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MEDICAL POT: Does TNT have two minds on subject?

Letter by Greg Cook, Fircrest on April 18, 2011 at 11:10 am with 12 Comments »
April 18, 2011 2:47 pm

The editorial (TNT, 4-17) on page B6 scolding commercial pot operations might carry more weight if the same edition didn’t feature a medical pot ad on page B3. I realize the editorial board doesn’t sell advertising and the ad department doesn’t opine, but still . . .

At one point I was leaning in support of legalization of marijuana, but given the sorry record of enforcement in this state, I now oppose such a move.

The debate around this issue is often framed in terms of compassion for suffering individuals, but what I see is medical marijuana in our state is more often merely an end-run around pot laws.

Some of our lawmakers have pointed out that cannabis is virtually the only drug not dispensed through pharmacies (methadone being another). Are backers of medical marijuana serious in their assertion that cannabis is a legitimate drug, or is it just another step toward making the Evergreen State into a statewide Grateful Dead concert?

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  1. Well Greg perhaps you should educate yourself on medical marijuana before you run your mouth. The state needs to clear up its language in the medical marijuana laws, however, not at the expense of patients who use it. People who get perscription for medical marijuana want to abide by the law and use their marijuana safely and without risk of legal proceedings. Because you dont understand the medical uses of marijuana does not mean medical marijuana is bad.Your reference to a Greatful Dead concert just highlights your uninformed bias.

  2. Come on! Medical Pot is a Joke, so many of my friends went out an Bought a medical card so they can buy and grow their pot. They dont have any medical problems other than wanting an easy High. And its to easy to buy a card from a sleezy doctor out to make a buck. And hey guess what, my friends cant ever seem to hold a job, after a weekend of smoking they just cant make it in to work. FIRED. Some of them get cash by selling pot on craigslist. I am ok with Legitimate patients like cancer sufferers needing access to pot, but people who claim they are “stressed” or have undocumented aches and pains….Ummm NO take an aspirin. I say YAY for the Feds, lets crack down on the people who are just in this for the buck and the High. I think its to easy for the pot heads to use the medical MJ laws as an easy way to grow and sell and create more friggin pot heads. Dont we have enough of those already.

  3. Gart – ‘they bought a card’ and ‘have no medical problems’

    They your friends have no legal right to have/smoke pot;

    They are guilty of transportation and sells of a controlled substance;

    And they are guilty of fraud.

    Interesting friends you have.

  4. notSpicoli says:

    If we outlawed medical marijuana then there would be no more marijuana use in our state. Without a medical card people would no longer grow or purchase cannabis from a dispensary. End of marijuana in Washington.

    It’s simple. Before medical marijuana became legal in our state no one even thought about using marijuana.

    By all means. If we want to end marijuana use–make it illegal! Oh, it already is under federal law? Well, make it double super duper illegal. That will work.

    How much longer can we allow these medical potheads to terrorize our communities with their mild euphoria and analgesia? Enough is too much.

    Yes, when these medical potheads are reigned in, life will again be good in the Evergreen state. If a few people do insist on using this “drug” then they need to find it from a local dealer by word of mouth and rendezvous in alleys away from the prying eyes of the public and authorities.

    I’m glad Mr. Cook saw the light and decided that a legalized, taxed, and regulated domestic marijuana market in Washington would be the beginning of the end of America, mom, and apple pie.

  5. another step toward making the Evergreen State into a statewide Grateful Dead concert

    The pro-prohibition arguments seem, as a rule, to be extremely reliant upon hysteric hyperbole. I wonder if, like Reefer Madness we will revisit these letters and op-ed pieces with amazed bemusement at these over-the-top absurdist arguments.

  6. Again.. those who know nothing about medical marijuana should stop running their mouths. And omg a typo! .. sighs..
    Medical marijuana is used to mitigate pain without the use of narcotics. Those with chronic irretractable pain can live a miserable existence on pain pills or for some they can use medical marijuana and still be able to function. The lack of knowledge by you self rightious toads only highlights your lack of critical thinking. and..

  7. notSpicoli – you are living in a fools paradise.

  8. notSpicoli…..you make sense and more should listen to you.

    Legalize and take the crime out of it. The many drug czars over the many years have done nothing but create a larger crime problem. The drug cartels at the border will dis-appear.

  9. sue1234… God made HEMP… man made Pot. Talk about lack of knowledge and critical thinking…sighs.

    “Ditchweed” smokers are the ones using a naturally occuring medicinal herb.
    Marijuana smokers are using a botanically engineered commercial product.

    There is no didactic value in your rhyme, sorry.

  10. Ic98 – Humans have been cultivating Cannabis sativa throughout recorded history.

  11. lc98407 – hybridization is equal to making a plant?!!!???

    So Man made corn?

  12. lisacopp says:

    beerBoy… yes, you are correct.

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