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TRUMP: Are none of us real Americans?

Letter by Kerry J. Phibbs, South Hill on April 11, 2011 at 11:10 am with 64 Comments »
April 11, 2011 11:10 am

Imagine my shock and horror to find out that neither I nor my sons are American citizens. I saw them born in this state and assumed that my parents had told me the truth about also being born here. Or were we switched at birth with foreigners?

Donald Trump loudly and vociferiously stated that the president’s “birth certificate” was not real because it was a certificate of live birth. “That’s not a birth certificate,” he said.

I could freeze the image on the TV screen of the “Certificate of Live Birth” of the president for close examination: It had the state seal of Hawaii and an impressed stamp and the usual information.

I dug out our birth certificates and, horrors, the official state documents of our births were “certificates of live birth.” We also had the decorative “Certificate of Birth” and “Birth Certificate” that the hospital hands out so you have something to take home, but these are not legal documents.

According to Trump, none of my family, or the rest of the people born in Washington, are U.S. citizens.

In my book, the D stands for dumb.

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  1. Kerry, The Donald is having a great time with this issue of President Obama’s birth certificate. He is really the only one to have the gonads to ask and challenge Obama to show his actual Birth Certificate.

    You know Kerry, like most of us have had to do either as a job requirement or for a passport or security clearance in the Service etc.

    I am hoping that The Donald runs for President and lights a spark under some of the boring canidates that the Republicans have so far offered up.

    His comments have been blunt and forthright and to the point.

    When it comes to oil expoloration, China, Russia, the Wars all three of them now, the economy, the banking industries, wall street, The Donald has forgotten more about Business than Obama ever knew in the first place.

    Why won’t President Obama show his Actual Birth Certificate, its a simple question, WHY ??

  2. walkineasy says:

    Roncella, you missed the point of the letter. Guess it went right over your head. In the State of Washington there isn’t an official “Birth Certificate”. As Kerry points out, her family has official “Certificates of Live Birth” instead as issued by the State of Washington.

    So because one state’s title of the official document is “Birth Certificate”, does that mean all the other states who official document is titled “Certificate of Live Birth” aren’t actually the official document?

    You have got to be kidding. Go back, sit down, turn on Fox, and be happy in your brainwashed little world.

  3. You know, the Donald must be really dumb. By the way, walkineasy, “How much are you worth?” Surely you must be worth more than the Donald! LOVE MY FOX NEWS!

  4. hultmale says:

    Have you read the Donald’s memoir? It has three chapter 11’s.

    I remember when the conservatives used to rail on and on about ‘personal responsibility’ and now they’re running this clown up the flag pole? His most recent reorganization eliminated $1.3B in debt.

    And remember when the Donald used to be pro choice? Weird how that went away when he started considering a run. Or maybe it was after he had a vasectomy?

  5. alindasue says:

    The point is the President Obama HAS presented his official birth certificate several times. Kerry pointed out in his/her letter that the president’s “Certificate of Live Birth” (what my official birth certificate is also called) was right there on the television screen for everyone watching to see and examine… and yet people like you still “challenge Obama to show his actual Birth Certificate”.

    I seriously hope the Republicans start getting serious about the 2012 presidential election soon, because none of the clowns they’ve presented so far have been worth considering. I think Donald Trump has got to be one of the biggest clowns yet.

    I’m an independent voter who doesn’t believe in voting by political parties. I look at all the candidates the different parties present and pick the best one based on the candidates’ qualifications and stands on issues. McCain, prior to bringing Sarah Palin in, was a viable candidate worth listening to, even though I did disagree with him on some issues and ultimately ended up voting for Obama. I’m seriously hoping the Republicans have another viable candidate hidden in there for us somewhere beyond spotlighted the circus rings.

    Do they really want President Obama to win re-election by default?

  6. PumainTacoma says:

    Interesting fact is Hawaii has the “Certificate of LIVE birth.” Has no merit other than to say you were born somewhere. If you look at your own birth certificate view it and see what the date is. Is it filed on the date of your birth or a week or two later. Mine is 2 weeks later. It is unclear how a Certificate of LIVE birth can be filed within hours of your birth by the government no less, and registered the same day. Good to chew on for awhile.

  7. hultmale says:

    “City, Town or Location of Birth: Honolulu” seems to imply more than being born “somewhere”.

  8. Roncella says:

    walkeneasy, Washington State went from the Term Birthcertificate some time ago to Certificate of Live Birth.

    This was done as it went to a computer generated Certificate. At one time the term Birth certificate was also used in Washington State.

    The state of washington could not say if a Certificate of Live Birth has the same information as a Birth Certificate. Each State uses its own terminology in describing births and whats actually placed on the certificate.

    i am not concerned personally about Obama’s certificate he is our President now.

    However its interesting how this issue will not go away and the major polls show over 40% of Americans do not believe Obama was born in America.

    Walkeneasy, You can not go back to your T.V. and watch your hero’s on MSNBC, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, Mr. Ed and all the rest of the extreme liberals that appear on that station.

  9. People please, enjoy the Donald show for a while and then the real candidates for President will start their respective shong and dances, flex their muscles, etc…

    Where’s the popcorn???

  10. Roncella says:

    Walkeneasy, I meant to say you can now go back and watch the cable channel most liberals love, MSNBC, and be happy and dumb.

  11. alindasue says:


    I really have to wonder where they are conducting those “major polls”. It’s really hard to believe that a full 40% of the American public could be that thick.

    It doesn’t really matter. The difference between facts and trends is that facts simply are what they are, they do not change according to popular public opinion. It is a fact that President Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Even if a full 90% of the public believed otherwise, their opinions cannot nor will not change that fact.

  12. JLSchweizer says:

    Why hasn’t President Obama shown his birth certificate? Because he already has. Let me see you ‘birthers’ demand birth certificates from every single candidate that runs against him.

  13. I wonder just what it would take for the birther morons to be satified?
    Do they need it to apprear on fox?
    Roncella, would that do it for you?

  14. ratujack says:

    roncella…… you are very clear and I agree with you and your comments.

  15. walkineasy says:

    ratujack, you are correct. Roncella is very clear, sounds really happily brainwashed, but very clear.

    He can be as happy as he wants in his little world, but that does not change the facts. Even McCain stated he believes Obama is a natural-born citizen. But why should facts get in the way of a person who is dillusional and grasping at any straw.

  16. hortonpeak says:

    At this point Trump is a better candidate than any other Republican.

  17. whymust_I_dothis says:

    Kerry J. Phibbs, South Hill (D)

    You said it …

    “demand birth certificates from every single candidate” … if one of them’s grandma claims they were born in a different country, I’m sure we will… ;)

  18. chris3dog says:

    hultmale,….. Now that the Donald has thrown his hat into the ring, coulrophobics everywhere have begun circling the wagons.

  19. menopaws says:

    Look–this is code speak for racism and I am tired of all the “patriots” out there who refute the origins of this President…….sorry your senile buddy Mc Cain lost–when he put Palin on the ticket, and people had a chance to listen to the vapid lady–they figured he must be getting senile..
    We elected our first black President. And, he won fair and square. He was the first, but he will NOT be the last…….All you nervous white people need to face the changing world……According to the census, you will be the minority within the next decade. The face of America is changing and I, for one, find it refreshing. What makes America great is it’s openness to change and new faces.
    Our President has a certificate of live birth–usually filled out by the Dr. in the delivery room. I was born in Missouri and I have a certificate of live birth……This is more crap for the dim bulbs who think Ms. Palin is an “intellectual force” in American politics, or that Mr. Trump is an economic genius. Is it 2 or 3 bankruptcies he has filed? I lost count………..Get over it—this birth certificate stuff is mean-spirited and sick………and like the letter writer–guess mine is bogus too and I’m not a citizen either………But, trust me, I won’t be voting for anything in this current crowd of whiners the Republicans have pulled out of the muck. And Roncella–I don’t watch MSNBC or Fox, or CNN. Cable news is $$$ driven–it’s all about drivel…..You want real news–watch the networks and read the paper. The “talking heads” of cable get paid big bucks to stir the pot and manufacture big stories out of few facts.

  20. “… this is code speak for racism… ”

    How is that so menopaws??? Just curious….

  21. jerryman47 says:

    Mr. Phibbs, sorry to burst everybody’s bubble that agrees with you but I am a Printer and I can duplicate anybody’s birth certificate right down to the state seal. I could alter anything on that paper so easy.
    I am with Roncella, why doesn’t President Obama show it? If President Bush didn’t show his, all you lefty’s out there would really be screaming to high heaven!!!!

  22. hortonpeak says:

    Did Bush ever have to show or was even asked about his “birth certificate”? Pathetic Jerryman.

  23. Kerry…..


    The Conservatives are really making fools of themselves and the rest of us are having one heck of a good laugh at their expense.

    Don’t ruin the fun.

  24. “jerryman47 says:
    April 11, 2011 at 5:58 pm
    Mr. Phibbs, sorry to burst everybody’s bubble that agrees with you but I am a Printer and I can duplicate anybody’s birth certificate right down to the state seal. I could alter anything on that paper so easy.”
    Having worked in the printing industry, I met someone that had your attitude in the 1980s. He figured he could forge $20 bills.

    He got a long run of three hots and a cot.

  25. hortonpeak says:

    Is someone born in a foreign country – say Panama – a US citizen?

  26. Oh….xx….are you gonna go down that road again??????????

    If it has nothing to do with race, why did they pick Kenya?

    Why not say Norway?

    If they are going to make up a story, they might was well say Bjaracks was bjorn in a bjarn in Norway while Bjarack Sr. was station there in the Kenya Sjocialist Bjrigade.

  27. horton – John McCain, although born in Panama was a US citizen because his father was being paid by US taxpayers to be there. Johnny went on to be taken care of by US taxpayers since his birth, to the present date – some 70 plus years.

    Yep….a real citizen!

  28. jerryman47 says:

    x-6zero, ha ha ha your funny but it is the truth. I worked the Printing Industry for over 40 years. There is idiots out there that can forge anything. I am not one.

  29. From Factcheck:

    Berg Transcript

    Ron McRae: Amen. I am so thankful. Could I ask her, uh, about his, uh, his actual birthplace? I would like to see hi[s] actual birthplace when I, when I come to Kenya in December. Uh, was she present when he was, was she present when he was born in Kenya?.…

    Translator: Yes. She says, “Yes she was! She was present when Obama was born.”

    McRae: Okay.

    The Berg transcript ends here. But when the full recording later came to light it showed that this is what followed immediately:

    What Berg Left Out

    McRae: Okay, uh, when I come in December I would like to go by the, the place, the hospital where he is born. Uh, could you tell me where he was born? Was he born in Mombasa? (Long pause) . . .

    Translator: No, no — what? . . . No! Obama was not born in Mombasa. He was born in America.

    McRae: Wh-whereabouts, whereabouts was he born? I, I thought he was born in Kenya.

    Translator: No he was born in America, not in Mombasa.

    McRae: OK. Do you know whereabouts he was born?

    Translator: Huh?

    McRae: Do you know where he was born? I thought he was born in Kenya. I was gonna go by and see where he was born. . . .

    Translator: Sir, she says he was born in Hawaii.

    McRae: OK.

    Translator: Yeah, in 1960 this was Hawaii, where his father, his father was also marrying there. This was Hawaii.

    McRae: OK. . . . I thought you said she was present. Was she, was, was she, was she able to see him being, being born in, in Hawaii? . . .

    Translator: No, no! The, the woman was not present. She was uh not, a what — you see, she was here in Kenya, and Obama was born in America. That is, that’s obvious.

    Don’t you people get tired of looking foolish???????

    For complete transcript:

  30. jerryman:

    Yeah…..there are forgers that try……the prisons are full of them

    Maybe you’d like to explain how you can fake the embossed seal…..

    Careful now, I’ve been around printing since Guettenberg

  31. jerryman47 says:

    hortonpeak, for the record, President Bush did show his birth certificate. Pathetic? No, but ignorance is.

  32. Jerryman….

    Please tell me that you are not a proof reader…..

  33. “uscha says:
    April 11, 2011 at 12:46 pm
    You know, the Donald must be really dumb. By the way, walkineasy, “How much are you worth?” Surely you must be worth more than the Donald! LOVE MY FOX NEWS!

    The Donald made his money the old fashioned way. He inherited it. Did your FOX Snooze tell you that?

    Even with being handed a pile of money, Donald went bankrupt a couple of times. THAT takes brilliance, not just normal brains.

  34. jerryman47 says:

    Seals can be made from an original, they take a little longer since they are embossed and that comes from a different art. You know that since your from the Guettenburg era. But looking at a birth certificate from a copy, you know that it is easy to duplicate without the actual embossed image, looking like it was embossed.

  35. No, he went there… I just asking a question…

    quite a roll tonight for ya…

  36. hortonpeak says:

    So what if McCain’s parents were in Panama. Is he still a citizen? Did Bush really show his “real” birth certificate. I have it from a reliable source that it was actually a copy of a label from a bottle of Lone Star Beer. Prove me wrong.

  37. hortonpeak says:

    Yes, antitax Johnny has been pretty much on the public dole for his 70 plus years. Does being on the public dole make one a citizen? In fact, I would like all of you to prove your citizenship. If you are not a citizen you have no right to comment. Come on prove it – all of you. I don’t have to because I have made the assertion therefor it is up to all of you prove the alternative.

  38. “Roncella says:
    April 11, 2011 at 12:01 pm
    Kerry, The Donald is having a great time with this issue of President Obama’s birth certificate. He is really the only one to have the gonads to ask and challenge Obama to show his actual Birth Certificate.”

    Roncella – you and The Donald are close, in respect to body parts. The ones you stipulated are rather close to where The Donald’s head is. It appears you don’t know the difference. Careful, if you go for a vasectomy.

  39. Horton – I’m native american. The rest of you are trespassing.

    I’m from the Fukkari tribe.

  40. hortonpeak says:

    Prove it.

  41. “jerryman47 says:
    April 11, 2011 at 6:28 pm
    Seals can be made from an original, they take a little longer since they are embossed and that comes from a different art.”

    so let me get this straight. You are going to make a seal from the original that doesn’t exist???????

    Did you work for Kinkos?

  42. hortonpeak says:

    While we are it, would all you birthers please prove you are even from this planet. Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

  43. Horton:

    I have proof from the eagle that flies in a northwest direction over my home while hunting the spring duckling that is hatched from the egg laid before he was hatched.

  44. jerryman47 says:

    X-6zero, we are talking about making a copy that looks like the original. Simple. With the seal…simple. Don’t spin it any other way. Kinko’s? No way. But I do know their machines….mostly xerox. Where did you get your ink gun from? Or are you a toner guy, lol.

  45. hortonpeak says:

    X_6zero, sorry the eagle has to fly in an northeasterly direction while hunting the gosling. Nice try.

  46. Does anyone seriously believe that neither John McCain nor Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have pushed this issue if there was something to it?

    There is no there, there.

  47. menopaws says:

    Again, smoke and mirrors for all those people who are too ignorant to realize that it is FEDERAL LAW to furnish your birth certificate to the Federal election commission before you can be placed on the ballot……..It was good enough for them, but all the racist righties who have their own printing presses (no wonder they are sooo rich) know better…….Like I said, my certificate of live birth came from Missouri–Washington used to issue them…..But no drama in real facts–just need those conspiracy theories to justify your fear of our black President…….Really sad, really pathetic………FEDERAL LAW–do you get that??? Quit wasting America’s time with this crap and start focusing on our real problems–this is the distraction being provided to you by those who don’t want you asking tough questions of all your rightie politicians……..Like how they sold their souls to Wall Street about 10 years ago—like the defeat of health care reform will fatten their wallets from the insurance and drug industries………Let’s just keep everybody busy arguing about his birth certificate, so they don’t pay attention to who gives our PAC’s money for each election……..This is such a waste of time and energy and this country has plenty of really serious stuff to tackle……….But, hey, just keep marching to their tune–that’s the plan…….

  48. jerryman47 says:

    You are correct menopaws. This is just a answer to Mr Snider’s funny letter that started it all. We keep this up and our favorite liberal newspaper, the TNT will focus on it and give Mr. Snider a special column.

  49. jerryman – I worked for the TNT when it was still letterpress. Do you know what letterpress is?

    Oh..and as far as “liberal”……..LMAO

    McClatchy is so liberal that they broke all the unions when they bought the TNT.

    Quite liberal, huh?

  50. Hultmale -and the Donald, like the Newt, has been married three times.

    Alindasue, what Rocella meant was that 40% of the right-wingers believe Obama was not born in the USA.

    P_T says ‘It is unclear how a Certificate of LIVE birth can be filed within hours of your birth by the government no less, and registered the same day. Good to chew on for awhile.

    Well chew on this; there are two dates on Obama’s Certificate:
    Date of birth 4 Aug 61 and
    Date Filed 8 Aug 61.

    Now I don’t know what it’s like were you were born, but that sure looks like a four day gap to me.

    FOUR DAYS not hours.

    Xtp855 – rest assured that if Obama’s Birth Certificate was published the mighty right would claim it was a fake. It’s just too good a wage issue for them to let go of.

    Jerryman & Horton – with Bush II the document of interest was his DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, which like all of Bush’s other records were sealed from the public.

  51. jerryman47 says:

    x-6zero, You worked the TNT? Good for you, I was raised on a Heidelberg and offsets AB Dick and Multilith’s in the ’60’s. Yes, I do know what a letterpress is. Say what you will, but thousands of our TNT readers agree with me about the TNT being liberal. Don’t even dare go with me there. I will prove you so wrong, it will make your head spin just on their pick of editorial columnists alone. Are you saying the TNT is a conservative newspaper?…Now I’m LMAO

  52. jerryman47 says:

    hortonpeak, reason I said that, was at last years tea party rally where thousands were there in Puyallup but your TNT failed to report or do a story on it. There was a poll going around on how liberal our TNT was. To nobody’s amazement, it was 100% all around that the paper leaned heavily to the left. There’s my proof.
    Talk about LMAO…….good luck on your lesson plans.

  53. hortonpeak says:

    Thousands in Puyallup. Guess I missed that. Poll going around and 100%.
    Proof? Think not. See you next term, or the next term, or the next term but by then you have run out of education – or should I say critical thinking – dollars. Good luck to you and your shopping cart. That said, jerry I really do not have any animosity to you. I think should we have a chance to sit and talk you and I would have much to agree about. As for my lesson plans – I fail should my students go out of my course without challenging everything I have said and presented. Think about it.

  54. whymust_I_dothis says:

    Hillary IS the original birther…

  55. One conspiracy site is putting forth the idea that the Donald is actually trying to help Obama by taking votes from other Repubs and attempting to distract from the real issues of the day with this birther nonsense.

    Actually….as far as conspiracy theories go…..that kinda makes sense.

  56. “Say what you will, but thousands of our TNT readers agree with me about the TNT being liberal”
    Thousands of FOX viewers think they are “fair and balanced”. So what?

    McClatchy Newspapers is anything but liberal. As someone who spent the majority of his life around newpapers, I can safely say that the TNT has been called liberal by conservatives and conservative by liberals.

    One thing I know for sure is that if you are a Liberal Pulisher, you don’t break unions.
    “hortonpeak, reason I said that, was at last years tea party rally where thousands were there in Puyallup but your TNT failed to report or do a story on it. There was a poll going around on how liberal our TNT was. To nobody’s amazement, it was 100% all around that the paper leaned heavily to the left. There’s my proof.”

    Gather a handful of right wing fringe and they think the media is liberal???? Can you imagine that?????


    Where in Puyallup was there a TEA Party rally that garnered “thousands”????

    One thing I’ve noticed is that TEA Bag supporters have trouble with simple counting. They had a rally on the Capital that was reported to have 2,000, then 4,000 and finally “over 5,000″…..all on the same event.

  57. Bill Cosby on Trump: He should start running for President. All he is doing is running his mouth.

  58. Roncella says:

    Think of how interesting it would be for The Donald to debate the Great Community Organizor and speaker, President Obama.

    There would be no tele-prompters allowed. Oh yea, that would be prime t.V. entertainment at its finest.

    The Presidents handlers are hoping that the Donald drops out and does not run as they appeared on many talk shows attacking Trump at every opportunity, you could almost hear the fear in their voices.

  59. menopaws says:

    Fear in their voices????? gimme a break–I’m mainly hearing loud peals of laughter…….He’s as big a target as Palin—-this would guarantee Obama a second term………Just the bad comb over would do it–add his ego and neediness to hog the spotlight: I started laughing during his Today show interview…….the guy is promoting his stupid show………Roncella you have a rich fantasy life…….Trump is a self-promoting charleton and most serious people are just laughing about his latest publicity stunt……..He has no hope of even getting the nomination–like Gingrich–he has 3 marriages under his belt………..No Christian conservative will stomach that…..but, it is fun watching him play everyone for ratings for his show!!!!

  60. Roncella says:

    menopaws, You actually agree with my post but for different reasons, You have to admit it would be very a very interesting debate watch, The Donald debate the Great Community Organizor President Obama.

    Lets be honest and at least admit watching these two debate would enlighten many folks as to World affairs, the economy, fuel shortages, energy problems, all the rest.

    By golly President Obama might actually learn something from the debates !!!

  61. X60 – a paper that libs call conservative, and cons cal liberal must be fair and balanced.

    Roncella, ‘no tele-promters’ – how about black berries and ear mics?

  62. Why do the righties hitch their wagons to one nut bag after another?
    Palin, bauchman, and now the latest idiot trump.
    You have to wonder about that, when they so strongly believe each in turn is so much better than the very inteigent man we have as President right now.
    How do they do it?

  63. Ummmm…….there were no teleprompters for the debates during the 2008 election. Obama did pretty well then.

    Birth certificates, teleprompters, golf……when there are so many actual, good reasons to criticize the man you waste your time on nonsense and only serve to discredit yourself.

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