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DISASTER AID: Where’s helping hand from foreign ‘friends’?

Letter by Ronald A. Petitte, Federal Way on April 29, 2011 at 2:25 pm with 55 Comments »
April 29, 2011 2:25 pm

Whenever or wherever a disaster occurs, who always comes to the aid of the country devastated by an earthquake, hurricane, or flood? The good old U.S. of A., of course.

Where are all the countries that are suppose to be America’s friends? Like France, Italy, Spain, England, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Mexico and so many others.

We have a major disaster in six of our Southern states. Homes and roads and businesses have been completely destroyed by tornadoes. Loss of life is over 300 and climbing. If ever there was a time America could use a helping hand, it’s now.

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  1. BlaineCGarver says:

    I’m pretty sure you have no idea who is giving what from where. How much have YOU given, or are you one of the whiners that expects everyone else to pull your weight for you? I’ll bet you’re a liberal, too.

  2. Ron, to whom is your question directed? It looks an awful lot like a rhetorical one.

  3. Blaine – Ronald Petitte is Roncella….hardly a liberal.

  4. I thought all these people were for bootstrapping and not getting help from the Federal government. Why would they expect to get help from other countries?

  5. bobcat1a says:

    These righties want to make government so small it can be drowned in a bathtub but I guess they expect the rest of the world will come to help when they are drowning.

  6. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Have patience – when “OH-Bummer” is done with transforming the USA and giving all our money to China, China will be able to send their navy to the gulf coast to aid the tornado and hurricane victims in the future!!

  7. The way it looks to me is,It almost Illegal ffor t he Federal Government to supply any support with money or equiptment unless that State can pay back the money loaned the State. You notice I used the word Loaned! Unlike when our over generous Govt. is the first one to contribute Billions to all countries having hard times.It seems as if they will take care of everyone else,but frorget about the taxpayers when its crunch t ime for the U.S. Citizen.

  8. Ronald
    Let see, France& Italy doesn’t really like us they just pretend. In fact when the US was in Somalia Italy’s military would purposely light a big fire every time we left on a mission to signal the warlords we were doing so. England just slapped the US in the face when they invited a dictator who has been mistreating his own people to the royal wedding but didn’t invite Obama. Mexico is broke why do you think their citizens are coming here illegally. as for Greece, Norway, Sweden, can’t answer that 1. So don’t hold your breath on seeing any aide come our way.

  9. “I’m pretty sure you have no idea who is giving what from where. How much have YOU given, or are you one of the whiners that expects everyone else to pull your weight for you? I’ll bet you’re a liberal, too.”

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it probably is one.

    Ron’s constantly whining that the government isn’t doing enough for either the country or himself. He complains daily that government isn’t reducing the unemployment rate fast enough, and holds them responsible for not reducing the price of gas and groceries for him. He bemoans that the government doesn’t arrive fast enough to disasters such as the BP oil spill, and currently, to the weather-related disasters in the South. His liberal ideology has graduated to the point now, where he expects immediate assistance from governments around the globe, no matter what the scale of the disaster. Meanwhile he advocates starving the government of revenue and whines about paying his fair share of taxes, while double-dipping into both SSI and Medicare.

  10. hensandducks says:

    Maybe our government should take care of its own people and stop meddling in other countries.

  11. Roncella says:

    How about all the billions of dollars America gives out in Foreign Aid to so many Countries. Pay back is in order when a terrible disaster hits like the one that hit our southern states.

    President Obama should be encouraging assistance from Countries we have helped in the past and from Countries we give millions to in Foreign Aid.

    After all everyone said with Obama as President instead of Bush all the Countries in the World would love America Again.

  12. Roncella says:

    BlameCcarver, I can hardly believe you called me a LIBERAl !!!! Thats a First for me, Wow, unbelieveable,

    As President Obama likes to say, Let Me Be Clear About This, I’m NO Liberal !!!

  13. After all everyone said with Obama as President instead of Bush all the Countries in the World would love America Again.

    More Bush apolgia……. You guys can’t get over the fact that Bush screwed up and, rightfully, was disdained for it. If the Dems had nominated a decent candidate in 2000 or 2004 he couldn’t have won (and yes….the Repubs didn’t have decent candidates in 2008 but, after Bush it is doubtful anyone Repub could have won).

  14. Ron – someone called be a conservative on this board once……demonstrates how quickly people try to dismiss comments by labeling without any attempt at understanding.

  15. Roncella says:

    beerBoy I have been called many names in my life time. Some were appropriate, I’m sure. But this one hurts, ha ha.

    However I could not believe anyone who reads these posts would believe I’m a Liberal, good grief man its scary to even think about me being a Liberal.

  16. alindasue says:

    Yes, Roncella, I think everyone here who normally debates with you can readily agree that in most issues you are definitely not a liberal.

    As to not getting help from other countries, has the president asked for any help? Do we really need it?

  17. ItalianSpring says:

    “After all everyone said with Obama as President instead of Bush all the Countries in the World would love America Again.”


    The fact that this hasn’t happened shows you that hatred of America, freedom itself, and jealousy is what’s in force here. Until MC Obomba finishes bringing down freedom and the collective standard of living (through fascist redistribution) they won’t warm up to us. And even after Obomba’s done with us it will take a while.

  18. Roncella, I know you are not a liberal. You asked a pertinent question and I see no need to further add to it. I was wondering the same thing.

  19. alindasue, the president shouldn’t have to ask for help. The people we’ve saved over the past 70 years shouldn’t need prompting to offer help. Whether we need it or not. That’s what real fiends do.

  20. We already get “help” from other countries…continuously and quietly.
    The format is called “off-shore lobbying”.
    #1 “helper” – China
    #2 “helper” – The Royal House of Saud
    #3 “helper” – La Raza
    A cost / benefit definition of “humanitarian aid” depends on who gets the residual or reciprocal results.

    The Salvation Army, Red Cross, Dr.s sans Borders, World Vision and others do very good and timely work however…

  21. aislander says:

    VOLUNTEER aid doesn’t conflict with conservative values. My favorite Democrat president, Grover Cleveland, wrote on the subject of coerced aid: “Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character.” He, like most Americans of that period before the progressive era, knew such aid to be unconstitutional…

    Even San Francisco (!) was rebuilt with vastly more private than public money after the 1906 earthquake and fires, with insurance companies paying 250 times more than the Federal Government, and much more coming from private investments in the rebuilding effort. Then there was the Galveston hurricane of 1900, which caused substantially more damage than Katrina in inflation-adjusted dollars, and required NO Federal funds for rebuilding…

  22. islander,
    let’s wait and see how well the insurace companies pay off this time.

    I’m betting lots of people don’t have tornado insurace.

  23. Ronald: Don’t worry, the article was seen by me to be written by a conservative. Why? Well because it is so wrong. After Hurricane Katrina many, many countries offered aid. As for our latest disaster time will tell.

  24. aislander says:

    Hey: Guess what, xring; those insurance companies that paid for San Francisco and Galveston were NOT federally regulated…

  25. aislander says:

    …and wouldn’t it be SO much easier for the private sector to pay for disaster relief and rebuilding if less (MUCH LESS) was being siphoned off by government?

  26. aislander says:

    By way of stimulating the conversation (and not accusing anybody of anything), I must point out that American conservatives, in the footsteps of our Founders, desire a small government–you know, the kind that’s not capable of oppressing anybody (and the oppression allowed by the government has been corrected by the mechanisms built into the Constitution).

    Those in favor of a large government? Communists, fascists, Nazis, dictators, oligarchies, et al. And yes, those governments not only oppress, but they have murdered en masse. And there is no guarantee that a large government, established with the best of intentions, meaning only to do good for its people, will not fall into the hands of those with less benign intent…

  27. aislander – I wouldn’t think to speak for “American liberals” as it is such a broad category. The breadth of “American conservatives” is likewise vast.

  28. desire a small government–you know, the kind that’s not capable of oppressing anybody

    And yet they demand a military many times larger than anyone else’s on the planet…..I guess they aren’t as concerned as many of the Founders were about the dangers of maintaining a standing army.

  29. What happened to all these Republican states saying that everyone needs to take care of themselves and quit depending on the Federal Government?

  30. aislander says:

    That’s why we refer to ourselves as “small-government conservatives,” beerBoy, and we are conserving the political philosophy of the Founders, i.e., limited government. As for the military: that is an area that the Constitution gives the Federal government. We may have some areas of agreement, however, on how and when that military power be projected…

  31. Sroldguy says:

    “Russia Extends Hand in US Southern Tornado Disaster”

    Just drop it in google. Lots of articles…

  32. srvivinglife says:

    Why would the richest country in the world expect financial help from other countries?

  33. Roncella says:

    srvivinglife, Excuse me but are you living overseas someplace ??

    America is nearing Bankruptcy as a nation. Most of the states in these United States are near bankruptcy or are bankrupt now. Un-employment is getting worse not better, gas is over 4.00 a gallon soon to be at 5.00 a gallon.

    America is living on barrowed money mostly form China a country that actually hates America. When and if they decide to stop helping us we will see an actual depression occur, that will take many many years to recover from.

    There is nothing wrong with America asking or getting help from its friends around the World. America has helped African and South American countries many times from floods and disasters and the rapid spread of aids.

    America needs help and hopefully as the days go by countries will begin to offer aid and assistance in rebuilding whole towns and roads and schools etc. as America’s bank account is broke.

  34. The “richest country in the world”? Who might that be? It’s certainly not the USA anymore.

  35. KARDNOS says:

    “aislander says:
    April 30, 2011 at 6:00 pm
    That’s why we refer to ourselves as “small-government conservatives,”

    Because you want the government small for taking care of children and elderly, but you want the government big when the insurance industry won’t cover your losses?????

  36. KARDNOS says:

    I love how well the Conservatives ran up huge debt for 8 plus years and now “we are broke” is their new campaign slogan and they have the rubes buying it “lock, stock and barrel” (to pun a gun phrase).

    We just need more revenue to pay off the bills the Republicans run up, but they’ve convinced the rubes that “there is no revenue problem”.

  37. KARDNOS says:

    “There is nothing wrong with America asking or getting help from its friends”

    The challenge is that the folks with the capital – Oil countries, China, etc – don’t think of the US as a “friend”, especially when the xenophobes get on a roll.

  38. Roncella says:

    KARDNOS, Your not making sense about what this conversation has been about !!

    The Big Question is where are Americas Friends when it Needs Them ???

    That Was The Question Dardnos, it was not, why aren’t America’s enemy’s helping with the tornado disaster, Got It Now ? Have another cup of coffee, I think you need one.

  39. GHTaxPayer says:

    I love how liberals gloss over the FACT that since they took over Congress and Senate in 2007 our national debt has skyrocketed from 6.8 Trillion to 14. 5 Trillion.

    We are the POOREST country in the world. We have more debt than any other country. And yet many of our citizens expect their entire well-being to be provided by someone else.

  40. aislander says:

    KARD does love to set up straw men! As an example: “Because you want the government small for taking care of children and elderly, but you want the government big when the insurance industry won’t cover your losses?????”

    Didn’t say that. Said, in fact, the very opposite. But I do believe private charity would take better care of those who CAN’T take care of themselves than the DMV “charity” provided by the government…

  41. beerBoy says:

    funny how ron and frosty are so quick to abandon American Exceptionalism when it serves their political partisanship.

    But seriously…..American has almost always been in debt….so America never qualified as the richest country in the world?

  42. Aislander, call something that’s not true a fact doesn’t make it so.

    According to Statistical Abstract, at the end of the 2007 Fiscal Year, (when the last budget written by a Republican Congress expired), the federal debt was approx. 8.950 Trillion.

    After the end of the 2009 Fiscal Year, you know when the budgets approved by Bush expired we were about 11.875 Trillion in debt.

  43. aislander says:

    jimlj: I don’t recall saying anything about the debt, or the timeline of the debt, in this thread, but perhaps you think that I think that “Republican” and “conservative” are synonyms. They are not. Or, at least, not necessarily. Depends on the Republican. One thing I know for a certainty: “Democrat” and “conservative” are antonyms. Nice sleight of hand, though, in segueing from “Republican congress” to “budgets approved by Bush…”

  44. Sorry Aislander, that should have been directed at GHTaxPayer.

    As for the segue, it’s pretty dam* bad sleight of hand when I clearly labeled which was left by “Republican congress” and which was approved by a Repbulican president.

  45. aislander says:

    …but passed by a Democrat congress. But, then again, W is no conservative…

  46. beerBoy says:

    One thing I know for a certainty: “Democrat” and “conservative” are antonyms.

    Oh aislander……you were doing well when you acknowledged that Republican and conservative aren’t synonyms but then you had to add that sentence about the “one thing you know” which just brings us back to the same old partisan cheerleading.

    BOTH Parties are corrupted by the system that requires elected officials to constantly sell their services to the highest bidder. Jack Abramoff understood this….unfortunately it has only become worse since the S.C. has blown up the small levies restricting some of the onslaught of corporate bribery.

    Suggest you view Casino Jack and the United States of Money (the documentary not the fictionalized movie) to remind you of just what has happened due to the “conservative” idea that government should be governed by the free market, selling legislature to the highest bidder.


  47. I have come to the conclusion that the posters, roncella, 3pigs, frosty, parkland and one that I’m sure has at least 5 different names and now the new one ‘aislander’ are in fact Democrat plants to make the right look as stupid as they can.

    There is no other explaintion.

  48. Roncella says:

    xtp855, And your heros are Barney Frank, Anthony Weener, Chuck Schoomer, Barbara Boxer, Nancy pelosi, John Edwards, Al Gore, John Kerry, and on and on and on, good grief !!!.

    Now thats a real group of winners to associate your beliefs with and follow them off the cliff along with some others.

    xtp855, You could actually learn something reading some of these posts if you gave it a chance.

  49. BlaineCGarver says:

    Oh, My….Ronald is roncella…..

    The Ronald struck me a liberal as they are the ones decrying the lack of gubment money. Our problems are not so much wherewithal, but boots and trucks on the ground. I am always touched and a little embarassed when a poor, broke country like Haiti will donate anything at all when disaster strikes. And they do…along with other poor, broke countries.

  50. aislander says:

    Roncella: I really wouldn’t waste my time responding to Sumner…

  51. xtp855 says:

    roncella, you have made my point.
    Please do not attempt to tell me who my heros are or even who i look up to.
    As to leaning from the likes of you and fellow Democrat plants……you do have quite the sense of humor.

  52. Polago says:

    Ron got his talking point mixed up. He needs a Glenn Beck refresher course.

  53. Roncella says:

    xtp855, Just wondering, Who Are Your Heros and Who Do you Look Up To ?

  54. Roncella says:

    Polago, You and other extreme liberals always have your talking points ready. Your posts sould like Mr.Ed, or Rachael Maddow helped you write them.

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