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TRUMP: Liberals’ attack didn’t take long

Letter by Ronald Petitte, Federal Way on April 20, 2011 at 1:38 pm with 55 Comments »
April 20, 2011 2:25 pm

Re: “Trump candidacy is laughable – and a bit terrifying” (Eugene Robinson column, 4-20).

It didn’t take long for the liberal supporters of everything Obama to start their engines. Yes, Robinson is one of many who have come out and started their campaign to discredit and attack anyone who questions anything about Obama.

The far left liberal talk shows have interviewed Donald Trump and are doing their very best to trip him up on answers to questions none of them have ever had the courage to ask Obama. They even include difficult follow-up questions, which never seem to get asked of Obama.

The Donald may or may not decide to run. However, his decision to run would make this a very interesting and enlightening election, especially during the debates that would ensue. The Donald sees the world situations as they are occurring and has solutions to a lot of them.

The mainstream media’s goal is to make a clown of him and use their interviews and columns to discredit him. They have every right to attack his opinions on what needs to be done to fix the deficit, end the wars (including Obama’s new war in Libya) and get the economy moving. What they are doing, however, is attacking and ridiculing him in order to render his opinions and ideas as terrifying and foolish.

If only the media would have done a better job at vetting Obama; many of the problems now facing America could have been averted.

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  1. One thing about Trump, he can flush out the true idiots.
    We thought palin was good at bringing them out of the wood work, but the moron Trump does a much better job.

  2. Fibonacci says:

    If the GOP were actually stupid enough to nominate either Palin or Trump Obama would be a shoe in for reelection. Not that there are not fools out there that would vote for either one of them, just not enough fools.

  3. Trump will not run because then he would have to allow access to his finical records, and if he did win to allow someone else to runhis empire while he served.

    Then again, if Trump won, Bush2 would no longer be the George the Worst.

  4. menopaws says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion……..Putting the clowns in charge of the circus seems to be the plan of the Republican Party……Mr. Trump has gone chapter 11 3 times–he has a lot in common with the Republicans grasp of economics……..Two wars and a tax cut—yep those guys has a serious grasp of how to drive capitalism into the sewer………True soul mates!!!!

  5. You Libs continue to challenge the power of the “right.” One thing is for sure,
    Trump would be able to sit with pride in the Oval office and say, “We got rid of that Lib.” As far as Palin is concerned, she has forgotten more about what makes America great than of you “nanny libs.” As a reminder to you libs from Mars, “Remember 2010?” God Bless the Tea Party!

  6. the teabaggers are dead, and even while they had a bit of sway, it was in the wrong direction.
    Even trump is too much for the very few thinking teahadists.

  7. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Liberal trash what fears them the most. Having someone run that will expose obama for what he really is fears them the most.

  8. You Libs just can’t get over it! You took a drubbing in 2010, and 2012 is just around the corner. In 2012, it will be another shellacking, no matter what conservative is the candidate. To all you dumb libs, the Tea Party is not dead!
    They have just begun to fight! When the conservatives take over both Houses of Congress and the presidency, all you libs will probably have to go to work.
    Now please don’t come back and say you are gainfully employed. That would be a first knowing that a lib actually works.

  9. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Look at the hate here from the left. Neither Trump or Palin have any real power, yet they drive the left crazy.

    Are they hated because both have actually done something quantifiable in their careers? Like it or not Palin had the highest approval rating of any governor, and Trump runs a diverse and profitable business.

    Both show a true love for America. Is that what bothers the left?

    And if I was a socialist, pot smoking, big government lover, I would quietly support both of them. Lets all be honest and acknowledge neither would win against the current orator. So keep up your hate! I expect the bitterness to only hurt your cause

  10. “xtp855 says:
    April 20, 2011 at 2:32 pm
    One thing about Trump, he can flush out the true idiots.
    We thought palin was good at bringing them out of the wood work, but the moron Trump does a much better job.”

    Like a good bird dog…..LMAO

  11. “And if I was a socialist, pot smoking, big government lover”

    Why would people who smoke pot (illegal) want big government?

    Did you take a hit before posting that?

  12. Michelle Bachmann, Poster Girl for the TEA Bag Supporters, signed off on “birtherism” today when George Stephanopolis shoved the proof right in her face on network television.

    If you can imagine this…..her eyes got wider than usual.

    Speaking of pot smoking….I wonder if MB does a little crack on a daily basis.

  13. I love the TEAhadists celebrating an off year low turnout election.

    They’ll be gone after 2012, except the Senators, who will return to being just GOP

  14. “If only the media would have done a better job at vetting Obama; many of the problems now facing America could have been averted.”
    So Ron, tell us all what those problems are that are his complete responsibility.
    We anxiously await your response ——-or anyone else for that matter.

  15. I hope he runs, Ron, just for you.

    God, I hope he runs.

  16. If only the media would have done a better job at vetting Obama; many of the problems now facing America could have been averted.

    False meme (the media didn’t do its job vetting Obama as a candidate) meant to discredit the legitimacy of his election.

    Speculation of a retroactive effect (that somehow McCain/Palin would have averted the economic crisis that arose during the Bush Administration).

    Same ol’ Obamaphobic b.s. that has led to the unquenchable idiocy of the birthers.

    Don’t think he was a great president but he was elected as fair and square as is possible in the US…..and I have no reason to believe that McCain/Palin would have been anything but an complete and unmitigated disaster.

  17. Uscha,
    To say Palin has forgotten something is to imply that she knew something in the first place. Like what newspaper she reads.

    As potential candidates Trump and Palin;
    drive the right wild with hope; and
    drive the left wild with peals of laughter.

    ‘done something quantifiable’
    Palin quit as governor less than half way thru her fist term.
    Trump is Ross Perot with a bad hair piece.

  18. So if Obama wasn’t vetted properly Ron, what information about his life previous to his presidency, do we know today that we didn’t know on election day?

    Tell us a few things, or even just one.

  19. harleyrider1 says:

    Read “Deconstructing Obama”, by Jack Cashill. I suspect you might fine one.

  20. Jack Cashill?

    Might as well say that WorldNetDaily is a reliable source….wait a minute…..Cashill is a weekly contributor to that “esteemed” “news” agency!

  21. LarryFine says:

    Typical… is Greenfrye any more reliable than WND ?

  22. That Medicare Part D Bill required the Government to pay whatever price the Drug Companies demanded rather that negotiating a volume discount.

    Running the Country like a business is the PROBLEM, not the solution.

    I’ll stay with the FBI, CIA, HLS, and the fact that even the Sugar Pimp Koch boys have not published Obama ‘birth certificate’.

  23. What is Greenfrye?

  24. The mantra of a “business model” has run rampant in academia. As someone who has spent the majority of his adult life as an independent contractor (a very small, small business) as well as having run both for-profit and not for profit businesses all I can say is “if only”.

    All too often the “business model” is cited for pushing agenda forward that is directly contrary to the central mission of the institution while ignoring even the most basic standard business practices like cost/benefit analysis, needs assessment, etc.

    As to running a country like a business. The first obvious realization is that countries aren’t businesses – there are some business-like practicess that should/could be put into place in running the business of government but that isn’t the same thing as treating government as though it were a business.

    And, just as was true with W, Trump’s track record in business hardly inspires confidence as CEO of the US…….the Donald has required Chapter 11 protections on three occasions.

  25. Roncella says:

    OK you liberal attack dogs listen up for one min.

    The Donald and Palin both have accomplished more in their lifes in Government and private industry, then our current President or Pelosi or Reid.

    Yes they both have had challenges in their lifes, made some mistakes, had to re-group and prioritise their goals. However both have the intelligence and forsight to know the Right direction to take.

    I very much doubt that The Donald will be the choice to run against the Great
    Communicator OBama. What I would love to see is The Donald debating
    Obama one on one.

    To ConcernedTacoma7, Your exactly right in your post.

    Palago, President Obama’s Apology tours all over the World attacking America has weakened America in the eyes of World Leaders many of whom are Communist & Dictators & Socialists. This has added to the instability of Governments throughout the Medeast, including Iran which is well on the way to becoming a Nuclear Threat to all its neighbors.

    Obama will forever weaken the U.S. economy and lower our standard of living with his cap and trade plans and his bombing of libya involves America in a third war we cannot AFFORD.

    Polago knowing what an avowed extreme liberal you are, we will never agree about Obama, Or Pelosi Or Reid or the direction they have taken and are taking America in.

    The Presidents handlers like Daley and others are scared stiff that Obama will have to face The Donald in debates, so they are happy the Lame Stream Media types are attacking and making a fool of The Donald, in the hopes he will be forced to drop his decision to run for the Presidency.

  26. Great bird dog that trump, flushed out another one!

  27. The Presidents handlers like Daley and others are scared stiff that Obama will have to face The Donald in debates

    Yah sure, ya betcha!

    The only way Obama will have a second term is if the GOP is stupid enough to put someone like Trump against him.

  28. Roncella says:

    beerBoy its very unlikely that any of the Republicans currently thinking about running for President can beat Obama.

    He has a huge amount of money over 1-billion and lots more coming in as he travels around the country doing his staged tele-prompter town Hall meetings. Always follow the money.

    President Obama can count on at least 97% of the Black vote and somewhere around 65% mexican vote, along with the liberals/progessives, the Main/Lame Stream media and the rest, voting for him, even before he starts his traveling for votes.

    No Republican has anthing close to that kind of support or name recognition or MONEY. For A Republican running, Even with full support from the Tea Party Folks the contest would not be close.

  29. “The Donald and Palin both have accomplished more in their lifes in Government and private industry, then our current President or Pelosi or Reid.”

    This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

    Palin is a half term governor of a state with less population than Pierce and King County combined.

    “The Donald” can’t make a business work without a bankrupsy.

    The President has served longer as president than Palin did as Governor of Podunk, Pelosi and Reid have been making laws danged near as long as Palin has been out of gym shorts.

    Please, Roncella…..tell us you are making a joke.

  30. beerBoy…don’t forget…they still might run Palin and she’ll debate the president by looking at her hand and saying “I know what you want me to answer, but I’m going to tell you what the American people want to hear”

  31. Worth repeating:

    KARDNOS says:
    April 21, 2011 at 8:24 am
    Someone sound the Trumpettes!!! (as opposed to banjo music)


    Here is your TEA Party and Trump supporters

    Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2011/04/20/the-donald/#ixzz1KC1gaHJa

  32. “President Obama can count on at least 97% of the Black vote and somewhere around 65% mexican vote”

    but remember it’s his policies…….LMAO

  33. The only reason people like me look like an extreme Liberals to you, Roncella, is because you need a telescope to see the center of the political spectrum from where you are.

    I’m glad you used a capitol R when you wrote, “However both have the intelligence and for(e)sight to know the Right direction to take.” As not to be confused with right and wrong.

    The Donald knows what makes people like you dance. He knows that the birther issue has no legs, but he knows it will get your attention. He’s a showman.

  34. Roncella says:

    Polago, your finally correct about something. The Donald is a showman.

    I would only add that The Donald knows more about RealEstate and Business than Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, and Obamas cabinet rolled into one. Sad But True.

  35. “Even with full support from the Tea Party Folks the contest would not be close.”

    Considering that the teahadist party is now all but dead, and never really had much of a say to begin with, having the full support of the teabaggers wouldn’t get you elected dog catcher

  36. “I would only add that The Donald knows more about RealEstate and Business than Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, and Obamas cabinet rolled into one”

    IF that were true (and it isn’t) it still doesn’t qualify him to be president of anything other than the local chamber of commerce.

  37. “Trump hotels and casinos in Atlantic City have filed for bankruptcy protection three times. While Trump blamed market forces, he has long been chairman of the board for the casino businesses.

    In his defense, Trump said he “didn’t run the company.” Isikoff then asked why he was paid $2 million per year to chair the board of that business. Trump replied: “Excuse me. Because I’m a genius, okay.”

    Trump said many different businesses license the use of his name, but he’s not directly involved in their operations.

    Casinos have not been the only weakness in the Trump empire. There have been many high profile bankruptcy filings, bad real estate deals, and a trail of ongoing lawsuits accusing him of bad business practices.

    Another questionable move was “Trump University,” an online, for-profit business education firm. The attorney general in Texas ordered him to stop using the word “university” in its title. Trump said his company was unaware of restrictions on the use of that word.

    Isikoff also said he asked Trump if he thought the state of Hawaii was lying in regards to Obama being born there, and he did not answer the question.

    In summation of his experiences that qualify him to be President of the United States, Trump told Isikoff: “My successes…have been vast. I don’t even view myself as having failures, and I certainly learned from things that don’t work out as well.”

    Those trying to establish a GW Bush legacy are begging the US to elect Trump. That would take Bush’s title of “Biggest Disaster in US History away.

  38. Hey xtp855. I’ve have read some idiotic comments from you, BeerBoy, xring,
    Polago and other Libs, but your comment that the Teapartiers never had
    much of a say to begin with is really over the top. I suspect that during the 2010 election, you and all the other Liberals “were in the round room, trying to find a corner to sit down in.”

  39. uscha – I will give you this, when it comes to idiot comments you speak from great experience.

  40. testing

  41. The mainstream media’s goal is to make a clown of him

    Not sure how they could improve upon his own efforts to make a clown of himself – he already has a Bozo-inspired comb-over.

    Trump is, like Palin, like Bachman ravenous for the spotlight. The worst thing the media could do is to ignore them. With all of the complaints about how unfair the “lame stream media” is, those folks would get really upset if they stopped getting coverage of their daily antics.

  42. There’s no business like showbusiness.

  43. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, The Donald may be a Showboat as you assert, however he has more knowledge and smarts when it comes to the Real Estate and Banking and so many other business functions, than the Great Communicator/tele-;prompter reader and gifted speaker President Obama.

  44. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, The Donald mayber a showboast as you assert, however he has more knowledge and experience in Real Estate and Banking and Business in General, than the Great Speaker, Community Organizor, President Obama.

  45. Roncella says:

    sorry for the double post/the sun had worped my brain today. 72 and sunny at my place. Thank the Lord finally.

    To all my fellow posters Liberal & Conservative & Tea Party & Independents & Blue dog Democrats & Republicans, A Very Happy Easter to you all.

  46. “the sun had worped my brain today”


  47. After reading all the comments,I have the opinion,The current president will get reelected and that does not mean good things for America.I can only hope that the constitution won’t be overturned and the 2 term limit is thrown out.I am afraid that (disaster) is a real possibility and we will have a dictator for 20 years like the third world countries.

  48. Roncella says:

    Polago, A very special and belated Happy Easter to you. Your opinions are almost always special and interesting though usually wrong.

    Some day I would hope you can find the Golden Egg you long for.

  49. Roncella says:

    Sincere, Your post is alarming and disappointing but your points are important to think about.

    Remember Most Americans see themselves as being Conservatives. In many major polls taken only 23% see themselves as Liberal.

    The Tea Party Movement that changed the face of Congress and many statehouses and Governorships in the last election proved that there is still time to correct the liberal/progressive movement being pushed by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest

    Most liberals and democrats still don’t realize they have awakened a sleeping giant, The Tea Party Movement. In the next election if they can succeed to take the Senate, President Obama’s second term would become very boring for him, as he would have no power or control in spending or making policy changes.

  50. a sleeping giant, The Tea Party Movement.

    Polls consistently show favorable views of the TP at around 30%. Mar 30 CNN poll shows negative at 47%


    Hardly what I would call a “giant” – sleeping or otherwise.
    But then…..Tea Partiers aren’t really all that concerned about statistics and math and all that other reality stuff.

  51. beerBoy, I know you have alot of education from what you have posted here.

    However if you cannot see the difference the Tea Party Movement made in the last election affecting the control of Congress and Many State Houses and Governorships, and the strong possibility of them taking the senate in 2012 your living in a dream world.

    I’d say the Tea Party Movement is alive and well.

  52. ron – over-reach based upon misreading one’s mandate. It isn’t just a Democratic phenomenon.

  53. beerBoy look at the condition of most of the states in or near bankruptcy with not much hope to correct it without help.

    The Tea Party Movement has come about from people throughout the Nation.
    You can deny their mandate or their sincere feelings about the Country going in the Wrong direction lead by Obama and the big spending democrats and establishment republican senators that have for too long been spending and taxing till they have bankrupted America.

  54. Roncella says:

    The Donald Wins the argument about the Birthcertificate or certificate of birth.

    President Obama finally after over three years of dabate and speculation about his birth certificate or certificate of birth released it to the press at a press conference.

    The Republicans in The Congress did not have the gonads to go after Obama on this issue nor did the Lame Stream Media.

    It took The Donald, who the establishment republicans laugh at and ridicule right along with the liberal democrats to finally challenge Obama to produce it for everyone to see and review. Hats off to Donald Trump !!!!!

  55. Roncella says, “The Donald Wins the argument about the Birthcertificate or certificate of birth.”

    What argument? Whether or not Obama is a natural born citizen? Obama proved that when he provided his birth certificate three years ago.

    Trump accomplished nothing, except to prove that he was wrong about Obama’s citizenship.

    I’d like to play poker with you, Ron. You would claim victory when you ran out of money.

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