voters and other times it is? Show some consistency, people.


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  1. bobcat1a says:

    Check out which states pay more in federal taxes than they get back…almost all Democratic. Check out states that get more federal dollars than they pay in…almost all Republican. Gee, starting to look like trend isn’t it.

  2. sue1234 says:

    Surprise surprise surprise… guess what? The blue states support the red states with our federal tax dollars… why should it be any different at the local level?. Yes the idiots who whine about paying too much in taxes.. actually do not generate enough monies on their own.. again.. the liberal, smart people have to save their behinds.

  3. tree_guy says:

    State workers at least have jobs. After a salary cut they’ll still have 97% of what they had before. I wonder how many of the 300,000+ out of work Washington citizens would like to go back to work at 97% of their previous salary? An appalling display of greed.

  4. Cherry pick a Republican, but let’s not forget who is running the this state and has controls over the dollars. OPS, the Dems.

  5. tree_guy–I think Steve’s point is to be fair shouldn’t everyone working share in patching the budget? I mean if 97% is ok for state workers; wouldn’t 97% be ok for every worker? Seems to be what your saying. Anyone without a job would be happy to work for 97% of whatever someone working is making.

    Dec49—Steve’s example was just that an example. If you take the time as he and I have done to check the statistics from Office of Financial Management you would see that all, and I mean ALL districts that vote Republican take in more than they put in as far as taxes goes. Could either of you take the time to explain how that is 1. Fair and 2. Not wealth distribution.

  6. tree_guy says:

    Our political system and tax system is rife with inconsistancy and unfairness. Why cherry pick the 3% pay cut for school districts or the fact that some districts take in more in benefits than they contribute in taxes?

    A person in a rambler style home in South Tacoma pays about half the taxes that his counterpart pays in North Tacoma. Same city services but different tax levels. A business man in tacoma with a service business pays three times the city b&o tax that a businessman with a retail store pays. Wildly different tax rates, but same city services.

    As I say, there are many examples of unfairness, I could on.

  7. KARDNOS says:

    “tree_guy says:
    May 3, 2011 at 5:29 pm
    State workers at least have jobs. After a salary cut they’ll still have 97% of what they had before. I wonder how many of the 300,000+ out of work Washington citizens would like to go back to work at 97% of their previous salary? An appalling display of greed.”

    As usual, Tree’s information is incorrect and possibly was stored in a lower part of his anatomy. My spouse, with 10 years of service to the state was laid off in 2009 and didn’t get back to work for almost a year. When she returned to work it was as a “temporary employee”, although she works full time, at a rate of pay that is about 20% lower than before. She might be retained after August 1, 2001, but there are no guarantees. If we were still getting benefits from the state, the cost of those went up. She is but one of thousands that faced a similar fate.

    Greed is when you own commercial real estate and pass along tax increases to your tenants, when what that means is the value of your asset increased also. Tree’s practice as he disclosed this weekend.

    The rest of the words that I have to direct at Tree would be deleted from the forum, so I’ll refrain.

  8. KARDNOS says:

    Taxes are based on market value, genius.

    For someone that is supposedly a land baron, you are certainly ignorant of the basics.

  9. KARDNOS says:

    What we should be doing is taxing the crap out of landlords because they aren’t providing jobs that the Republicans claim we will lose if people have to pay taxes.

  10. KARDNOS says:

    As to Zarelli….watch for a “TEA Party” run at the Governor’s office this coming election.

    Even the moderate Republicans are sick of him.

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