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WAR: U.S. should put its own house in order first

Letter by Michael E Arndt, Tacoma on April 1, 2011 at 10:51 am with 38 Comments »
April 1, 2011 11:07 am

What a enigmatic foreign aid policy is apparent here in the United States.

We will bomb a country in the name of humanity or defense and then supply weapons and ammunition to that country as long as they have oil or a supposed political philosophy akin to ours. Then at our cost we will send contractors to rebuild everything that was destroyed.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are going broke. We have unemployment, porous borders, cities in decay, drug problems, border difficulties and a screaming deficit. How can this be?

My mother had a simple motto: “Be sure to clean your own house before you start to clean someone else’s.” Ya think?

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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    Michael, you and your Mom make a heck of lot of sense.

    If I see anotherr MSNBC news story on how great a job obama is doing and they agree with him 100%, I think I will puke.

    Our problem is we have a pres. that doesn’t know what he is doing and he is poorly advised. He and his Washington cronnies have not learned the lesson that if we don’t have the will to go in, melt sand, kill them all, and tell the liberal media they don’t care what they think, we should no go in. This is why we have not won a war since WWII.

    We just don’t have the will to excute real WAR!!

  2. Busted,

    You must not watch the same MSNBC I do. Big Eddie is always taking Obama to task for something.

    ‘poorly advised’,by whom, the Joint Chiefs? At least this President listens to them rather than lecturing them on strategy and tactics.

    ‘melt sand . . .’; We tried that in Viet Nam and it didn’t work. Trying it in Libya would be playing right into El Qaida’s and Gaddafi’s hands.

  3. whatIdid says:

    “hope and change” “he’s the One”

    “hope and change” “he’s the One”

    “hope and change” “he’s the One”

    “hope and change” “he’s the One”

    Oh… bummer.

  4. princessnancy says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments. If I see this guy one more time and hear what a great job everyone thinks he is doing, I too, will puke! Glad to say he did not get my vote.

    Charity begins at home. Our unemployment rate is beyond high, people not working cannot pay their mortgages or rent, food and gas prices are getting sky high and too many people are homeless. But yes, let’s worry about how the other countries are treating their citizens. I just don’t get it!

  5. Princess – the only charity the right-wing supports is giving more money to the rich and to big business.

  6. Roncella says:

    Michael your ma ma sounds like one very smart lady

    Yes the montra from now to the re-election of President Obama will be how great a job he and pelosi and reid and the dems in congress have done.

    The Lame Stream Press will continue to cover for Obama and dig any little mistakes his opponents have made and repeat them over and over again.

    The Lame Stream Media and Obama will attack the Tea Party Folks in Congress for wanting to make terrible cuts to the budget. When in reality they are trying desperately to right the ship before it capsizes completely.

    Yes Obama and the dems. will scream that Republicans want to starve poor folks, and old folks and working folks, kick them in the street, force them to live in washer boxes etc. etc. etc.

    This will be the game plan for the democrats to retake the congress and the Presidency.

    Go back and listen to President Obama attacking President Bush on Iraq a year or two before he ran for President. Everything Obama said against Bush he has repeated in the Libya Bombings, and War.

  7. the3rdpigshouse says:

    I concur – how about the next time the 25th Infantry Division deploys it be sent to Washington D.C. and lets start cleaning this mess up!!~!!

  8. Michael –

    I have to agree with Truthbuster – a good letter and your mom is a wise woman.

    I would like to point out that Roncella and 3pig believe the best way to save our country is by making the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the workers unemployed.

  9. hortonpeak says:

    OK everyone. I would like to make one suggestion. Before anyone can speak of going to war you first produce a DD-214. Otherwise, shut the hell up – I mean you truthbusterguy. Cheers.

  10. Produce a DD-214 and significant combat experience.
    And we can do Libya and our own business at the same time if the Republicans stop standing in the way of progress.
    Cutting Federal spending at this time in the way proposed by the republicans and some democrats is the worst solution.

  11. hortonpeak says:

    Publico, i accept your amendment to my comment. I concur.

  12. TBG – you should have known that only veterans would know about a dd-214.
    Mine shows 19 months in Viet Nam.

  13. truthbusterguy says:

    “That said, when one speaks of draft dodging let us start talking about Cheney, Bush, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Beck, etc.”

    I don’t respect a one of them either. Don’t listen to talk radio except for big red head Ed. He make me laugh. I am a reader, not a listner/viewer of cable.

    Don’t know Mr. Kelley but there are a bunch of old river boat snipes in Pt. Orchard.

    we call a peace for tonight. But someday you will have to explain how you became a lib.

  14. hortonpeak says:

    As for Kelley – blue ribbon with 5 white stars. As for being a lib. You, sir, are a lib. you just do not realize it. Peace.

  15. truthbuster, you are sorely misinformed if you think Vietnam could have been won.
    You and many others need to get past that to see the current world in reality.

  16. Publico – right on man.

  17. how about the next time the 25th Infantry Division deploys it be sent to Washington D.C. and lets start cleaning this mess up!!~!!

    Cute….cheerleading for a military coup. Perhaps you should just stick with your standard socialist/marxist rants as they only seem delusional, not seditious.

  18. Roncella says:

    Publico, How can you be so sure that the Viet Nam Conflict could not have been Won ???

    That war was fought against every step of the way by the college students, professors, movie stars like Jane Fonda, politicians like (I served in viet nam) John Kerry, many others, including the Liberal leaning press.

    This sorry group of losers gave aid and confort to the North Viet Cong, which kept them fighting longer and harder. They watched our news outlets and they got encouraged by what they saw and heard in the demonstrations being televised.

    The brave Military that fought and died in Viet Nam were sacrificed by the chicken politicians and the very bad decisions by both President Johnson and General Mac Namara.

    Hortonpeak Thanks for your service, the best to you and your family.

  19. Grandmother evicted from her home after her husband died without a will and Fannie Mae wouldn’t accept her mortgage payments


  20. whatIdid says:

    Tell it to Barney…

  21. Roncella – the reason Viet Nam could not have been won is we lacked the loyalty and support of the South Vietnamese People.

    The reason we did so poorly in Iraq is we lacked the loyalty and support of the Iraqi People.

    The reason we have done so poorly in Afghanistan is we lack the loyalty and support of the Afghan People.

    McNamara was Secretary of Defense under JFK and LBJ, and destroyed our entire military be insisting that the military could and should be ran as a business using standard accepted business practices. (This form the man who put the Edsel on the market)

    TBG – I am a progressive because I believe in the Constitution and believe that government should do what is best for American and all (or at least the majority) of American Citizens, and not what is best for an ultra small segment at the top.

  22. m9078jk3 says:

    xring the reason why wars have not been going well now and in the past is due to the DoD and the lack of congressional declarations of wars.If we had the old War Department and the military draft the wars would be quickly won.
    The DoD concept is a failed one and dishonest.

  23. Roncella says:

    xring, the Viet Nam war could have been both won and ended in mins. if President Johnson had the gonads to use the right weapons as President Truman did.

    I know its painfull for most liberals to think about but the U.S. is the most powerful Country in the World, all thats needed is the proper leadership and courage of convictions to keep America in that position.

  24. Truthbuster,

    Cousin killed 2-10-67 Dinh Tuong (Dong Tam)

    C. co. 3rd BN 47th Inf. Panel 24E
    Line 14

    I was inservice 61-64 RA Didn’t ask for Vietnam would not have refused. I got lucky in my timing. All my best to those who made it back. It was a bad deal.

  25. Sun Tzu says, the best warfare strategy is to attack the enemy’s plans, next is to attack alliances, next is to attack the army, and the worst is to attack a walled city.

    What would you have had us do, nuke both counties and pave them over with molten glass?

    The Joint Chiefs told LBJ the war was winnable only if we were willing to put 500,000 to a Million troops on the ground within the first 6 months. But Old Light Bulb wanted to fight a war and build a Great Society. As Commander and Chief LBJ would give Bush II a run for second place.

    j2243, Welcome aborad Soldier

  26. ItalianSpring says:

    Michael- the lesson is: never put a punk, fraud, racist, freedom hating, coward in a job where a man is required.

  27. I_S – excellant description of Bush II

  28. ron – there are all sorts of intangibles (like the potential for China’s involvement) that one must consider when speculating a revisionist version of Viet Nam.

    But…..bottom line….it is just speculative.

  29. hortonpeak says:

    Roncella, thank you for your kind thoughts. That said, having participated in, thank god only, simulations of nuclear war your comment about using the right weapon as Truman did scares the hell out me. Should it come to that, I hope the first nuclear weapon launched hits me right between the eyes. We are not playing with just conventional weapons with a bigger bang.

  30. To borrow and paraphrase a quote from the movie “War Games” The only way to win a Nuclear War it to not start one.

  31. Interesting article from Vanity Fair
    “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%”

    The top 1 percent rarely serve in the military—the reality is that the “all-volunteer” army does not pay enough to attract their sons and daughters, and patriotism goes only so far. Plus, the wealthiest class feels no pinch from higher taxes when the nation goes to war: borrowed money will pay for all that. Foreign policy, by definition, is about the balancing of national interests and national resources. With the top 1 percent in charge, and paying no price, the notion of balance and restraint goes out the window. There is no limit to the adventures we can undertake; corporations and contractors stand only to gain.

  32. Roncella says:

    Hofrtonspeak, Keep in mind had President Truman not used Nuclear Power to end the advance of the Japanese and scare the H out of the Germans & Italians you might be speaking a totally different language now and living a totally different life.

    The most knowledgeable Leaders and Generals and Military experts all agree, never enter into a War without the will to WIN that War, Never.

  33. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, Your right about having to be thoughtful of Chinas response to the U.S. destroying North Viet Nam competely.

    However I have to believe they would definitely have thought twice and acted very carefully and respectfully when dealing with America in a threatening way after that.

  34. ron…..what are you talking about? Truman retroactively scared the Germans and Italians into surrendering??!!???

    May 8, 1945 – V-E (Victory in Europe) Day.
    August 6, 1945 – First atomic bomb dropped, on Hiroshima, Japan.

  35. theogsters says:

    Michael, you should have written this letter during the Bush years — you’ve very accurately described him and his policies. As for our current involvement in Libya, we have a UN resolution in our favor and NATO participation (with no plans for sending in the troops). Or, are you suggesting the international community should stand aside and let a Libyan madman destabilize all of North Africa?

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