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POLITICS: Conservatives play games with words

Letter by Charles H. Mathias, Steilacoom on April 7, 2011 at 1:11 pm with 32 Comments »
April 8, 2011 10:40 am

To any English Ph.D candidate needing a topic for their dissertation, here’s a hot one: the right-wing propaganda machine’s (appallingly successful) 30-year campaign to turn the language on its head.

My favorite example is their stock response to any hint that the super-rich might want to start paying their fair share in taxes so that, you know, the country doesn’t devolve immediately into a third-world-style oligarchy: “Class warfare!” The old 180-degree semantical flipperoo – sheer genius!

But Richard Davis’ column (4-7) bemoaning Washington state’s cruelty to our poor, he cast beleaguered businessmen in nearly the same light by listing “lack of right-to-work protections” as one of our state’s failings. Yes sir, dear worker, you have a right to be “protected” against those despicable unions, with their advocacy of high wages, reasonable hours, benefits and other socialist tripe!

I look forward to the push for a “right-to-be-euthanized” law for stray dog – let’s stop those bleeding-heart no-kill animal shelters in their tracks!

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  1. Charles, A more appropriate dissertation for a Ph.D would be a study on why it is that every time a demokrat’s lips are moving, he/she is lying. Any observant person can discern a liar when you listen close enough and are willing to be honest. Demokrats are liars from the second they open their mouths until they shut their mouths. Now that would be a presentation worth reading.

  2. Right On, Frosty! November 2010 was proof enough that the conservatives are winning the ideological war waged by the radical left.

  3. FROSTY the only one lying is you. Look at how immature and nonsensical frosty’s post is… waaaaa its all the liberals fault..
    . The gop is nothing but a sociopathic cult for rich white men. The cult exploits the uneducated like frosty and the other rightwing nutjobs that post in this forum.
    The gop is a cult. We know that cults use thought stopping phrases…. bumper stickers….
    Liberals Hate God
    Liberals Hate AMerica
    Liberalism is a mental disease….
    Wre have all noticed how the republicans in here just post tired old thought stopping posts of which they can never explain in any kind of detail.. thats why they are called thought stopping … phrases.. (get it)
    What do you call a group of people who all hold the same delusions? a cult.
    Do republicans all hold the same delusions? yes….
    Frosty the gopcult elite are lying to you… blaming liberals for their own policy failures…

  4. The following is worth repeating. “You know, conservatives think of you Liberals
    as good folks!” I said a prayer at the dinner table for all Liberals: “Dear Lord,
    you have taken from this earth my favorite actor, Patrick Swayzee, you have taken from this earth my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, and you have taken from this earth my favorite singer, Frank Sinatra. Dear Lord, the Liberals are
    my favorite people, Amen!’ I hope the above is not too deep for you Liberals!

  5. uscha.. thanks for showing us the lack of depth in your intellect. One thing we know for sure.. the uneducated among us are republicans… Clearly you do not posses adult like cognitive strategies. Take 5 years and imagine my surprise.

  6. It warms my heart to read your raves and rants! Your comments make me realize that we conservatives are really getting under your skin! Stay tuned for more! You will surely go off the deep end! If you haven’t already!

  7. Republicans operate by the rule that words mean what Frank Lutz says they mean, and not what the dictionary says it mean.

    What 2010 proved was that unlimited funding helps get right wing lies out.

    “Dear Lord” just shows howxenophobic and bigoted you and most of the right are. “My country, Love it or leave it.”

    Fleas and lice also get under my skin, and I know how to remove them as well.

  8. Xring. Are you, perhaps, related to Sue? Seems like both of you have been
    derailed! I’m having a barrel of laughs reading Liberal comments. Are you sure
    you’re not related? Hah!

  9. alindasue says:

    uscha and frosty, are you related? I didn’t think so. I’m just asking to make a point. People do not have to be related to agree on issues.

    Personally, I don’t mind a decent discussion, even with people I disagree with. What I do mind is when certain people resort to name calling and “cheerleading” type responses.

    So, when you guys are ready to start talking about issues rather than how bad “liberals” and “conservatives” are, I’ll be back. Until then, I’ve had enough of this conversation.

  10. Hey Alindasue. Hmm. Sound close to the other Sue. My comment to you will be short and to the point: Did you ever hear of M.Y.O.B.

  11. redneckbuck says:

    Aftrican Americans have blindly followed the Dems for how many years……What has it done from them?

  12. yabetchya says:

    uscha says:
    April 7, 2011 at 8:31 pm
    Xring. Are you, perhaps, related to Sue? Seems like both of you have been
    derailed! I’m having a barrel of laughs reading Liberal comments. Are you sure
    you’re not related? Hah!

    alindasue says:
    April 8, 2011 at 12:58 am
    uscha and frosty, are you related? I didn’t think so. I’m just asking to make a point. People do not have to be related to agree on issues.

    Yabetchya says…..Well Linda, when you have the exact style of writing and phrasing, along with the terrible spelling habits, it makes one wonder.

  13. Great comment, Sue1234! “I love it!” “With a sense of humor like that, I have decided, after all, to attend YOUR graduation from kindergarten ceremony.”

  14. WhydoIbother says:

    You have to wonder how the moderator decides who gets banned and who is allowed to break rule after rule, day in and day out….

    Yep… it’s me bB.

  15. WhydoIbother says:

    btw, I that wasn’t directed to you bB.

  16. I concur. Though you sometimes I feel that you are a pesky like a gnat, there are others here who regularly engage in activities that are far, far, far more egregious yet they not only are allowed to continue posting under the same name but their offending posts seem impervious to any oversight.

    btw – I knew it wasn’t directed to me.

  17. WhydoIbother says:

    Speaking of playing games with words…

    “Global warming”, “climate change”, “Global climate disruption” were not coined (and subsequently changed to accomodate the lack of confirming data) by conservatives.

    It’s not republicans that call a reduction in the rate of increase a “cut”… or “draconian cut”.

    How about “Kinetic military action” ? What is called now?

    Don’t forget words that focus on a particular degree of melanin? By whom and how many times has that been changed?

    Then there’s the word that originated from science that describes a person sexual preference?

    These are just a few examples.
    Can anyone understand the word play of the writer’s last sentence? It’s kinda kooky.

  18. WhydoIbother says:

    Thanks b… I fully expect this won’t be the last time .

  19. whitecap says:

    I don’t agree with much or anything you say Charles, but I’m not going to argue with you. I can’t however pass on your contention that if the super-rich (whatever that is) don’t pay their fair share the good ol’ U.S. of A. will turn into a “third-world-style oligarchy”. Geez! That is scary.

  20. WhydoIbother says:

    … how about “unilateral” ?
    That’s an interesting one. It originally meant ‘ done or undertaken by one person or party’ but somehow was used hackneyed by the left and their numerous media outlets (reminds me of the word play on “fairness Doctrine’) to describe the U.S. lead coaltion of 49 countries in Iraq.

  21. It seems that all of the money spent by the leftists in Wisconsin didn’t manage to steal the election for them this time around. What’s the message? People in Wisconsin have listened to both sides of the argument and decided that their governor is right. Now when will the people in this state do the same? Oh, wait, didn’t they just have a protest in Olympia and have to be carried out of the capital building like the demented children that they are? Liberals never cease to amaze me. What a bunch of cry babies.

  22. Not related to Sue, it just that great minds think alike.

  23. frosty

    WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — The campaign manager for a state Supreme Court candidate in Wisconsin is demanding a full explanation for the sudden discovery of some uncounted votes.

    The discovery could give the election to the conservative incumbent, in a race that was seen largely as a referendum on the state’s new union rights law.

    According to unofficial tallies, the corrected totals gave Justice David Prosser a 7,500-vote lead over little-known liberal assistant state attorney general JoAnne Kloppenburg. Before the announcement, it was assumed the race was headed for a recount.

    The county clerk who says she’s responsible for the mixup used to work for a state GOP caucus — at a time when it was controlled by Prosser.

    So….it’s OK if yer a Republican?

  24. I must apologize, xring. All this time I thought you were one of those humorless
    Liberals.. But after one comment in particular, I must admit, you must be a very
    funny person. Let’s see now, your comment goes like this: “Not related to Sue.
    it’s just that great minds think alike.” Wow! Hah, Hah, Hah! You made my day.
    Of course, if you were serious, I would respond in a manner which even you would appreciate.

  25. usch, Oh but i was.

  26. Ithappened2me2 says:

    WhydoIbother says:
    APRIL 8, 2011 AT 9:15 AM
    You have to wonder how the moderator decides who gets banned and who is allowed to break rule after rule, day in and day out….

    I wonder the same thing. I was banned, and I don’t think my comments went anywhere near the level that some of the commenters, who are still here, have done. They use the R word, the H word and many others.

    I read the comments from one individual with many names, and wonder why he is still allowed to comment. And the snail blathers on and never gets scrubbed.

    Could they be the TNT staffers?


  27. WhydoIbother says:

    … because, as I have contended for some time, there’s a major left bent from the moderator… the snail is a moderator… or the snail is related TO the moderator… none the less, there IS a clear bias. Not complaining, just pointing out the obvious.

  28. WhydoIbother says:

    I am jim…

  29. RE: what is allowed

    I was banned for awhile without realizing it because my posts would show up on my computer. When I started receiving personal messages asking where I was and another member of this site directly asked the TNT what was going on, it was finally revealed that one of the moderators on staff didn’t feel that my avatar was appropriate (a drawing of the Simpsons character Ralph Wiggums with a gun) and chose to block all of my posts.

    Soon after I was reinstated (on the condition that I delete my avatar), another member of the site chose an avatar with a picture of an actual person pointing a gun – he was allowed to continue to post. Apparently a cartoon was considered more offensive than a photo.

    I have noticed that on the weekends several of my posts tend to be disappeared. Perhaps that is due to certain member(s) with a grudge towards me being more engaged in flagging my comments or the weekend nanny being less tolerant of my nonsense.

    What annoys me is that – with the exception of whydoI – I am not real quick on figuring out who is who with all those name changes. It would be nice to have some consistency.

    Also…..the recent proliferation of “x” names makes it less easy to keep straight who is who.

  30. WhydoIbother says:

    “a picture of an actual person pointing a gun’ That was Mal, and he’s a lefty.

  31. beerboy, you can bet that whoever it is who wants to ban free specch, it is not a conservative person. That modus operandi is clearly a liberal’s method of controlling free speech.

  32. I know who it was – but I’m hardly a righty so the inconsistency doesn’t support a consistent liberal partisanship from the moderators. I’m thinking that there are a few of us (like you and me) who have attracted some harassing flaggers who write complaints to the moderators.

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