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ZINA LINNIK: Why sensationalize family’s tragedy?

Letter by Julianne M. Richter, Longbranch on April 26, 2011 at 5:00 pm with 15 Comments »
April 26, 2011 5:00 pm

Re: “Displaced rage drove Zina’s killer” (TNT, 4-26).

Why in this world would The News Tribune want to print a front-page story of some sick person’s reasoning behind the horrific murder of a 12-year-old child? Who do you think is remotely interested in rehashing details surrounding the tragedy of the Linnik family’s loss of their precious daughter?

The only reason making any sense to me is profit from the sales of the paper, which, in this case, seems to far outweigh the human decency of allowing a family to heal. Shame on you!

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  1. itwasntmethistime says:

    If they wanted to heal privately they wouldn’t be suing the rest of us for a staggering sum of money.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  2. I have to agree with itwasntmethistime.

    The family is the one bringing up the past with a lawsuit. Apparently, if there is a enough money at stake, then any pain can be overlooked.

  3. princessnancy says:

    One cannot overlook the fact that the city failed the citizens of Tacoma by not issuing the Amber Alert in a timely manner. I agree it is a lot of money, and we all know that they will not get that much. Perhaps you would feel differently if it were your own child. As a society we must protect all children; this is a terrible tragedy and might not have ended in death had the Amber Alert been issued.

  4. Who do you think is remotely interested….

    The readers. They vote with their pocket books. Stories like this sell newspapers – The JonBennet Ramsey story still has legs…..

  5. Earth_watch says:

    The reason this story ran was to shift disgust away from the police lies back to the killer… which is a disgusting tactic in itself.

  6. commoncents says:

    Why do people persist in saying that had the amber alert been issued then she might not be dead. They didn’t even request it of Fulgham until 6 hours AFTER she was taken. Per the killer himself, she was dead before he got her home – which was 10 miles away. Do the math people…. And yes, I believe him. He admitted to molesting a corpse…much worse than molesting her and then killing her.

  7. He admitted to molesting a corpse…much worse than molesting her and then killing her.

    Actually, molesting her while she was alive and conscious of what was being done to her body would have been far worse for her.

  8. itwasntmethistime says:

    princessnancy — If you think we owe the Linnick’s however many million dollars because the Amber alert wasn’t issued until 12 hours after she died rather than 6 hours after she died YOU can pay it. Personally, I can’t afford it.

    Their stand on principle won’t punish the police, it will punish everyone.

  9. commoncents says:

    Beerboy – I would agree that for her it would have been worse…but I was speaking in terms of him. Child molestation is reprehensible. Adding in necrophilia doesn’t win him any points back. To most people that he has to now deal with (guards and inmates) it’s a few steps further down the disgusting piece of garbage path.

  10. Earth_watch says:

    Commoncents, it hasn’t been proven that the child wasn’t still alive when the alert could have been issued (we only know what the killer says, and the police certainly didn’t know at the time) so an alert should have been issued as soon as possible. Worse than that inaction, though, is the police having lied about it for four years. You seem to suggest that as long as it might not have contributed to a death, it’s okay for police to lie. No.

  11. Whether or not the child was still alive, the Amber Alert was issue late due to a problem with the system. It is reported that this flaw in the system has been changed.

    The fact that the Chief covered-up the flaw at first hasn’t been dealt with.

    The fact that the child was dead and a timely Amber Alert could not have changed that does make the legal suit for damages seem rather unsubstantiated.

  12. commoncents says:

    earthwatch – So without any proof – you are erring on the side of being reactionary and vilifying two individuals and looking for their heads while I’m erring on the side of caution and looking at their actions following the event. You know those actions where the unwritten policy on how to handle amber alerts became a written one. That same policy allowed any senior officer to issue the alert rather than them going through a single person. Simple thing called fixing the flaws in the process.

    By the way, were you aware that statistics have shown that 75% of all child abductions by someone other than a parent (custodial or otherwise) end in death within 4 hours. That alone lends credence to my claim. What makes you think that she was alive? Your own personal feelings?

    As for the lie? I’m sure that Ramsdell looked at it like I do. It was a tragic flaw in the process and not an individual officer’s fault. Absolutely no reason to call out Fulgham for a public flogging. If anything at all, one would wonder why the Amber Alert wasn’t IMMEDIATELY issued (like at 10:00 pm???). However, If we called out Amber Alerts immediately on every missing child case we’d have multiple ones daily and they would lose their effectiveness.

  13. Sure commoncents. Let’s have the police lie to everybody. Let them use creative writing for their reports. Why should they follow the law? They are the POLICE fer cryin’ out loud. They know better than us!!
    Hey, everybody the police investigate is a crook, right? If they don’t want to right down that the cops stole some money or some drugs from a crook’s house, let’s not right that down. If they beat up their wives at home; no police report needed. Would only look bad for the cops! Let’s trust them first and never ask questions later.

  14. commoncents – a lot of rationalizations there to excuse the failing of the cops and the lying by their leader.

    75% of all child abductions by someone other than a parent (custodial or otherwise) end in death within 4 hours.

    Which supports the need for Amber Alerts to be issued as soon as possible – not as an excuse for waiting until after a good nap.

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